With summer slowly approaching, Candace & I decided to engage in our own, little fitness challenge. From boot camp at 360Fit to intense spinning at Flywheel Sports, we’re starting to achieve both inner and outer Zen. That being said we decided to add another exercise regimen to our weekly routines: Bikram Yoga!  My only other experience with Yoga was wearing tarte’s vitamin infused lipsticks in bikram, vinyasa and hatha—needless to say, I had my work cut out for me at Bikram Yoga NYC.

For those not familiar with it, Bikram Yoga takes place in a room with a minimum temperature of 105°… be prepared to sweat profusely! Although, this has been a fitness fad for quite a few years, “hot yoga” never really appealed to me—doesn’t the room just stink? With an open mind & minimal clothing, I completed my first class. Yes, the room had an interesting odor, but 5 minutes into it and I didn’t even care (or notice it anymore)! The 90 minute session is a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) and 2 Pranayama breathing exercises. The extremely challenging positions required intense concentration and claim to stimulate and restore health to every muscle, joint and organ of the body. I couldn’t do them all, but hopefully with time and practice I will. The perspiration alone felt like an amazing body detox. Instructors suggest that you refrain from eating 2 hours before class and to continuously drink water throughout the day to avoid any dizziness or nausea.  An hour and a half passed faster than I thought & I left my session rejuvenated, energized and almost Gumby-like.

I think exercise is the best way to revive your body & keep yourself healthy. We all fall into slumps, but once you get into a routine the motivation comes naturally (promise). Check out the different exercise classes in your local area; it’s often easier to challenge yourself and feel results when exercising in a group setting. We’ve decided to expand our own personal fitness challenge and invite you to join “tarte’s fitness challenge”! I’m giving away 3 tarte vitamin-infused lipsticks in bikram (sheer pink cream) on the tarte Facebook page (we hope you are a fan)! To enter head to the tarte Facebook page and post your favorite place/class in your area for an ultimate workout. If you can, please include a link so others can check it out or sign up!  Contest ends Friday, April 9th.






WINNER UPDATE: Congratulations to Deb Scott, Kellie Wilson & Ciara Peter!! Please e-mail your shipping info to Kristin@tartecosmetics.com