Photos Courtesy of Untamed Petals

In 2009 Amanda Judge was working as an Ad Sales Executive at MTV Newtworks, living with her boyfriend in a small apartment in Astoria, Queens and, as a creative outlet, making beautiful, handmade headbands in her spare time. By May of that year, her boyfriend (now husband) Nick convinced her to list one of them on Esty, just for fun. And from that one little leap of faith, Untamed Petals — now a top bridal accessories company specializing in chic, feminine one-of-a-kind pieces — was born.

We got the chance to grill the accessories diva on the roots of Untamed Petals, advice for brides-to-be and her desert island beauty picks!

Untamed Petals is such a great name, what was the inspiration behind it?
The name Untamed Petals came from one of my first pieces which was a handmade silk chiffon flower that had sort of a wild look to it with lots of long, thin petals. At the time we planned on just making floral headbands but as you can see we have expanded to much more!


What was your reaction when you found out the girls on the tarte team are such huge fans of your Pinterest and company?
I was SO EXCITED when I head the tarte girls were fans of Untamed Petals. I think I read the email about 10 times before it sunk in! I have been using tarte for years and can still remember coveting different lip colors at Sephora when I was in high school. To be able to work with the tarte team now is an absolute dream come true, not only because it is an amazing brand but also because the girls are all incredibly sweet so fun to work with!

What does natural beauty mean to you?
To me, natural beauty comes from personality. It is an energy and elegance about someone that draws you in to them.

Name the beauty product you’d want with you on a desert island?
If I was stranded on a desert island  and I could only choose one product, I would definitely go with my “Tipsy” cheek stain. I use it for my lips and cheeks so it’s a two-in-one for me.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I love the Kardashians and Mexican Food!

What do you think every bride-to-be should know before she walks down the aisle?
Don’t stress over the little details! Another fun tip advice for you and your hubby-to-be, make a keyword that you both use throughout the day. Whenever either of you says it, just stop and take in the moment. Your wedding day will become so overwhelming and you will want to remember everything so make sure to take a few moments throughout the day to stop and take a mental picture. It sounds silly, but it really works!



What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Anytime anything gets me down or I get overwhelmed my dad gives me the same advice, “Think positive.” Though it may seem simple, this has helped me stay centered throughout all the stressful moments in my life.