[Image via Amanda Loves Your Style]


Dads are good for lots of things: scaring away under-the-bed monsters, whipping boyfriends into shape, teaching us how to use a tool box, and giving the best bear hugs. Oh, and inspiring some great style. Yep – some of this blogger’s favorite fashion ideas are pulled from her pop’s closet.

In honor of Father’s Day (Sunday! Don’t forget!), here are a few fab looks copied straight from dad.

Oversized blazer: a menswear essential that always looks chic, especially when paired with super-girly pieces.

Suspenders: a retro throwback that’s been spotted on fashionistas everywhere.

Bow ties: a classy men’s accessory that, on a woman, manages to be both quirky and sexy at the same time. Clip-on’s are alright, but everyone should know how to tie one.

– Giant sweaters: what could be more comfortable — or cuter — when thrown on over a tiny skirt or shorts?

– The tuxedo: a sartorial choice that never fails to pack a punch on the red carpet.

– Mens-size watches: always makes us feel powerful, just like Dad.

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