As our operations coordinator, Rachel manages all of our makeup kits; the next time you snag a box full of all your favorite tarte products for one ridiculous price, send her a nod of thanks. As a former employee of Michael Kors, she brings a splash of honest-to-goodness couture-chic to our office. Obsessed with design, clean lines and minimalistic style, Rachel practices what she preaches. We stopped by her fastidiously sleek desk to find out which necessities made the cut for permanent residency.

1. fashion & photography books: “I was a fashion major so I’ve been collecting fashion and design books for a few years. One day I want a house with an enormous library and a rolling ladder like the one in Beauty and the Beast.”

2. tarte summer kits: “I manage most of our kiting. These are a few of our current projects. The clean slate deluxe primer trio is incredible!!”

3. blue mug: “I love coffee. My apartment is a block away from Abraҫo, which has some of the best espresso in the city.”

4. My First New York: “This is an amazing little volume published by New York Magazine. It is full of stories of artists’ and writers’  first memories of NYC. I moved here last June so this is my first New York too.”

5. bowl of pushpins:  “It was sitting on my desk when I came in for my first day of work. Now it serves as a reminder not to mess with me!”

6. green Keel’s Simple Diary: “Jenna, our marketing manager, gave this to me yesterday. I’ve always wanted one.”

7. fashion ad screen saver:  “I have an accessories problem. I dream in shoes”

8. Kate Spade Gold Coast Marianne bag:  “I worked retail at Kate Spade during college. I believe your wardrobe should be an ode to your life experiences.”

9. stainless steel desk lamp:  “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” – Jean Cocteau

10. open, clean space:  “I’m constantly reminded that I have the neatest desk in the office. I can’t work in a cluttered environment. I get distracted by sparkly things.”