In honor of 4th of July week — we’re giving patriotic revelry until the weekend to run it’s course — we’d like to give a nod to fashion houses who are still making their duds in the U.S.A., like us!

Oscar de la Renta


Elegant and iconic, de la Renta gained notoriety designing for Jackie Kennedy.  Of course he would choose to have his clothing made in the United States.

Brooks Brothers


Classic American prep gear — still made in America.

The Row

MK and Ashely keep it real and homemade. Just one more reason to love them.

Rag & Bone

We love this label, and we love that their chic, edgy designs are conceived and constructed in the 50 states.

Juicy Couture

Of course Juicy Couture is made in U.S.A., we expect nothing less from the brand.