Very few actresses will ever star on a hit TV show, very few actresses will ever work on possibly one of the greatest drama series of all time, fewer still will be revered at both the Emmys and Comic Con, or threaten Joe McHale with paintballs…twice.

Alison Brie has done all of those things. In fact, she did them all this year, and, oh yeah, she did them last year too.

Clearly we don’t need to explain why she’s our girl crush of the day, but if you’re not convinced, why not review our selection process:

tartelette 1: Girl crush time… what do you think of Alison Brie?
tartelette 2: Yes! Love that she’s on 2 of my favorite shows.
tartelette 1: Right. The 2 best shows on TV.
tartelette 2: 2 characters that are completely different.
tartelette 1: And she’s funny…like, really funny.
tartelette 2: She knows how to rock a wicked cat eye.
tartelette 1: Exactly, she’s hot, but nerdy and cool so I don’t feel bad liking her.
tartelette 2: Yes and she’s been know to break out into spontaneous raps!
tartelette 1: Really?
tartelette 2: Yes!
tartelette 2: There’s a bunch of community bloopers of her rapping.
tartelette 1: Done. Girl crush of the day.

Who’s your girl crush?