Still haven’t stocked-up on your back to school necessities? No worries, we’ve wrangled two of our favorite beauty and lifestyle gurus, Tracy and Stefanie from Eleventh Gorgeous, to give you their foolproof tips on starting the new semester in style.

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Would you wear sweatpants or jeans to class and why?
Tracy: My go-to outfit would be jeans, a cute top, and sandals. If I’m running late, I’d wear yoga pants and a t-shirt and throw my hair up in a ponytail.
Stefanie:Definitely jeans. My go-to outfit would be skinny jeans, a fun top, and flats!

What’s your favorite tarte product?
Tracy: My favorite tarte product is the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Dollface. It’s the perfect soft pink blush for every day!

Stefanie:I love, love the LipSurgence™ pencils. They are so moisturizing and come in tons of colors!

 What your best school organizational tip? 
Tracy: Get a planner and use it! Make lists for things you need to get done. Even though there are so many new programs and apps these days I still love writing it down and seeing it on paper.
Stefanie: Have a system and use it. I used to be bad about throwing things in random places and losing them. For example, make sure your binders are neat and organized and you know where everything is and don’t just toss your notes in your book like I did.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Tracy: I love getting up early and being productive! I try to be a night owl on the weekends but it never works. It throws my whole week off if I stay up super late on the weekends.
Stefanie: Lately I’ve been neither, but typically I’m the one that stays up till 2 a.m!

What are your favorite phone apps?
Tracy: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In that order. I absolutely love taking photos and uploading them to Instagram. I actually took a few photography classes and it’s one of my favorite things to do, next to talking about fashion and makeup!
Stefanie: Kindle, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! I used to not be one to read, but since having Kindle I can’t go a day without it!

What your favorite snack to carry around for the day between classes?
Tracy: I know it’s not a super healthy snack, but I have been loving the Golden Grahams Treats in Chocolate Marshmallow. It tastes almost like you’re eating s’mores! If I’m going for a healthy snack then it would be an apple or a banana.
Stefanie: I’m definitely not the healthiest snacker either! I love mini moon pies and the Golden Grahams Treats! Pretty much anything chocolate makes a GREAT snack! If I was eating healthy it would be apples or grapes and I can’t have either without some vanilla yogurt.

What’s your favorite way to get your heart rate up?
Tracy: I just joined a gym about a month ago. The elliptical has definitely been my favorite way to get my heart rate up. When I’m not hitting the gym, I like to take my dog Mohawk on a walk around the lake.
Stefanie: My favorite way to get my heart rate up would definitely be dancing!! I danced in high school and its the best exercise and you have sooo much fun doing it!

Have you ever ditched a class? Tell us about it.
Tracy: Yes!! I always regret it and feel terrible for skipping.
Stefanie: Yes!! I felt guilty and told my mom. She ended up writing me an excuse, so I guess it technically wasn’t skipping!

Breakfast Club or Mean Girls? Why?
Tracy: I love both, but I’ll pick Mean Girls. I never miss it when it comes on TV. It’s always good for a laugh!
Stefanie: Mean Girls for sure!! It’s so fetch!

What’s your advice for incoming freshmen?
Tracy: Make lots of friends, go to class, take notes, get involved in extracurricular activities, and have fun!! It flies by and you don’t want to look back wishing you had done things differently.
Stefanie: Don’t take high school for granted. It will go by so fast. Make lots of memories with your friends because that’s what you’ll have when it’s all over! Definitely get involved and don’t be afraid to take chances.