The summer blockbuster may be Hollywood’s working goal, but if you ask us, fall is truly the time to sit back and watch some good movies. Starting this month with Halloween and moving right through to December, it’s time for some great, and frightening, cinema.

To kick off the fall movie season we polled the tarte team on their favorite Halloween movies. Did yours make the list?

Chosen by Staci, e-commerce manager

The Omen,
Chosen by Bianca, graphic designer

Edward Scissorhands
Chosen by Stephanie retail marketing coordinator

Children of the Corn
Chosen by Heather, executive director of product development

Paranormal Activity
Chosen by Nuria, production manager

American Psycho
Chosen by Kim, account analyst

The Shining
Chosen by Annmarie, broadcast operations manager

Practical Magic
Chosen by Charlotte, marketing coordinator

Chosen by Sam, finance manager

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Chosen by Jen, customer service

The Descent
Chosen by Erica, senior designer

The Ring
Chosen by Koryn, community manager

Chosen by Tom, retail marketing manager

Favorite movie winner:
Hocus Pocus
Chosen by Samantha, creative marketing manager: Celeste, retail operations associate; Brianna, production coordinator; and Mel, product development coordinator.