Covet the seemingly perfect skin celebs rock 24/7? Some of it’s smoke and mirrors,  and some of it is real. Below are our favorite tips and tricks from ladies whose complexion is used to the spotlight.

Natalie Portman: Exfoliation is key! Natalie has said she exfoliates weekly to keep her skin smooth and rid her complexion off dull skin. Exfoliation encourages new cells to regenerate producing radiant skin.

Maureen Kelly: Maracuja oil keeps skin moisturized. Maureen never travels without a bottle of her pure Maracuja oil. Humidity levels in airplanes are incredibly low, causing skin to become dry and flaky. To keep her complexion healthy and hydrated, Maureen applies a little oil before and during travel. Maracujua oil can be applied to the face, neck, cuticles, and even hair.

Amanda Seyfried: It’s all about hydration for this blond bombshell. To keep her porcelain skin clear and smooth, Amanda drinks at least two liters of water a day – in fact she’s rarely seen without a water bottle in hand. H2O flushes your system of toxins allowing your skin a healthy 24-hour glow.

Nina Dobrev: The Vampire Diaries star practices hot yoga to keep her skin supple, clear and bright.  The heat and steam open pores to make clearing them easier– just make sure to shower soon after class.  Another secret, she says, is that she frequently switches her skin care regiment to keep her skin fresh.