Nails could be nature’s best accessory. Unlike a haircut or a new outfit, they offer an easy way to jump on a trend or make a statement without committing too much –  all for under ten bucks. Be wild in neon, ladylike in neutral, or vampy in black  as quickly as your mood changes. Now, with the recent trend of serious nail polish and art, your choices are more varied than ever. As with any accessory, with the seasons so go the trends; here are the nail looks we’ll be rocking this fall.

The “Modern French

Dust off the classic French manicure with this punky, subversive look that we spotted all over the runways. Take a fall-ish hue (we like Essie’s Wicked or Licorice) and swipe it over the tip of a buffed, neutral nail. Or, do a regular French manicure – just with unexpected colors, like burgundy and gold or dark green and black.


Metallic shades are back. Brush on a true gold, silver, or copper, or seek out one of the many pretty dark shades that have been sprinkled with shimmery flecks. Try OPI’s Goldeneye for some festive sparkle.

Jewel tones

You already know that we love wearing jewel tones in the colder months. The same goes for our nails. Dress up in classic deep reds, burgundies, and purples – or switch it up with gorgeous emerald greens and rich navy blues. We’re loving Zoya’s Ibiza right now.

Go Long

The biggest trend isn’t even a color at all – it’s a shape. We’ve seen chic girls everywhere eschewing super-short nails for longer, shapely talons reminiscent of the fifties. This shape goes best with ladylike pinks or glamorous reds – like Essie’s classic Really Red.