Creator of U Don’t Need a Man, U Need a Manicure, Jessica Washick has taken DIY nail art to a whole new level. A true tartelette, Jessica created a nail design inspired by the packaging of our 2012 Holiday line. Then the ambidextrous creative genius wowed us by applying laquer to both of her hands!  In awe or her talent and chic aesthetic, we knew she would have a gift list to envy. Check our her top gift picks of the season.

 Clockwise from the top left:

Nail ring, “Kim, one of my close friends, loves nail art but works with her hands too much to keep her nails done.  This ring is the perfect solution for people who can’t keep a manicure but want cool nails — I own one and it stays on really easily and is really comfortable.”

Handwoven beaded bracelet, “My friend Jenny loves eclectic things and these bracelets are out of this world: jaw-dropping detail, but normal enough to wear all the time.

Toy compass, “This is perfect for my Dad. He likes unique things and since this is vintage, I think he’ll be impressed that I found it in such great condition. I’m also hoping this will trigger a good “when I was young” story. He has the best stories.”

Hyper Cube Mini-Necklace, “My sister Lindsay loves interesting jewelry and this brand is full of it.  It’s a newer brand too, and I love supporting emerging creative companies.”

Cheek stain in loving, “I never wear a lot of makeup, so when I have a fancy event, I use a cheek stain.  I can easily control how much I put on so I don’t go overboard, and while this color is subtle, it gives a romantic glow that people notice.”

Morris Kitchen syrups,”Julie is a foodie who loves cooking. These syrups are awesome for making everything : from gingerale to marinades to salad dressings. This brand is fairly new, based in Brooklyn, and delicious.”

Letter Pressed “F” By Jessica Hische; “My sister’s boyfriend’s  last name starts with F and this is simple but artsy enough that I know he’ll love it. Jessica Hische is an amazing typographer, and we grew up together – I’m not only a fan of her work, she’s an amazing person.”

 limited-edition picture perfect™ curler & deluxe lights, camera, lashes™ mascara set, “I have naturally long lashes and finding an eyelash curler that doesn’t pull them out is really hard.  This is such a good tool – it’s easy to use and has a nice, gentle shape — and the mascara is fantastic! It makes my lashes look full but natural.”