For this year’s “Baby, it’s bold outside” holiday collection, the tarte creative team designed each product box to mimic beautiful, rich, colorful wrapping paper. The goal was to not only save our tartelettes time and money on wrapping, but also to be environmentally conscience. We even printed a “to & from” gift tag to the back of each box!  All you have to do is add a bow and give it to the lucky gift recipient!



To take the bow & go concept to the next level, we asked our resident creative guru, senior graphic designer Erica for her DIY ideas  Here are some of her best tips for dressing up Holiday gifts, DIY-style:

1. Use satin, grosgrain or velvet ribbon to create a beautiful simple bow, or go for a the recycled look by using brown kraft paper, paper grocery bags, newspaper, scrapbook paper or magazine pages to paper create bows.

2. Save and re-use the nice ribbons from gifts you  receive, or from purchases from a fancy store. Use the “bunny ears” technique  (yes the same one you probably learned to tie your shoes with) to create the perfect bow.


3. After the holidays, there are always big sales on holiday decorations and ornaments, I stock up on few and save them for the next year. Anything I don’t use I’ll repurpose on gifts. Tie an extra ornament you have to a gift.

4. Try layering two different color and size ribbons over each other or wrap them around the box in a funky way, like I did on the “girl meets gloss 5-piece maracuja lipgloss collector’s set” pictured below.



5. I also like  to take apart ugly or old decorations and save the nice parts —  like holly leaves, rhinestones, pom poms, roping and jingle bells — to decorate my gifts, like I did on our pure maracuja oil  pictured above.

6. If you live in an area where they are abundant, use small pinecones or acorns as accents on your gifts. You can spray paint them a metallic color and hot glue a string, raffia or ribbon to the top to make them into reusable natural ornaments.

7. And most importantly, have fun with decorating your holiday gifts! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even if it doesn’t end up looking the way you expected, the person receiving your gift will surely appreciate the effort — it’s always the thought that counts!

Happy, healthy and DIY holidays to everyone!