Happy New Year, tartelettes!

It’s time to bust out some sparkly libation to go with your sparkly dress: champagne, of course. No other boozy beverage is as festive as this fizzy, tingly, straight-up celebratory golden liquid – save the Perrier for a weekday!  Although champagne has the connotation of being an expensive item – and many varieties certainly do cost a pretty penny – there are plenty of bottles to suit a beginner’s budget, too. Just because you’re not a rock star shouldn’t prevent you from partying like one. Check out our recommendations for every type of spender – and get ready to pop some cork!


Kind of broke: Mionetto Il Prosecco, $8.99

If your usual drinking repertoire revolves around the letters “P”, “B”, and “R”, and you’re just celebrating in your living room with pizza and friends, this one’s for you. Okay, so it’s not real champagne, but it’s bubbly and crisp, with a taste reminiscent of apples and honey – without being sickly sweet like the average cheap-o bottle. Plus, if you end up with a bottle or two left over, it makes for some killer mimosas.


Just flush enough: Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs, $19.99

Spend a few more bucks and you can snag a bottle of this California sparkling wine (again, not a true champagne, but close enough), which features fruity notes and tiny bubbles. This one’s for you if you have no problem heading out for a nice dinner before settling in with your bottle of bubbly and a few of your nearest and dearest..


Getting Splurge-y: Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label, $49.99

You’ve shelled out for a nice dress, maybe some new heels, and you’re going out on the town tonight. Set the tone of your glamorous evening with the classic champers. The elegant flavors, sharp acidity, and gorgeous bubbles – not to mention the telltale label – just scream “celebration!”


Pure class: Perrier-Jouet Fleur de Champagne Belle Epoque, $139

Up the ante for your once-a-year celebration with a truly special bubbly. No Dom for us: we’d rather have this lesser-known brand in the beautiful bottle, one that’s known for it’s unique floral notes and “silky” elegance. The perfect sipper before jaunting off to your black-tie gala.


Dollar, dollar bills, y’all: Champagne Krug Vintage Brut, $239

Money’s no object – you’re swimming in it. Or you want to pretend like you are just for one night. If you’ve got the dough to spare, this is the bottle to spend it on. Caramel, nut, and citrus flavors explode from this stately bottle, which makes a statement on it’s own. This one is for popping right at midnight – preferably at your own VIP table.


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