Resolutions seem to most often involve the idea of looking and feeling better about oneself. There’s a reason why the most common answer to the question, “What’s your new year’s resolution?” is, inevitably, “Lose weight!” But this year, tartelettes, we’ve decided to go a different route. Rather than just obsessing over shedding pounds, we’re resolving to make a general effort to be healthier overall – both inside and out. We’ve broken down 5 ways that we’re going to reach said goal.

1. Drink more water.
We’re definitely guilty of not drinking enough water – and we bet you are, too. Hydrating is one of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to feel good and help your body function at its best – not to mention look more gorgeous. Try downing a glass first thing in the morning and along with every meal to knock out half the day’s requirements; you can get in the other half by keeping a reusable bottle with you and sipping on it throughout the day. Added bonus: water fills you up, making you less likely to reach for an unhealthy mid-day snack.

Resolution: In 2013, we resolve to attempt to drink at seven to eight glasses of water each day.
2. Cut out processed foods… for the most part.
We all know processed foods are bad for our waistlines, our skin, and our overall well-being. But whenever we’ve tried to cut them out completely, the pressure has made it that much harder to succeed. There are some things we can’t give up completely, like the bakery down the street that serves a ridiculously good croissant. (A life wholly devoid of pastries just seems sad.)

Resolution: In 2013, we resolve to try to keep processed foods to a minimum, indulging in them only on weekends and special occasions.

3. Floss.
Proven to minimize the risk all sorts of icky health issues, and make your smile brighter. Check!

Resolution: In 2013, we resolve to floss at least once – if not twice – each day.

4. Clean our makeup brushes.
This is one of those things we all know we’re supposed to do… but we rarely get around to doing it. Come on! We stick those brushes on our faces – clean and dirty – every single day. They deserve to get cleaned once in a while. Doing so practically ensures a reduction in blemishes and guarantees they’ll last longer.

Resolution: In 2013, we resolve to clean our makeup brushes at least once every week.

5. Breathe.
Stress is proven to have a host of terrible effects on our health – weight gain, heart problems, and skin issues just being a few of the nastiest ones. While we can’t ask ourselves not stress – we live in New York, after all – taking the time to meditate and breathe can really help defend our bodies against all those side effects.

Resolution: In 2013, we resolve to pause, close our eyes, and just breathe for three minutes each weekday.

How many of you will be making resolutions for the new year? Any of you want to join in on ours? Let us know in the comments!