Almost as iconic as the super heroes they pal around with, Mary Jane Watson and Lois Lane have left their own unique imprint on pop culture — from comic strip to the silver screen. Which fictional heroine do you most resemble?

Mary Jane’s calm intelligence and optimistic, uplifting outlook on life is effortlessly echoed in her style. With a delicate combo of the soft pinks and nudes,  Kirsten Dunst’s (left) subtle flush and light pink lips enabled her to rock the natural look to perfection, and nail the character.

Lois on the other hand is a sharp contrast. What says impetuous, inquisitive and in-your-face more than a bold lip color or a graphically lined eye? The famed femme reporter is often depicted with a clean makeup  look that highlights a single feature — check out the beautifully bright pout Amy Adams sports in the upcoming Man of Steel.  She’s 100% no nonsense beauty.