The key to framing your eyes and exaggerating lashes is simple: apply the right mascara, in the right amount. There is nothing worse than clumpy, dried out lashes that look like little spider legs! The fundamental part of choosing the best mascara is to know your lashes. Are they naturally long and could use a little volume? Or do your lashes on the dry side? Whichever it may be, you are sure to find a tarte mascara that will suit your lash needs!

From the left:

gifted™ Amazonian clay smart mascara: HYDRATING

Our gifted™ Amazonian clay smart mascara hydrates, replenishes and repairs all while changing the appearance of your lash length by 121%! This mascara is perfect for brittle, dry lashes that need a little hydrating!

tarte tip: Try using a lash primer (like our multiplEYE™ lash enhancing primer) before applying your mascara. It will prep and prime your lashes and give an ultimate base for full, healthy looking lashes!


lights, camera, lashes™: LENGTHENING & VOLUMIZING

Consider this mascara to be the push-up bra for your lashes. This all-in-one lash enhancing mascara has four major elements that are sure to leave your lashes looking perfect. Not only does it lengthen and curl, but also allows your lashes to show their maximum volume.

tarte tip: Gently curl your lashes after applying a thin, even coat for even more dramatic volume!


lights, camera, splashes™: WATERPROOF

While our lights, camera, lashes™ gives your eyes the maximum amount of perfection without clumping or looking too overdone, our lights, camera, splashes™ has all the same elements, plus it’s waterproof. It’s also clinically proven to increase the appearance of lash volume and will be sure to stay put through rain, sweat or tears. This mascara is prefect for humid climates, trips to the gym, the beach, or anyone planning a to watch a tearjerker on date night!

tarte tip: The key to maximizing your mascara’s full potential is all about how you apply it. Always start at the base of your eyelashes, working your way outwards to achieve the greatest effect!


lights, camera, flashes™: EVEN AND CLUMP FREE

Our lights, camera, flashes™ mascara is sure to make your eyes stop people in their tracks! This even and clump-free formula uniquely reflects light onto lashes, creating a luminous “flashes effect.” The double sided wand utilizes two distint types of bristles to make application simple and even. This is perfect for those that already were endowed with long lashes and are looking for high-impact results.  lights, camera, flashes™ mascara visibly blackens lashes, giving them a jet-black intensified and dramatic look.

tarte tip: To keep product from building up on the bristles of the macara wand, wash the wand with antibacterial hand soap once a week. Be sure to rinse well under warm water.