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wine week: intoxicating fashion

We’re celebrating wine week here at tarte! If you’ve ever a had sip — or spilled a glass — of any of the red variations of this delicious libation you probably know two things for sure: the flavors are often complex and tantalizing, and the color is distinct and intense. To kick off the celebration, we’ve broken down a few of our favorite varietals by taste and color.


Pinot Noir

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My little sister’s getting married.

And I’m getting kissed.

Or maybe not.

Either way, I plan to be prepared.

It’s hard to choose a date to your sister’s wedding when you’re not in a relationship. After all, I don’t want to bring a random guy who may or may not be around in the future. But at the same time, I don’t want to bring a completely platonic buddy. What fun is that?

Then, I came up with the perfect solution: I’ve invited a longtime friend of mine who I’ve always adored – in a 90 percent platonic way. But now I find myself wondering why it’s always been platonic. Is it because the timing has been wrong? Because we live a few hours from each other? Or simply because we’re just not destined to be that kind of friends?

I’ve always thought he’s wonderful. He’s sweet, smart, funny, handsome . . . Why is this not the kind of guy I’m going for normally?

So who knows what will happen. At the very least, we’ll have a great time together, the way that good friends always do. On the other hand, just in case I’ve been crazy all these years placing him in the “just friends” category, let’s just say I’ll be sporting Tarte’s new lip stain, which is totally kiss-proof. (What? I had to test it out!)

Will it come in handy April 17? Maybe. Maybe not.

Either way, my lips will look great, kissed or not. And just in case you were wondering, my new favorite cheek stain? Amusingly, it’s Blushing Bride. Not that I’m getting any ideas. I’m still as commitment-phobic as ever.

Or maybe I’m just choosing the wrong guys.

At least I have the right lip stain. That’s a start. I can commit to that.