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hot trend: pocket umbrellas

As the winter season draws to a close you can be sure of one thing, it won’t go quietly.  Much like the old adage says, we’ll have to suffer through some showers before we’re greeted with spring flowers. Luckily for all fashionistas braving the rain in heels, some of today’s hottest designers have put their spin on the season’s most utilitarian accessory: the pocket umbrella.

Yes, there is something sleek and chic about using a full-sized, long handled umbrella, but let’s face it, when you’re moving a mile a minute with a never-ending to-do list, those just get in the way. With both style and efficiency in mind we’ve rounded up some of the best mini-umbrellas on the market. From classic to quirky, there’s something for everyone. More >

very handy: bright on!

Neon is the trend right now, and with never-ending gloom in the air this winter, I’m thankful for it! It’s a trend that’s  bold, cheery and reminds me that, yes, there is always a bright side. When I saw Sylvie, our VP of marketing, sporting this neon varnish – Hot Pop Pink by CND – and bright yellow blouse, I had to take a snap.

Who else is rocking neon nails?