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Tuccia Di Capri Sandals!

The NY temps are hitting 90 degrees today and if you remember 5th grade science NYC suffers from a little dilemma known as heat island effect. Unfortunately, our fabulous 13 mile stretch hardly resembles the summer island hot spots we day dream of. Thankfully, Henri Bendel has come to our rescue and these days the luxe isle of Capri is only a hop, skip and jump down 5th avenue!

Capri is synonymous with the Piazzetta, the Grotta Azzura (blue grotto) and traditional sandal making.  This summer you can be living ‘la dolce vita’ while lounging on a downtown rooftop with Tuccia Di Capri.  This custom sandal company was started by models-turned-entrepreneurs, Tove Nord and Terri Coleman. Made in traditional Capri fashion, they are now offering the work of their chic cobblers at a featured shop in  Henri Bendel! In just 1 hour you can choose the look (flat, medium wedge, high wedge), style (named after ultra-glam icons who often sported their own custom sandals around the island), and embellishments! The artisans then work their magic and just like that you have made-to-measure perfection.

I hope all of you NY fashionistas head out and embrace the Italian tradition; I know I will. I would love for you to share pics of  your pair with us!



Pizza & Vino–Perfect!

This weekend we were able to have another girls’ night out! The destination: Mario Batali’s acclaimed OTTO Enoteca Pizzeria. Serving classic Italian pizza and showcasing over 700 wines, this place definitely took me back to Italy. I haven’t been to Italy since my days abroad and this Fifth Avenue destination was definitely cheaper than the cross-Atlantic flight! I’d suggest the Quattro Formaggi pizza (4 cheese) and a glass of the Orvieto Classico—delish!


So, remember a couple of months ago I casually mentioned that maybe I would book a trip to Italy that day? Well I did, and now it’s finally HERE, and Phil and I are leaving tonight for 10 days in Venice & Florence! We’ll be in Venice for Valentine’s Day, which is like a double treat. I am beyond excited to show him around Florence and basically eat everything that crosses my path. The timing couldn’t be better…the weather is just starting to get pretty blah and the winter doldrums have officially set in, so I really can’t wait to go someplace that inspires me and get reinvigorated. And when we get home, hopefully spring will be (sort of) on the horizon. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! -Alexis