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november 2006


~I am beyond excited—I just found out that I got into an intensive perfume workshop next week! This workshop is only held twice a year at one of the major perfume houses—a master perfumer comes over from Europe to teach intensive, full-day courses about the history of perfume, study of raw materials, study of synthetic materials, etc. It’s basically my dream come true. I am sort of a perpetual student-slash-geek at heart, so I’m already preparing to get a nice shiny new notebook & pen. Seriously cannot wait!! -alexis


~If you haven’t yet, I urge you to go see The Departed. This is seriously the best movie I’ve seen this year. I walked out of the movie theatre and all I could utter to my boyfriend was, “wow, this movie is seriously winning some awards…” I mean there are so many good reasons. First and foremost, it’s set in South Boston (wicked, cas, paking) with Boston-native actors (Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, etc) —it’s like Good Will Hunting all over again, but with a lot more blood and gory. The acting is phenomenal and the guys are pretty hot, too! It’s by far my favorite movie! -candace

~Lex is always telling me about this quaint bed & breakfast in Saratoga Springs so I decided to book a nice little getaway weekend for Rich & I. We’re going December 22nd for a 2 night stay and I have a couple of fun outings planned for us – snowmobiling, massages and horseback riding to name a few. I’m totally excited for horseback riding more then anything – the guide said the horses would be wearing bells for Christmas! hehe -maria


~Heather, Maria, and I had a fun Saturday night out on the Upper East Side. Heather’s friends organized a bar crawl to a bunch of different bars around the area. Needless to say we all had a great time and maybe we’ll do it again soon. I vote to stay in one place like the Brooklyn Brewery and taste all their beers, but then again it wouldn’t really be much of a bar crawl! -erica

November 2005


~I’m still enjoying celebrating Maria’s birthday. Besides the delicious cupcakes, we went to
Houston’s last night for dinner to continue the celebration! As crazy as this sounds, Houston’s is my favorite restaurant in the city (based on food only). I could eat there every night! My friend and I are going tomorrow night so I can get the ribs that I absolutely love!!-heather


~I had such a great birthday yesterday – calls from all of my friends and family, and Rich sent me flowers and a teddy bear, but what really made my day were the amazing strawberry shortcake cupcakes that Erica made for me! As I’m sure I mentioned several times I love just about anything pink, and pigs are my favorite animal so these were the perfect dessert for me! And I swear, these were created and hand made by Erica herself – she’s such a talented little cupcake! -maria


~Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!! Mine was so great-it was so nice to be home & relaxing for a long weekend. I had such a great time with my family-my grandpa made this DVD (complete with soundtrack) of old pictures from the 40s-50s of him and my grandma and my dad, aunt & uncle when they were young-it was so great. A huge hit with everyone…a hit only slightly bigger than the one Phil & I made with our homemade stuffing (recipe courtesy of Lallie’s mom, tweaked slightly by us…thanks Mrs H!). It was our first real foray into holiday cooking so I’m glad we did a good job. I love Thanksgiving. Oh, and also, Happy birthday Maria!!!!-alexis


~My grandfather from Scotland arrived yesterday for a 2 week visit! So happy to see him, he’s really great! I love spending quality time with the family and am really looking forward to this weekend. I’m also looking forward to all the chocolate (especially Flakes) he brings over from the UK -it’s so good!-heather


~Just saw Walk the Line on Friday night and I think I already want to see it again. I have loved Reese Witherspoon since Man in the Moon in 1991 and this just totally cemented it. Not to sound like every annoying review, but she really is completely transformative, as is Joaquin Phoenix. Their singing is amazing too and I’m totally buying the soundtrack now. You must go!-alexis

~So many people have been talking about James Frey’s book,
A Million Little Pieces and I even put my name on the list at the library for it. I saw a friend this weekend and she gave it to me so I don’t have to wait anymore…must get through current book quickly so I can start reading this one. Can’t wait!-lallie


~Tonight I’m going to a screening of
The Squid and the Whale with Billy Baldwin. I’m so excited; I’ve heard such great things about the movie! Billy and I both went to Binghamton and he’s hosting the screening in TriBeCa, I can’t wait to meet him. I’ll let you know how the movie is!-nicole


~Went to a wedding at the NY Botanical Gardens on Saturday – it was absolutely beautiful there. Doesn’t get any better than good food, good friends and unlimited drinks. -heather

~So I know Halloween has come and gone, but I didn’t get a chance to show you all the cutest girl in the entire world – my niece, Katelyn. Now for those of you who don’t know, she OBSESSED with Dora the Explorer so for months (literally) all she would talk about is ‘Dora, this’ and ‘Dora, that’ and ‘I’m going to be Dora for Halloween!’ So here is her absolutely adorable
Dora costume! -maria


~So while Phil & his bro were out at a beer tasting festival on Saturday afternoon, I decided it would be a good time to do a little shopping-it’s been so long since I’ve spent the whole afternoon doing that!! I’ve been on a quest for brown boots pretty much since August and I think I found the perfect pair (alas, I can’t find a pic online). They’re great though—really comfy, casual chocolate brown suede boots with buckles up the side and a 2” heel. The only downside? The soles need a good scuffing, as evidenced by the fact that I walked into my building yesterday and promptly wiped out on the newly waxed floors. Ow.-alexis

~Well, it’s been one heck of a year so far and over the weekend, a few friends and I decided we’re going to take a New Year’s trip to St. Thomas. A few of us were there over Labor Day and have decided it was so awesome and not that expensive so we’re going back–hopefully there won’t be too many newlyweds there!-lallie


~Tuesday afternoon Lallie and I went to the Buttercup Bakeshop to get the tarte girls an afternoon treat. We got coconut cake, red velvet cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate peanut butter bars. Words can not describe how good it tasted. Everyone loved us! For you New York girls, and anyone who is visiting, Buttercup is a must!-nicole


~So, one more task down…we ordered bridesmaids dresses this weekend and I’m so excited!! Now I definitely can start planning the color scheme for the whole thing. The dresses are a really pretty
smoky lilac color and I think they’ll look so nice with really autumnal bouquets. There are 5 different styles and I think everyone is going to look amazing in them. (As long as they don’t show me up, that’s ok with me…haha).-alexis

~This weekend wasn’t too eventful but last week I promised everyone I’d show pics from Halloween. Alas, here is this year’s
cheerleading uniform…Not like it’s any different from other years!! HAHA!! -lallie


~I am so excited to have a weekend at home! After being in Binghamton two weekends ago, and then in Chicago last weekend, I can finally rest! On Friday night I’ll be going to the Park Avenue Café for dinner to celebrate my friend Cecilia’s birthday. On Saturday Larry and I will watch some football (aren’t I a great wife? hehe), and the rest of the weekend I plan to read, go to the gym, and cook. I can’t wait!-nicole


~Just got back from a long weekend in San Francisco and we had such a nice time!! I got to go to my friend’s beautiful wedding in Palo Alto, stay with my best friend from high school in her awesome apartment in the Noe Valley, and tour a few vineyards in Napa & Sonoma. Viansa, the first one we went to, had nice wines but even better food-Phil and I had so much fun just sampling all their sauces & condiments. So good. We decided we had to narrow it to 2, so we brought back the Cilantro Lime Aioli and Peach Chardonnay Vinegar. Looking forward to cooking this weekend!-alexis

~Well I hope everyone had a great Halloween and they didn’t get too sick from eating too much candy! Everyone in the office has an on-going obsession with my crazy cat Molly, so for fun this Halloween I painted a
Mollylumpkin. It’s was a big hit in the neighborhood and I think Molly appreciated it too!-erica


~I did some major fall cleaning around the apartment this weekend – I was dreading it but I’m so glad I did it! It’s amazing how much clutter can accumulate without even realizing it. And now I can fit my new tv stand I’ve been wanting to put in – yeah!-heather