Recently, my friend Jen Schefft, whom you may remember from ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” called to ask if I wanted to throw a party with her in Orlando. Little Black Dress Wines (my favorite wine brands – and the sponsor of my 2009 book tour) was sending Jen around the country to promote the concept of a closet swap party, a great opportunity to be stylish, frugal and charitable. The idea is to clean out your closet, encourage friends to do the same, get together to “shop” each other’s used clothes, and give the remainder – plus a $5 donation per guest — to a local charity.

“Clothes . . . fashion . . . wine . . . helping people . . . and an excuse to throw a party?” I replied. “Um . . .YES!!”

It was a no-brainer — as was calling on my friend Suzanne Bonham, the founder and CEO of my favorite restaurant, Urban Flats. I asked her if she’d want to host the party at one of her Orlando locations. She agreed without hesitation.

As the plans for the party came together, it got me thinking. Why aren’t we all doing more of this? It doesn’t take a lot to help others – just a little time and creativity. So why not have your own closet swap party? Or have your friends over for a makeover night and ask everyone to bring a donation? Or instead of hitting the movie theater, have your girlfriends over for chick flicks, popcorn and wine, and have them donate the $10 they would have spent on a movie ticket to your favorite charity instead?

The options are endless — as is your ability to have fun while doing good! Remember, it’s chic to be kind!