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limited-edition Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette

limited-edition Amazonian clay
eyeshadow palette

tarte cosmetics limited-edition Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette limited-edition Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette Create stunning, sultry eyes with this palette of 16 Amazonian clay eye shadows in a perfectly giftable box! 521 $38.00 In Stock
4.8 out of 5 based on 26 ratings

Create stunning, sultry eyes with this palette of 16 Amazonian clay eye shadows in a perfectly giftable box!

Product Performance: Create an array of stunning looks with 16 Amazonian clay eyeshadows. Containing both matte and shimmering shadows, neutrals and rich colors, this palette creates the perfect look for day or night. Infused with Amazonian clay, these long wearing shadows won't smudge or budge all day long while nourishing lids.

Palette includes 16 shadows:

- tickled pink (light pink)

- playful plum (dark plum)

- beaming bronze (bronze)

- grateful grey (smoky grey)

- radiant rosewood (tan mauve)

- sage advice (sage green)

- alluring almond (almond tan)

- hot cocoa (cocoa brown)

- ideal ivory (ivory)

- roasted chestnut (chestnut brown)

- truly taupe (silver grey brown)

- buttercream frosting (golden cream)

- pumped up purple (dark purple)

- peachy keen (apricot peach)

- blissful brown (dark brown)

Powered By: Amazonian clay: nature’s most perfect ingredient providing total skin balance


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Overall Rating

(4.8 of 5, 26 reviews)

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location: OH
would buy again? YES
about 6 days, 14 hours ago

I have blue eyes and I love the color choices! Something for every mood! Love it!

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location: GA
would buy again? YES
on 04/14/2015

Good quality of powder, very matt. I wish the colors are more pigmented though.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: MO
would buy again? YES
on 03/12/2015

I love every single color in this palette! I can not wait to use it!!

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: MN
would buy again? YES
on 03/05/2015

Great eye shadow palette! The variety of colors are great and they last all day.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 08/07/2014

Love this palette the colors are gorgeous especially the color playful plum

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: WI
would buy again? YES
on 08/04/2014

I received this palette as a gift, and I love the colors! The shadows go on very smoothly and last all day.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: UT
would buy again? YES
on 07/30/2014

This is one of my all time favorite palettes. I especially love the purple color. It actually stays looking purple not looking really dark or black like most other purple shadows do. It has a nice variety of matte & shimmer shadows. It's a great palette. I'm so glad to have gotten my hands on it.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: CA
would buy again? YES
on 07/16/2014

This is the only palette I ever need. The gray color looks a little greenish in the box, but goes on beautiful - a light smokey gray. Especially love the purple tones!

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: PA
would buy again? YES
on 04/23/2014

I love the eye shadows, they are all very pigmented. I do wish that there was just one other color that could be a statement. Also, the color on the bottom middle-left row has hardly any pigmentation at all, it's pretty horrible. But all the other colors have insanely awesome pigmentation, so that one is just very odd.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: TN
would buy again? YES
on 04/19/2014

i bought this palette in the bow & go set originally with the 2 eyeliners and mascara. I really love this kit. I actually went back to buy 2 more for my mom and mom in law and they were sold out. I have to say the deal was much better with all the items than with just the palette by itself but oh well. The colors are very nice with a good range, while also sticking closer to a neutral spectrum. The colors last all day with no creases with a good primer.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: MI
would buy again? YES
on 04/10/2014

I got this palette as a tsv on qvc. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and wearable for everyday. I highly recommend this.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: AZ
would buy again? YES
on 03/28/2014

I got this palette as part of a 3 pc set with some lip surgences and some mascaras and eyeliners. I love the colors. I'll get a lot of use out of them. I was a little disappointed in the packaging though. It looks so pretty in the picture but when I got the product, well the packaging feels pretty cheap and the pots were in there all wonky and crooked. I guess you don't buy eyeshadows for the packaging, and it looks VERY easy to get the pans out and put them in something else though so- can't complain too much. I DO love the shadows

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: NC
would buy again? YES
on 03/20/2014

This eyeshadow palette is my new favorite! I got it as a part of a larger kit, which was a great deal, but if you are looking to buy this individually I still really recommend it. The colors are all gorgeous, and there's a nice range of neutral colors that will suit anyone. They are really pigmented as well. The packaging is really pretty and sleek as well. One thing to note - the palette does not have a mirror. I don't usually use built in mirrors anyway so I don't care, but if you do, take note. Overall this is an excellent eyeshadow palette!

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: CA
would buy again? YES
on 03/08/2014

I absolutely love this palette, i love the variety of mattes and shimmers it has, it is absolutely perfect. Not only that but the size I love, it is so thin yet gives you a lot of product and i absolutely love the packaging it is so pretty!

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: OK
would buy again? YES
on 02/05/2014

This palette is absolutely wonderful! I bought it for traveling to avoid having a bunch of single-color pots to keep track of. I wear lots of brown and this palette has the most beautiful selection of browns and other neutrals, in different kinds of shimmers and mattes. The couple gray colors would be beautiful for a night out, though I haven't tried them yet except for on the back of my hand. And I am particularly happy with the purples and green (colors I use often to bring out the green in my green-hazel eyes). I look forward to showing off this palette to family when we visit and friends when we meet at the gym. :) The packaging is beautiful too, and I love that the plastic cover has the names on it!

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