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collector's edition cheek stain vault

collector's-edition cheek stain vault

tarte cosmetics collector's edition cheek stain vault collector's edition cheek stain vault An exclusive, collector’s set complete with all of tarte’s newly-designed cheek stains. Category: Cosmetics Product #: 515 $150.00 In Stock
4.5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

An exclusive, collector’s set complete with all of tarte’s newly-designed cheek stains.

Product Performance: The stain that started it all! To celebrate the re-launch of tarte’s iconic and award-winning cheek stain, indulge in this exclusive, collector’s vault complete with all 8 of tarte’s newly-designed cult favorites. Plus, the giant, lifelike, cheek stain case is outfitted with hooks and drawers so you can re-use it to hang necklaces, store jewelry and stash other treats – it’s the perfect accessory for your home or office! 

Includes all 8 cheeky shades:
• flush (the original sheer berry)
• true love (a romantic sheer watermelon)
• exposed (a fresh nude pink)
• tipsy (a playful sheer coral)
• natural beauty (a classic rosy red)
• blissful (a flirty warm peach)
• blushing bride (an elegant rosy pink)
• NEW fearless (a powerful pink coral)

Powered By: t5 super fruit complex™:
maracuja: rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) and Vitamin C for firmer, brighter, smoother skin
acai berry: antioxidant rich super fruit with anti-inflammatory & skin softening properties known to help fight free radicals and promote cell regeneration
acerola: rich in vitamin C & antioxidants to aid in brightening skin & help fight free radicals
goji berry: nutrient-rich super known to soothe skin
pomegranate: high concentration of antioxidants & vitamin C


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(4.5 of 5, 13 reviews)

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location: CA
would buy again? YES
on 05/28/2014

I am really happy they put these cheek stains in a set, it's perfect for Tarte collectors. You save quite a few bucks. It's worth the money for the type of quality you get. I wish they would put out a set for the matching power pigment lip stains. The packaging is very functional and appealing. The cheek stains smell lovely, and the colors all pretty and subtle. The formula is long lasting and a little goes a long way, it makes your skin feel refreshed and it gives it a nice glow. Great for the summer.

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
on 03/31/2014

I love this. I was debating getting it for the longest time because the price tag was scary. However, they are worth the money. It's a great value and the case it comes in is absolutely adorable and versatile. I didn't have any issues with any of them arriving poorly or broken. Arrived in perfect condition. Considering each is worth $30 it's a great value! These will also last an incredibly long time. So worth the plunge.

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 03/30/2014

fabulous deal! what a wonderful way to tryout the new revamped cheek stains (formula) without paying full price for each one.

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
on 03/26/2014

I'm really glad Tarte came out with this set and in such fun and useful packaging too. I was a little miffed about the price at first, but then I did the math for the individual cost--it was just under 19 dollars a cheek stain. I was about to buy my very first cheek stain when they came out with this set as I am new to this brand going on about a year now. But it was a good purchase for me. I did not to expect to love all the shades. Six I just love and two I think I will only wear on certain occasions. But these products perform wonderfully and just look so pretty and natural on. I really think I will be using Tarte's cheek stain the rest of my life now, as its just gives you such a lovely look and is a reliable product lasting all day, even at the gym. After using this set for just over two months, I really am happier now and more confident in my purchase then when I first got it. Once I am close to running out of my favorites I would purchase another complete cheek stain kit like this again.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: ON
would buy again? NO
on 03/04/2014

i wish this was a bit cheaper-- its a good deal, but only if youll use all the colours.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: NJ
would buy again? YES
on 03/03/2014

Tarte cheek stains have become my favorite, so when I saw this set I had to have it. The packaging is so pretty and the cheek stain container is a wonderful way to keep everything organized. Love the variety of colors!

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location: NY
would buy again? YES
on 02/21/2014

perfect,but pricey

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 02/11/2014

I must admit I was skeptical about this set, but on the recommendation of some friends, I got it and love it. I have medium toned skin and all the colors work well on me when I apply them appropriately. And the box is such an adorable jewelry box. I think for now, until I can get all my cosmetics better organized, I'll continue to use the jewelry box to store my cheek stains.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: FL
would buy again? YES
on 01/30/2014

Loved this set ,all the blushes are full size with amazing soft touch.This set is great for a bridal gift ,a gift for yourself ,any make up artist out there ,it has 8 different color that suits all kind of skin type and looks.

I have it a 4 star as i wish it was cheaper and in travel size edition.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: PA
would buy again? YES
on 01/13/2014

I bought this for myself for my birthday and wow! I am so happy I did not miss this amazing set! The packaging is so beautiful, and the cheek stain container? ADORBS! As for the size difference, I don't know anyone who could use one of these within the confines of the expiration.. There are 8 FULL-SIZED stains in this set! You'll have a beautiful glow for years :) Don't let the packaging steer you wrong, you are not being ripped off! This is a beautiful deal, and the new colors are gorg.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: NJ
would buy again? YES
on 01/13/2014

I want this so bad! It looks amazing, and tarte's blushes are amazing!

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: OH
would buy again? YES
on 01/05/2014

I was hoping to see a set like this in a mini version. I understand that these stains are half the size of the old stains, but they are still $30 a pop to buy individually. So it seems these are the "new" full size version. Sad to see that a lot less product is costing customers the same as before.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: AR
would buy again? YES
on 01/02/2014

This is on my "want" list for sure! The new packageing is GORGEOUS!!!

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