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tarte cosmetics tarte double-ended foundation brush tarte double-ended foundation brush A double-ended foundation brush for custom, all-over coverage. Brush on your perfect level of radiant coverage with this 2-in-1 complexion-perfecting tool.    773 USD 34.00 In Stock
4.7 out of 5 based on 63 ratings 2
tarte double-ended foundation brush

double-ended foundation brush


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A double-ended foundation brush for custom, all-over coverage. Brush on your perfect level of radiant coverage with this 2-in-1 complexion-perfecting tool. 


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Product performance: Luxuriously soft and cruelty free, the smaller brush features an angled design to target and cover around the contours of the face, masking any redness, dark circles and fine lines on areas such as the nose and around the eyes. The larger, flat brush is perfect for buffing and blending all-over coverage for an instant airbrushed effect.

This brush was custom designed for the Rainforest of the Sea™ water foundation SPF 15 to achieve your perfect level of moisture-rich coverage.

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    Ideal for applying the Rainforest of the Sea™ water foundation SPF 15.
  • Dispense two to three drops of foundation directly onto brush, then gently buff onto skin in circular motions.

  • Use smaller, angled side of brush to blend around smaller contours of the face, such as the nose and under the eyes.

  • Use larger, flat side of brush to apply all-over coverage onto larger areas of the face, such as the cheeks, forehead and chin.

Made in China.

formulated without parabens, formulated without mineral oil, formulated without  phthalates, formulated without sodium lauryl sulfates, formulated without gluten

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product reviews

(4.7 of 5, 63 reviews)
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location: MI
would buy again? YES


about 2 weeks, 6 days ago
location: MI, would buy again? YES

I use this brush to apply the Water Foundation with SPF 15. The brush applies the foundation evenly and you can achieve a light, medium or full coverage with this brush.

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location: QLD
would buy again? YES


on 01/16/2017
location: QLD, would buy again? YES

This brush is fantastic! I've found that it works very well with a wide range of foundations and concealers. Since I've bought this brush, it's been my #1 application tool over anything else I own. I've found that dotting foundation on my face and spreading it around first before buffing it in with this brush works the best.

It makes my base look ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL! Would 100% recommend this to a friend (4/5 leaves due to some hair shedding and foundation absorption)

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location: MA
would buy again? YES


on 12/29/2016
location: MA, would buy again? YES

This brush is the creme de la creme. An absolute beast. When I went foundation hunting, I used this brush for it all, and it worked marvelously. Even the girl at the Estee Lauder counter thought it was a super nice brush. Plus the colors and design are gorgeous. Anyway, I read a bunch of the other reviews and can completely understand when they're saying the thick, short, contour end of the brush absorbs 2-3x more foundation than it normally would using other methods. As a result, the way I apply my foundation is, I squeeze a small amount out onto the back of my hand to warm it up and I use the thick short part to just dab my face in big heavy strokes. Then I primarily use the large buffing brush part to evenly blend the color over my face. This way I use less product. I've watched the video for this brush with the Amazonian foundation and it's similar to how the makeup artist does it but I don't put 3-4 large drops on the back of my hand, I just do a bit at a time. And I NEVER put the foundation directly on top of the thick short brush end because then it will directly absorb and you won't get as much product on your face. The short end should be used just to spread the product on the face lightly in large strokes, but the buffing brush can be used to deeply get in there and distribute the product for an even complexion. Hope that helps!

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ALWAYS FORMULATED WITHOUT: parabens • mineral oil • phthalates • triclosan • sodium lauryl sulfate • gluten