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fresh eyes maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes

fresh eyes maracuja waterproof
eye makeup remover wipes

tarte cosmetics fresh eyes maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes fresh eyes maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes Gentle, biodegradable waterproof eye makeup remover wipes infused with nourishing maracuja.  525 $12.00 In Stock
4.7 out of 5 based on 39 ratings


30 pre-moistened wipes

Gentle, biodegradable waterproof eye makeup remover wipes infused with nourishing maracuja. 

Product Performance: Look at the world through a fresh pair of eyes with tarte’s revolutionary maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes. These pre-moistened, single-use towelettes remove all traces of waterproof eye makeup while retaining skin’s moisture for a clean, refreshed appearance. The soothing formula combines the miracle of maracuja™ with nourishing fruit extracts to deliver a rush of nutrients to brighten delicate skin around the eyes and lashes while helping to fight signs of premature aging. These 30 pre-moistened wipes are biodegradable, so they break down quickly and leave nothing harmful behind – the perfect eco-chic option for easy makeup removal!

Powered By: maracuja: rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) and vitamin C known to replenish and rebuild for firmer, brighter, smoother skin and maximum hydration; grapeseed oil: rich in antioxidants and fatty acids known to moisturize, fight free radicals and brighten dark circles; papaya extract: contains enzymes known to exfoliate skin to improve tone and texture; pineapple extract: contains enzymes, vitamin A and C known to promote exfoliation and anti-aging properties



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Overall Rating

(4.7 of 5, 39 reviews)

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location: AZ
would buy again? YES
on 08/13/2015

I love the way these wipes remove my makeup. Unfortunately what I don't love is the way my skin breaks out in a million mini pimples because of them. However, I have extremely odd skin. I give these wipes 2.5 leaves because they are awesome at removing makeup (so they get the job done) but not so awesome at leaving the rest of my skin alone. Would maybe buy this product again?

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location: ON
would buy again? YES
on 08/11/2015

I like that these wipes are not over-saturated. Other wipes I have tried have been sopping wet, and leave my face feeling like it needs to be washed again. These have a nice fruit pineapple scent that isn't overwhelming, and effectively remove makeup. I took one star off because the first wipe in my package had some sort of green spot on it ... bacteria? ... though subsequent wipes were fine.

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location: AZ
would buy again? YES
on 08/04/2015

Works well. Kind of has an oily residue but goes away. It definitely takes care of waterproof make up. I would like there to be more than 30 wipes for the price but I'll still buy them anyway. :-)

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location: VA
would buy again? YES
on 07/29/2015

Really great product, removes make-up and moistures all in one step. I should have ordered more! So I am doing it now! Highly recommend.

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location: NV
would buy again? YES
on 04/20/2015

Amaaaaazing!!! I am SO MAD I didn't try these sooner! They take off Lights Camera Splashes like magic and leave your skin feeling soft and beautiful. No irritation under or in the corners of the eye.

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location: MO
would buy again? YES
on 04/17/2015

These are amazing! They are entirely non-irritating and gently, easily remove mascara and other eye makeup without any tugging. The first package I opened incorrectly, so I had to use a lot of scotch tape (I couldn't figure it out - apparently you peel back the entire top sticker rather than pulling what look like cutout tabs). But even then, I was happy with the purchase. Now that I've opened my second pack successfully, I find they're even better because the wipes retain their moisture.

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location: NH
would buy again? YES
on 03/18/2015

Love this! Works great to remove my make up and makes my skin feel great because of the maracuja oil. I have bought this many times!

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location: BC
would buy again? YES
on 01/27/2015

Love these wipes. They are super soft on the skin, smell great and really get all the make up off. Dual purpose - use them to clean your brushes!

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 01/22/2015

Wow! These are amazing. Ive tried many wipes, but seem to strip my skin. This is marveloussssssss.

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
on 01/05/2015

Just bought these for a stocking stuffer for my daughter, so I gave them a try! I really like how they work. Completely removed my mascara easily. They smell nice too! Now I have to buy some for myself :)

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: NV
would buy again? YES
on 01/05/2015

These remove my eye makeup effortlessly and gently. Leaves my eye area soft and clean. Finally something works to get off my mascara without tugging and pulling. Love these for travel. Great job Tarte!

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 12/24/2014

This product works wonderfully!

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location: CA
would buy again? YES
on 12/22/2014

These wipes are so good! They not only remove makeup from eyes, I also use them to clean my brushes after I apply my makeup. They work very well and leave my brushes clean, soft, and smelling delicious!

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location: NY
would buy again? YES
on 12/10/2014

After using this wipes, your skin is really moisturized. i love the scent too

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location: FL
would buy again? YES
on 12/08/2014

I was sooo excited when I saw Tarte came up with eye makeup remover wipes. They always come up with things as i need them... LOL i was actually in the market for eye wipes when i saw tarte created some. SO of course i had to get these. I love them. they are so gentle and moisturzing. My only complaint is that the sheets are so big. I use half a sheet to remove the makeup of two eyes. I end up having to cut the sheets in half so i dont waste a whole sheet. BUT overall i love them and am soooo happy tarte is making these! :)

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