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lights, camera, flashes™ statement mascara

lights, camera, flashes™ statement mascara

tarte cosmetics lights, camera, flashes™ statement mascara lights, camera, flashes™ statement mascara Take your lashes to the extreme with this ultra-black mascara that lengthens, curls and magnifies for an intensified look proven to increase lash volume by 752% instantly! Category: Cosmetics Product #: 422 $23.00 In Stock
4.5 out of 5 based on 151 ratings


0.31 fl. oz.

Take your lashes to the extreme with this ultra-black mascara that lengthens, curls and magnifies for an intensified look proven to increase lash volume by 752% instantly!

Product Performance: Take your sultry, flashy lashes to the extreme with this amped up, ultra-black mascara that lengthens, curls and magnifies lashes for an intensified look proven to increase lash volume by 752% instantly! Powered by tarte’s proprietary triple black complex, this longwear, vitamin-infused formula emphasizes length and volume while conditioning lashes for a dramatic look that won’t dry out, flake or budge.

The custom-engineered, dual-molded brush boosts even the skinniest lashes for an exaggerated, voluminous look. First, the shorter, denser side of the brush delivers the optimal amount of mascara to volumize and coat each lash perfectly, then the longer, firmer side of the brush lengthens and separates for maximum volume without clumping.

Powered By: Provitamin B5: vitamin B derivative that helps treat and thicken lashes.
Beeswax: a protective barrier between the skin and the environment that has been known to naturally stimulate collagen production.
Mineral pigments: soothe and soften lashes.


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(4.5 of 5, 151 reviews)

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
about 1 week ago

Amazing product. I usually prefer skinny brushes, but this one brush will work wonders on your lashes. Separate, curls, and defines lashes. I will attest that it is even better than Benefit's They're Real.

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location: OR
would buy again? YES
about 1 week, 3 days ago

I just received a deluxe sample of this with the "Be Charmed" lash curler and love how it amped up my lashed! Not the biggest fan of the brush but I will master it the more I use it.

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location: WV
would buy again? YES
about 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Have a full size and deluxe samplefor travel. One of my favorite tarte mascaras. The other is gifted. This one gives moe of a wow factor. The gifted more natural subtle look. Tarte is the BEST!

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location: NY
would buy again? YES
about 3 weeks, 4 days ago

one of the very very very best mascaras i have ever tried!! fell in love with it the moment i used it even though i hate plastic or silicon wands but this one changed my gives volume and intensity and it does a great job curling ur lashes !!!!! the only down side is the price its kind of pricey of a mascara to be honest

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location: AR
would buy again? NO
on 10/23/2014

I got this as a deluxe sample in a kit, and it was entirely okay. It provides volume and some length, but I'm just not a big fan. I do however adore the lights camera lashes mascara. Perhaps that's just because I prefer the fibertypebrush bristled wand to the silicone wand.

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location: IL
would buy again? YES
on 10/03/2014

The lights,camera, flashes mascara is perfect. I really love this mascara. One tip I'd like to leave with everyone the mascara is numbered at the top 1 & 2, 1 is the shorter brush side of the mascara and 2 is slightly longer to help lengthen the look of the lashes. This mascara paired with my lights,camera, flashes black primer is the perfect duo and I don't even need false eyelashes that how good the 2 products work together. Thanks Tarte!

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location: OR
would buy again? YES
on 10/01/2014

This mascara is the best! When you get older, your lashes get sparse and puny. This product is the greatest for volume and curl, PLUS, it's water and sweat proof. LOVE IT!

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location: MT
would buy again? YES
on 09/23/2014

Got it in travel size. I'm going to get myself the regular size for my birthday. I'm loving it. I have no natural curl in my lashes and they are scarce too. This mascara makes me look like I'm wearing fake lashes. The get volume, length, curl and definition. I don't have to keep reapplying to get the desired effect like I would have with other brands. Is also affordable (less than $25). Last for hours and hours. I mean more than 12.

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location: AB
would buy again? YES
on 09/06/2014

My previous fav was the lights camera lashes and I would usually use a primer with it for the best results. I bought a sephora mascara sample pack at Christmas and this mascara was a full size included. It was one of the last I tried and was amazed. It's so much better than the lashes. I think my primer will dry up and get tossed before I need it now because no primer is needed! The mascara is a great black black, and it creates a nice curl, lengthens and makes my lashes fuller. The curl lasts. I love that the brush is a combo of two types of head, although I'm fairly sure I use it backwards from the recommendations. One side applies the mascara and the other side combs and eliminates the clumsiness that may occur. This mascara lasts all day and doesn't flake or smudge. My sister who never understood paying more than $7 for a mascara tried mine and went out and purchased her own. I have repurchased mine already.

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 08/24/2014

I'm usually not a big fan of synthetic brushes, but this is the exception. I like the formula - not clumpy. Cute packaging. Separates my lashes alright. But the Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 is better because it separates my lashes a bit better. Although I wont be repurchasing, this is definitely a great mascara.

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
on 08/17/2014

I find this mascara to give the longest lashes of all the Tarte mascaras I have tried. Takes a little time to get used to the brush but it used properly, it does what it claims to do.

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location: AB
would buy again? YES
on 08/13/2014

Got this as a sample and I would like to buy it! My second fave mascara!

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location: NJ
would buy again? YES
on 08/12/2014

I'm kind of a beginner when it comes to make-up and have only used drug store brands until now. I love the dark color and how long it makes my lashes look. The only thing keeping me from giving it a 10 is that it is hard to take off. No matter what make-up remover I have tried, it never seems to get it all.

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Jessica Danielle

location: HI
would buy again? YES
on 08/10/2014

I decided to try this mascara after all the rave reviews and my sister in law recommended it.. was a little disappointed. The wand picks up a little to much product and doesn't add as much volume as I'd hoped for. It also dries and clumps fairly easily. It does provide nice length however and if I do work quickly enough, I can get my lashes to build volume with a couple coats. Another nice thing is that it doesn't smudge and Gonna try lights, camera, lashes as my lashes tend to better with the fuller wands as opposed to the spikey ones like this one.

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location: GA
would buy again? NO
on 08/05/2014

Ok, I'm in the minority here; I don't like this one. The mascara itself felt ok, not horrible. But the wand has to go. I'm not a fan of how it's got long bristles on one side and short ones on the other. I don't need another step in my makeup routine each morning. That or I'm not coordinated enough to spin the wand perfectly from the short bristles to the long ones on each sweep of my lashes. I'm going back to using the regular Lights, Camera, Lashes.

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