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maracuja rainforest glow instant matte waterproof body perfector

maracuja rainforest glow instant matte waterproof body perfector

tarte cosmetics maracuja rainforest glow instant matte waterproof body perfector maracuja rainforest glow instant matte waterproof body perfector A bronzing, matte, waterproof body perfector naturally formulated to blur the appearance of skin imperfections for a seamless, flawless finish.  426 $39.00 In Stock
4.6 out of 5 based on 52 ratings


5.0 fl. oz.

A bronzing, matte, waterproof body perfector naturally formulated to blur the appearance of skin imperfections for a seamless, flawless finish. 

Product Performance: It’s time to blur away the look of dull, uneven skin tone with tarte’s revolutionary instant matte waterproof body perfector! This award-winning formula imparts healthy, natural-looking color, with a no-fuss, no-wait instant bronze-on-demand that helps blur the look of uneven skin tone, imperfections and varicose veins. Infused with maracuja & rich antioxidants, this quick-drying bronzing lotion brightens and restores skin’s natural luster, so even after you wash it off with soap and water, your skin still feels soft and looks radiant. The creamy, whipped formula and included application mitt guarantee an easy, clean and streak-free tan that won’t budge or transfer throughout the day.

Powered By: maracuja: rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) and vitamin C known to replenish and rebuild for firmer, brighter, smoother, skin and maximum hydration

vitamin A: antioxidant that retains moisture and helps protect against free radical damage

vitamin E: natural preservative that also acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient and antioxidant

mineral pigments: soothe and soften skin


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Overall Rating

(4.6 of 5, 52 reviews)

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location: WI
would buy again? YES
on 08/18/2015

Best body bronzer ever! No bad smell like self tanners.I have lightly tanned skin...this evens it out, covers imperfections well, and adds a shade or two of tan. Love it!!

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location: KY
would buy again? YES
on 08/07/2015

For a quick tan this is a great product. It does rub off and like the bottle says comes off with soap and water. But it is waterproof, it stayed on throughout multiple water rides.

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location: LA
would buy again? YES
on 07/29/2015

I felt like I had to share how AMAZING this product is! I am a fair skinned redhead that cannot tan. I have tried all kinds of high end and low end self tanners. Most are too orange or dark and leave streaks. This comes out of the tube dark, but blends into the skin as a perfect color that looks so natural. I have had absolutely no problems with streaking. It does just as it says and blends all imperfections. It gives me the confidence to wear shorts without looking fake. I love this product! Thank you!

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location: KY
would buy again? YES
on 07/24/2015

Love this stuff!! Blends discoloration, obvious veins, and gives you a perfect glow. Works great if you don't have a tan, and perfects your tan if you have one. It really does stay on all day. I have applied this in the morning, worked in it all day, then worn it through the night to events. It just gives your skin that extra something that makes people wonder how you keep your skin looking so good. People will ask!

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location: VA
would buy again? YES
on 06/29/2015

I used this on my face to cover some veins around the eye area and it works amazing.. I also mix it with my foundation that its to light and it turns out great.. Love it.. Will buy it again

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location: DE
would buy again? YES
on 06/15/2015

This is my third summer using this product and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE can't live without it. A little goes a long way and it looks so good. I sing a in a band at the beach, and this lasts through humidity, and sweating amazingly. I actually loved the bronze that it gives that i started using it on my face as well as my body. I lasts on my face better than any in the summer. And just like on the body it covers enough to make my skin look great!~ Please never stop making this!!!

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location: IA
would buy again? YES
on 06/03/2015

Just got this today and am already obsessed. I was very skeptical about this rubbing off on my clothing, and there is a little bit, but not like any other thing I've ever used. I would NOT recommend wearing with anything white. I got this to cover some tan lines for my wedding, and I plan to do that but my dress is not white. It doesn't rub off in a very obvious way — just makes your clothes look a little bit dingy, and I only noticed it on white. I also applied this over my sunscreen, so it might have rubbed off only because of that.

Anyway, I'm going to run out of this stuff fast, I can tell. A+ Will buy again.

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location: NJ
would buy again? YES
on 05/26/2015

Maureen, This is THE BEST product I have ever used to cover the veins on my long suffering legs! I have a job where I stand 12.5 hours a day, so they veins are not only hurt, but they are VERY unattractive. Therefore, I really appreciate this product! It covers my veins quite amazingly! Not even the stuff out there meant for leg coverage works better than this. I am so very impressed! I will always keep this product on hand, so I can wear dresses that have always eluded me. I have always had to stick to maxi's and long pants. NO MORE! Thanks Maureen from your fellow "Jersey Girl" & fan of your products. 1 more request, as another reviewer requested, could you make this in a larger bottle or tube? I would love to use it on my entire body, but right now, I'm saving it for my legs! ***** LOVE!

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location: OH
would buy again? YES
on 05/08/2015

So so pretty. It looked so dark when I squeezed it out, but it blended beautifully. I am typically darker on my face than my chest/shoulder area, so I like to use it here to keep from having the mismatched head look.

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location: NJ
would buy again? YES
on 01/23/2015

This gives the most natural color and is great to use as a cream bronzer on your face as well. The only problem is I did not wait long enough to let it dry and it rubbed off on my cream blouse =/

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 12/24/2014

You will LOVE this product! Although it is pricey I still feel like it is money well spent. I've used it on my very fair skin and it looks awesome. No streaking, no staining and it does not have an overwhelming scent like other self tanners. I used this product on my wedding day and my skin looked like I had a natural tan, which is not possible. ;)

I've shared this product with my friends that have a darker complexion and they love it too.

This is a must buy if you like to wear skirts/shorts that show of your legs.

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location: WV
would buy again? YES
on 12/12/2014

Helps legs look flawless. Covers imperfections.. Increases confidence!

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location: AR
would buy again? YES
on 11/29/2014

I looooobe this!!! I can't wait to use this on my cruise in a couple months either! Amazing! I have tried other products and this is by far the best I have ever used!

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location: UT
would buy again? YES
on 10/16/2014

I used this on my wedding day. It photographed beautifully, and didn't get all over my wedding dress.

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location: CA
would buy again? YES
on 10/11/2014

I liked this, it has a lovely finish--matte but not flat, still appropriate for use at the office--and lasts all day. But I wish it came in more than one shade. The product has strong pink undertones, which looks very unnatural on my skin.

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