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maracuja oil rollerball

maracuja oil rollerball

tarte cosmetics maracuja oil rollerball maracuja oil rollerball This earth-prescribed treatment oil targets your individual skin concerns and delivers harmony and moisture for firmer, brighter, smoother-looking skin in a travel friendly rollerball. Category: Cosmetics Product #: 371 $17.00 In Stock
4.5 out of 5 based on 138 ratings


0.60 fl. oz.

This earth-prescribed treatment oil targets your individual skin concerns and delivers harmony and moisture for firmer, brighter, smoother-looking skin in a travel friendly rollerball.

Product Performance: Rich in essential fatty acids known to recharge and replenish skin, maracuja oil helps deliver an overall rejuvenated and even-toned complexion while giving the appearance of brighter skin thanks to a high dose of vitamin C. This powerful anti-aging elixir provides instant hydration—quenching dry skin with no greasy or filmy feel.


Known as “puro milagro” or “the pure miracle”, this rare Amazonian fruit is delicately harvested piece by piece. The superfruit is sustainably collected and then the nutrient-rich seeded pulp is extracted from each individual maracuja fruit. This naturally harvested treasure, referred  to as the “alma” or “soul” of the maracuja fruit is then hand pressed without the use of heat to guarantee the maximum amount of nutritious essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Powered By: Maracuja oil: pure maracuja oil has been known to replenish, rebuild and brighten skin. The nutrient-rich essential fatty acids repair & rejuvenate skin for a firmer complexion. The moisture-rich formula replenishes & hydrates skin.


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(4.5 of 5, 138 reviews)

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location: DE
would buy again? YES
about 1 week, 1 day ago

This is my HG product. The rollerball is the most awesome delivery method for small areas like an extra dose under my eyes. My favorite way to use it is with my concealer. It is always with me, have an extra at work, extra in the car and on also on my nightstand. Many nights and days when I'm on call or post-call this has saved me from looking like zombie. Also use it on my cuticles. PLEASE never stop making this. I cannot poosibly live without it.

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location: CA
would buy again? YES
about 2 weeks, 1 day ago

I have oily skin but this absorbs well and actually made my pores look smaller. The rollerball is a problem sometimes but not a big deal. Has a scent that kind of reminds me of playdough.

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
on 12/10/2014

Enjoy this oil very much, especially in the winter. Reasonable price. Lasts a long time.

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 12/09/2014

OH MY GOODNESS! When I say "OMG", I absolutely mean it. I was hesitant to try this product from Tarte out because of the smell, the way people were portraying it to be "SOOOOO bad", but I was needing a new serum anyways because I ran out of mine. I usually use Genifique by Lancome (pricey stuff) and I didn't want to spent $84 on a 1 fl. oz of face serum at the time. I tried this roller ball to see how well I could actually like the product...and OH MY GOODNESS! I can't rave on and on about how much this stuff has saved my skin! It eliminates redness (I have rosacea on my cheeks), dries acne, clears up acne scarring, moisturizes the skin, works as an AMAZING foundation primer, and I can wear it morning and night! I have actually replaced my face moisturizer routine in the morning for JUST wearing this stuff and going straight to cosmetics. For anyone with sensitive, oily, dry, combination skin, irritated surface... THIS STUFF WILL DO SOMETHING FOR YOU! I love love love love LOVE it! I actually just purchased the Amazonian Clay foundation because of how much I love this stuff. It has definitely turned me into a TARTELETTE!

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location: ON
would buy again? YES
on 12/05/2014

I did not experience breakout. I have dry skin, it moisturizes my skin. I like the feel of it when using this rollerball! It is so handy!

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 12/03/2014

This oil is great! I use it as my moisturizer at night and under my makeup!

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location: NY
would buy again? YES
on 11/16/2014

great size for travel and to keep in your makeup bag!

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location: WV
would buy again? YES
on 11/04/2014

I like using this before moisturizer. Extra layer of moisturizer..definitely notice a difference in complexion.Roller adds convenience!

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: IA
would buy again? YES
on 09/22/2014

Just got this love how it makes my face feel easy to use.. it doesn't smell strong.. i can barely smell it which is good.Love tarte products..

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location: TX
would buy again? YES
on 09/16/2014

After years of indoor tanning my skin finally had enough. At 28 my skin started showing wrinkles and dullness. After comparing multiple types of oils I gave maracuja a try and I couldn't be happier! Within a week I noticed improved hydration, clarity, texture, and luminosity to my skin. After a month I noticed my pores getting smaller. I love this oil! Highly recommend giving it a shot even if you have oily skin like I do. The roller ball didn't work well for me but I pulled the ball out and apply with my fingertips.

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location: GA
would buy again? YES
on 08/13/2014

I love how light the oil is. I have a combination skin with constant breakout. I'm hoping that this rollerball would help clear out the acnes but currently I'm just happy how my skin feels so soft in the morning. Only reason I'm giving this 4 star is because the rollerball doesn't seem to work well. It is so hard to control how much the oil comes out and I feel like it constantly gets jammed or something. Should I youtube how to use the rollerball? I'm probably going to buy the bottle instead of the rollerball.

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location: CA
would buy again? YES
on 08/07/2014

In love with this product. After a few weeks of using it, my skin has begun to feel much softer. My only issue is that the rollerball gets jammed and the oil doesn't come out as easily, but other than that it is truly a great product to use on the skin.

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location: BC
would buy again? YES
on 08/05/2014

I ordered the 3 rollerball set and it is wonderful. Awesome for travel and my skin looks great! No more dry irritated skin!

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location: LA
would buy again? YES
on 08/01/2014

I love this rollerball, it's easy to bring around and I feel like I don't have to use as much.

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location: AB
would buy again? YES
on 07/16/2014

This is amazing to use during the harsh winter - my skin literally shrivels up in the dry cold weather we get here, and this makes it soft, smooth and glowing again. I like that it doesn't feel greasy or sticky, and the rollerball makes it really easy to use under my eyes. On the downside though, the rollerball is kind of hard to clean and it does start collecting gunk around the edges after a while...

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