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skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner

skinny smolderEYES™
Amazonian clay waterproof liner

tarte cosmetics skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner A follow up to tarte's best-selling smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner, these are the trimmed down “skinny” version. Not all shades are vegan. Vegan shades are indicated by the vegan symbol above the shade name. 334 $19.00 In Stock
4.4 out of 5 based on 150 ratings


0.04 oz.

A follow up to tarte's best-selling smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner, these are the trimmed down “skinny” version.

Not all shades are vegan. Vegan shades are indicated by the vegan symbol above the shade name.

Product Performance: Create smoldering & sultry eyes or doe eyed & awakened eyes in your color of choice. tarte offers a wide range of gorgeous Amazonian clay infused shades to choose. Simply glide along the upper and lower lash line for smooth rich color definition. Use the built-in smudger to soften the look for better, longer, truer wear.

Powered By: Amazonian clay: Amazonian clay will work to nourish lids, reduce surface oil, and improve overall texture for easy application and better wear.


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Overall Rating

(4.4 of 5, 150 reviews)

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
about 3 weeks, 3 days ago

These liners are the BEST , HANDS DOWN! Outstanding! They apply easy, and smooth and they last all day! There is NOTHING like them on the market, and trust me, I HAVE TRIED THEM ALL! My only issue is that there used to be a MUCH LARGER selection, like 10 colors now there is just 7 !!!! PLEASE bring back SLATE, PLUM, BRONZE, and PURPLE GARNET!

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location: PA
would buy again? YES
about 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Super long lasting and like other reviewers said, I too have sensitive eyes and this product did not irritate them at all!
Its really easy to apply, goes on really smooth and looks great solid and smudged. I have it in brown and can't wait to get the turquoise color!

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location: FL
would buy again? YES
about 4 weeks ago

I love eyeliner, and I am very happy to own these. They are very allergen friendly. They have great pigmentation and color options. They are also great for smudging. They are not waterproof and will bleed throughout the day, so you will have to clean up.

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location: OH
would buy again? YES
on 09/05/2015

Love this eyeliner! It has an amazing staying power and glides on super smooth. I also had a problem with sharpening at first. My sharpener worked fine on other pencils, but I think was not sharp enough for this eyeliner. I bought a new sharpener for about $3 from the drug store and it works WAY better. The only consideration is that it is really hard to remove! I think that's the idea, though :). I haven't tried using remover yet, but with just soap and water, it's hard to get it all off, and if you make a mistake, it can be really frustrating to fix. However, I will definitely be purchasing again!

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location: MA
would buy again? YES
on 08/31/2015

I'm not big on eyeliner, but I got this in the This Year Eye Will kit last spring. I love the consistency of this pencil - it just glides right on! I usually warm my eyeliner for a few seconds with a hair dryer to get it softer, but this is perfect! The smudger is great too! This isn't part of my everyday look though, because it so intense - but it's perfect for a night out!

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location: FL
would buy again? YES
on 08/23/2015

Favorite liners! Soft creamy formula, stays in place and lasts a long time. Can't say enough nice things about them

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location: LA
would buy again? YES
on 08/05/2015

Got this in a 6 piece ( I think) collection last year. The colors are so highly pigmented, last VERY long and don't tug or pull on your eye lids. Can use at the water line. Never have I ever used eyeliners on my water line that didn't make me irritated. Tarte does NOt!

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location: KY
would buy again? YES
on 08/04/2015

I am in love with this eyeliner. I was looking for a bronze color to replace what I used to use and it had been discontinued. It is creamy, easy to apply and smudge. Lasts all day!!!! I will certainly purchase again!! Thanks for such a great product !!!!!

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location: MS
would buy again? YES
on 07/30/2015

Lasts all day without smudging around my constantly watering eyes. Super smooth and easy application. I don't have any trouble getting a line thin enough for me.

Was this review helpful?   Yes!   No


location: OH
would buy again? NO
on 07/29/2015

I tried the skinny version because of the reviews on the regular liners, but even with this it was almost impossible to draw a thin line for every day liner. It also skipped a lot, so you definitely had to use the smudger. This was irritating on days when you just want to throw on some minimal makeup and be out the door quickly. It didn't stay on very long and needed touch ups throughout the day. Even with the Tarte sharpener, the pencil kept breaking and I ended up throwing a lot of it in the trash. I'm going with a liquid eyeliner this time, but still sticking with Tarte.

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location: NC
would buy again? YES
on 06/18/2015

A little of this goes a long way, so a light touch is important! Love the built in smudge stick on the other end of the liner. My only issue is sharpening the liner - it's so soft it's not easy to get a fine point.

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location: CA
would buy again? YES
on 05/01/2015

Great pigmentation and beautiful colors. Glides on easily Morrison pulling on the eyelids. Good staying power through the day.

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location: NJ
would buy again? YES
on 04/16/2015

This eyeliner is by far my favorite, the only eyeliner I use. It glides on smoothly and stays on, perfect for day or night.

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location: BC
would buy again? NO
on 04/05/2015

Agree with April - love the colour and it stays on well but really bleeds so I look like I have racoon eyes after a couple of hours. It's hard to rub off the smudges too.

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location: IL
would buy again? YES
on 03/20/2015

I use to love these. It seems like the formula has changed a bit. Yes it is easy to use and get the smoldering look, However they seem to melt during the day. If I line my eyes and try to keep it tight, by the end of the afternoon it's melted and smudged and I have dark circles under my eyes. I do love their selection of colors.

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