maneater™ lashes

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maneater™ lashes
Best-selling, vegan false eyelashes in a super-sultry #maneater style.

Intense black, fluttery falsies dramatically boost volume & length with lightweight, vegan fibers that blend with your natural lashes for a smoldering effect. The comfort-fit, flexible black band blends with your liner & is made of soft cotton, making them so easy to wear, you’ll want to rock them every day.

Part of the Double Duty Beauty Collection.


For best results, apply with the tarteist™ PRO lash adhesive.

  1. Trim lashes as needed to fit your eye shape.
  2. Apply a small amount of adhesive along the cotton lash band, adding extra glue to each end. Let adhesive rest for 20-30 seconds or until tacky before applying directly to your lashline, starting with the outer corners.
  3. To remove: Gently peel away lashes from the inner corner of each eye. Use an oil-based makeup remover to remove any excess adhesive remaining on your lashline and the false eyelashes so they can be reused.