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WIN IT—Keri Russell’s Natural Beauty Look!


At the NYC premiere of Keri Russell’s new flick “Leaves of Grass”, Tina Turnbow (makeup artist to the stars) gave her a natural beauty look.  What’s even better is that all the products Tina selected give back to the environment. I love that Tina chose natural products from Envision Beauty and tarte; both companies use nature and science to achieve flawless results & each remain socially conscious by contributing proceeds to eco-friendly charities. That being said I thought it was only fair that we treat you to a “spring glow” giveaway. With these products and the guideline below, you’ll be able to recreate this youthful look at home!

Tina prepped Keri’s skin with The Solution by Envision Beauty. Why we love it? Like tarte goodies, The Solution is packed with antioxidants like goji and acai berries, as well as vitamins A, C, E and B5, leaving skin hydrated and smooth. This paraben-free facial moisturizer evened Keri’s skin tone for the perfect makeup application.

For a healthy complexion, Tina turned to tarte’s fuss-free products, “I used a tinted moisturizer and created a peachy-pink cheek.” Tarte’s natural cheek stain in tipsy touts our t5 super fruit complex™ — a proprietary blend of the five most active superfruits: goji, acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate! She used her own Tina Turnbow for tarte limited-edition flower child palette for a soft, smoky charcoal eye. Her final touches included voluminous lashes & a nude lip with a hint of sheen. For more application details head over to

To help get you started with a radiant glow tarte and Envision beauty are giving away The Solution superior facial moisturizer($79) and tipsy natural cheek stain ($30) to 1 lucky winner! From now until April 6th post a comment below telling us why ‘green beauty’ matters to you! Your comment will automatically enter you into the random drawing contest–we can’t wait to hear from you!




My little sister’s getting married.

And I’m getting kissed.

Or maybe not.

Either way, I plan to be prepared.

It’s hard to choose a date to your sister’s wedding when you’re not in a relationship. After all, I don’t want to bring a random guy who may or may not be around in the future. But at the same time, I don’t want to bring a completely platonic buddy. What fun is that?

Then, I came up with the perfect solution: I’ve invited a longtime friend of mine who I’ve always adored – in a 90 percent platonic way. But now I find myself wondering why it’s always been platonic. Is it because the timing has been wrong? Because we live a few hours from each other? Or simply because we’re just not destined to be that kind of friends?

I’ve always thought he’s wonderful. He’s sweet, smart, funny, handsome . . . Why is this not the kind of guy I’m going for normally?

So who knows what will happen. At the very least, we’ll have a great time together, the way that good friends always do. On the other hand, just in case I’ve been crazy all these years placing him in the “just friends” category, let’s just say I’ll be sporting Tarte’s new lip stain, which is totally kiss-proof. (What? I had to test it out!)

Will it come in handy April 17? Maybe. Maybe not.

Either way, my lips will look great, kissed or not. And just in case you were wondering, my new favorite cheek stain? Amusingly, it’s Blushing Bride. Not that I’m getting any ideas. I’m still as commitment-phobic as ever.

Or maybe I’m just choosing the wrong guys.

At least I have the right lip stain. That’s a start. I can commit to that.



Ooh La Lux…For Less!!

After a 3 year stint working for a jeweler, I’ve accumulated some decent knowledge when it comes to gems. Size, cut, color–I’ve got it down. Basket, channel, pavè…check.  I really appreciate the importance & sentiment behind fine jewelry, but I also know that mixing fine and costume is a must! Fabulous statement pieces can cost a pretty penny (and well worth the splurge on occasion) but a great rule of thumb is: if it’s a trend or only going to be worn a few times, then go for costume. Just yesterday while flipping through the pages of one of my favorite mags, People Style Watch, I was reminded of my rule. It’s a great lesson & I thought I’d should share my story…

 Former jewelry publicist Carol Brodie knows her gems & used her passion to launch her own line Rarities on HSN. She has created some knockout pieces all of which I would LOVE to own. This beauty (who is also a tarte fan) often reminds me of a gal worthy of her own “Sex and The City” character.  I often ogle over her collection and I recently fell in love with this incredible pair of turquoise and diamond earrings– $849 or 4 easy payments of $212.47. I’ve been having this internal battle of whether or not I would splurge–they are unique, real & would be a nice, hard-earned present to myself. The question that put on the breaks…After spring/summer when would I really wear these? I closed my web browser and left the idea in the dust (slightly heartbroken).

This leads me back to last night when I was reading PSW. My Carol Brodie turq earrings dream came true—sort of. I’d like to think Michelle Trachtenberg and I have similar taste since we both have a love for turquoise! Her $60 Kendra Scott jewels are strikingly similar to the real deal & with an extra 25% off at Max & Chloe: CHA-CHING!

So my perfect COSTUME jewels are on their way. Since I won’t be wearing them year round (prob like 5 months), they are totally worth the price!



Putty Polish!

It’s a gorgeous day in NYC and tomorrow marks the first day of Spring—finally! That being said, we want to be sure to update you on all the hottest trends of the season. We have already encouraged you to embrace floral attire, tarte’s new gel lip stains have become an instant hit & next up is the spring polish du jour—opaque putty!

 This spring the beautifully edgy shades of putty, mauve, gray, mushroom (take your pick)are the perfect complement to any outfit & skin tone. The look first caught my eye when MAC launched its Hello Kitty collection last year including the original lacquer ‘On The Prowl’. Although gray is often a dismal shade, this spring it’s the perfect contemporary twist to played out pastels. The trend covers a nice range of mushroom hues & was catapulted into the ultimate must-have when Chanel creative genius, Peter Phillips, launched his mauvey-manicure on the fashion house’s spring 2010 runway.  The color, appropriately named Particulière, flew off their counter as soon as it was put out. An instant Chanel sell out, are we not surprised?

This brings me to my latest putty-licious find, Deborah Lippmann’s Waking Up In Vegas! The name says it all for this cloudy gray hue & celeb manicurist Deborah Lippmann knows her stuff when it comes to crafting the ‘it’ color for the most fashion-forward hands. An extra bonus—her polishes are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene & Dibutyl Phthalates!

Check out my Vlog to the right for more info and swatches!




Recently, my friend Jen Schefft, whom you may remember from ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” called to ask if I wanted to throw a party with her in Orlando. Little Black Dress Wines (my favorite wine brands – and the sponsor of my 2009 book tour) was sending Jen around the country to promote the concept of a closet swap party, a great opportunity to be stylish, frugal and charitable. The idea is to clean out your closet, encourage friends to do the same, get together to “shop” each other’s used clothes, and give the remainder – plus a $5 donation per guest — to a local charity.

“Clothes . . . fashion . . . wine . . . helping people . . . and an excuse to throw a party?” I replied. “Um . . .YES!!”

It was a no-brainer — as was calling on my friend Suzanne Bonham, the founder and CEO of my favorite restaurant, Urban Flats. I asked her if she’d want to host the party at one of her Orlando locations. She agreed without hesitation.

As the plans for the party came together, it got me thinking. Why aren’t we all doing more of this? It doesn’t take a lot to help others – just a little time and creativity. So why not have your own closet swap party? Or have your friends over for a makeover night and ask everyone to bring a donation? Or instead of hitting the movie theater, have your girlfriends over for chick flicks, popcorn and wine, and have them donate the $10 they would have spent on a movie ticket to your favorite charity instead?

The options are endless — as is your ability to have fun while doing good! Remember, it’s chic to be kind!



One-of-a-kind Beauty!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! On this “green” holiday, we wanted to celebrate some rare beauties: Redheads! Did you know that only 4% of the population consists of true redheads? Whether strawberry or deep auburn, you’re quite a unique bunch. Red hair genes are often associated with creamy skin and freckles. We realize just because your locks are red that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Irish, but for those that are—today, let’s embrace it!  Hair color, like eye color, has an impact on what makeup shades work best for you. This morning I consulted with tarte’s CEO Maureen Kelly (a true, fiery-redheaded beauty) & our tarte beauty gurus for some tips.

  • Complexion- If you have freckles, don’t try to cover them! Use a foundation to even out your skin tone, not cover up. Trying to mask freckles can often make your skin look dingy. Use a tinted moisturizer like smooth operator for an optimal base and follow up by lightly dusting with park ave princess mineral bronzer to warm up your look.
  • Cheeks- Avoid pink bases. Redheads look the best in peaches and corals. Some natural cheek stain suggestions: blissful, eco cheek, green siren or Maureen’s favorite, tipsy.
  • Eyes- Keep your ‘Irish eyes smiling’ with warm colors in coppers, browns, honeys and bronzes. Grays and blues are not for you. If you want a pop of color khaki’s and plums are the perfect shade for lining.
  • Lips- Reach for lippies in coral or blush shades with gold undertones.  Our faves for your pout are LipSurgence ™ natural lip stains in joy and enchanted and/or vitamin infused glosses in liquid sunshine & 40 winks—totally kissable!


We hope these tips and selections are perfect for you. As you can see in our montage above they work wonders on both Maureen & Hollywood’s Redheads!



“Confessions of a “Glamorous” Author — and A Chance to Win an Autographed Book!”

A few years ago, just after my second novel came out, I agreed to meet with an aspiring writer who wanted to pick my brain. I walked inside the restaurant to find her regarding me with a puzzled expression.

“Was that you that just pulled up?” she asked, glancing outside at my car.

“Um, yes,” I replied.

“But . . . what is that?”

“My car? A Toyota Corolla.”

She looked positively baffled. “But why are you driving it?” she asked after a pause. “Aren’t you, like, a millionaire?”

Er . . . no.

Yes, I have six novels out. Yes, they’ve been translated into numerous languages. And yes, I do okay.

But the truth is, I count myself lucky just to be able to make a living by writing. Like most novelists, my bank account doesn’t quite resemble that of J.K. Rowling or Dan Brown!

People assume that being an author is a glamorous job too – and often it is. I’ve been to Super Bowls, appeared on numerous national TV shows and have hung with many celebs. On the other hand, my “office” is my tiny kitchen nook, where I watch Law & Order reruns while emailing. Not so glam!

I’m also a normal girl on a budget – which is a weird predicament to be in when I’m preparing for a national TV appearance, without the funds to hire a professional makeup artist.

That’s why I’m so thankful for Tarte. Everything in the natural line is simple to use and looks great. It has saved me time and time again!

Kristin on The Daily Buzz–wearing all tarte makeup!

For a chance to win an autographed copy of one of my novels, visit, then leave a comment on this blog telling me which book you think you’d like best, and why. Contest ends at midnight EST on 3/17.



Hello, Sweetheart

As the stars walked the Red Carpet some looks were right on and others, well…. not so much.  Three of my favorite dresses were all different with one common thread: the ultra-feminine, sweetheart neckline.  This super-girly cut really shows off your collar bones & in my opinion, collar bones are sexy (notice there’s no need for necklaces with these gowns)!  Now I know Miley Cyrus received some “flack” for her champagne Jenny Packham gown, but this young & fresh number is just perfect for her. Let’s be honest, if any of us could wear it, we would–she looked incredible! On the other end of the color spectrum was Carey Mulligan’s Swarovski-encrusted Prada gown. The sweetheart neckline is perfectly complimented by her pixie cut and chandelier earrings. Essentially, the look is girly meets edgy. My personal favorite who got it all right: Rachel McAdams. She had me at The Notebook and this look is a far cry from her breakout role in Mean Girls. Her makeup is  impeccable & her watercolor-organza Elie Saab gown is just incredibly romantic and whimsical.  Who were your favorites?



Oscar Beauty

It was Hollywood’s biggest night & this self-proclaimed fashion junkie nearly had a meltdown when channel 7 vanished right before my eyes. The mere thought of missing Barbara Walters’ Special, the Red Carpet & main event was the trifecta of nightmares (a special thanks to E! for keeping me sane). After hunting (for what seemed like an eternity) for an online live stream (with no luck) someone came to their senses and ABC was back—I think fireworks went off in my living room.

As I settled down in sheer bliss to see my favorite stars strut their stuff, I started my critique…love it, hate it! I’ll share my favorite dress trend in my next post so please stay tuned, but I wanted to first talk about the beauty looks. Let’s face it; these girls would look gorgeous even if they were wearing paper bags. Two refreshing red carpet trends: natural, dewey makeup and pop color pouts.

My favorite creamy & flawless faces were Anna Kendrick, Amanda Seyfried and Zoe Saldana. There’s no better look for these young ladies than radiant skin that reveals their natural beauty. Don’t mean to brag, but Anna was rocking some of my favorite tarte products. After makeup artist Sara Glick prepped her with Arcona’s Magic White Ice hydrating gel, she then topped Anna’s cheeks with tarte’s natural cheek stain in eco-cheek for the perfect flush. For her pretty pink pout, she used a combo of LipSurgence™ natural gel lip stain in charmed & double-ended lipgloss in jake & samantha to enhance her perfect smile! We loved it…your thoughts?

I love a neutral face, but I also admire a pop color pout. Red, Coral, Fuschia whatever your pick—I love them all. I have been experimenting with this look for a few months now (ever since I had our first LipSurgence™ samples in my hand) and I think it’s best paired with a subtle eye (I like lock & roll in rose gold & a thin cat eye with indelible wink liner in black). It’s important to keep the concentration on the lips and play down the rest; this is the Oscar’s not an 80’s concert. Most importantly, when playing with colors have fun & be confident! My go-to lippies for this are tarte’s LipSurgence™ lip stains in amused and lust. Be honest, would you try this?

Stay tuned for more Oscar coverage :)



And the Oscar Goes to…

Sunday night is the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and we can’t wait to tune in! Between the dresses, makeup, hair & actual entertainment we can’t get enough of the incredible talent. If you haven’t already, check out my vlog on our party treats (this page over to the right on “tarte TV”) I will be serving guests Oscar cookies from Eleni’s and some champagne (for those 21+). Obviously, I didn’t want to leave our favorite tarte fans out in all the glamour fun, so I am also hosting a weekend long contest for a very coveted tarte product that’s certainly award worthy!! Here are the details:

  • Comment below or on our Facebook page your guess for the winner of Best Actress, Best Actor & this mystery tarte prize by 3/7 (5pm PST/8pm EST).
  • If you guess all three correct before the show, then you enter yourself into a random drawing for the mystery tarte prize.
  • P.S. GOOD LUCK!! This product is not available anywhere and is never coming back ;)