Summertime means a lot of things: rooftop parties, lazy afternoons on the front porch, beach weekends… and concerts. What’s better than a warm night spent rocking out to your favorite artists performing live?

Of course, what you’ll wear to all those great summer shows is key — go for style, comfort and rock-ability. Skinny jeans and a v-neck tee are classic concert staples; just make sure you dress them up with a funky accessory or two. Toss on a great vest, some bold jewelry, black liner, and voila – rocker-ready.


Of course, you could also dress up a bit. This blogger’s go-to concert look is “hipster” – you can’t go wrong with a floaty skirt paired with a classic rock tee, or a black minidress, and boots.

There you have it! Cute and easy concert attire that won’t hinder any fist-pumping, head-banging, or stage-diving.