Most of us associate summertime with lazy weekends, laid-back outdoor get-togethers and wearing flip-flops 24-7 – or at least during waking hours. Summer is also synonymous  with our favorite past time — the BBQ.  This year we challenge you to take it up a notch.

This 4th of July, don’t just grill, make it an extraordinary event to remember. Choose a theme and party on in serious style.

Old School Clam Bake

Not in the mood for hot dogs and beer? Add a pinch of panache to your 4th by shelving the grill and hosting a clam bake.  And don’t worry; you don’t have to dig the clams.

1. Boat Shoes are Encouraged. You may have never been to Nantucket or actually seen a yacht in person, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it. Salmon colored shorts, pale green tennis skirts and anything by Lilly Pulitzer will do. Topsiders and pearls are a must.

2. Shaken not stirred. Martinis may not seem like summer fair, but they are certainly a New England staple. Serve them up with a twist of fruit to add a little splash of summer spice.

3. Make Your Intentions Clear. Design a clambake primer that outlines the meal — menu cards are the height of outdoor dining sophistication.

The perfect lip: The lovely ladies of the North East are know for being cool, collected and demure — choose a subtle, matte shade for the occasion. Our LipSurgence™ matte lip tint in lucky is the perfect hue.


‘80s Flashback  Fête

It’s basically a rule: no one under the age of 40 can resist an ’80s dance party.  This 4th we suggest you shake up your tribute to the red, white and blue by going retro.

1. Colored Shades. We don’t care if you live in Seattle and haven’t seen the sun in months – sunglasses are a must. Buy a bunch of cheap sunnies in neon frames and hand them out. They’ll set the tone and your guests will love (and keep) them. Bonus points if you can score some brightly colored slap bracelets too.

2. Screen the ClassicsSplash, Pretty in Pink, Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club…it’s hard to top ‘80s movies. Pay homage to those film gems by setting up a projector and playing them against a wall in the background.

3. Pump Up The Volume. It goes without saying that the playlist is key. Create the ultimate dance party mix with the top 10 hits from each year of the “Me” generation. Trust us, everyone knows the words to Cruel Summer and Livin’ on A Prayer.

The perfect lip:  Frosted colors were king 30 years ago, go shimmery with pouty, our berry LipSurgence™ lip luster.



Uptown Grill

You are a true fashionsita; you can dress up any outfit and any event. Take your BBQ to next level-chic with these simple steps.

1. Stress the Dress Code. Make those pants fancy by requiring formal attire. Having your attendees wear dapper duds will instantly change the party’s atmosphere — transforming your cookout to a high-class fête.

2. Severe a Signature Cocktail. Toast summer reveling with your own unique  concoction. Choose a little-known but tasty booze as the primary ingredient. We suggest something from France.

3. Make Them Dance. And not just drunken, arm flailing dancing, but an organized slow dance to a classic tune like Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.

The perfect lip: Go glam with a classic red pout.  Try our LipSurgence™ matte lip tint in firey.



Hawaii Five-O

Longing for a tropical escape, but live miles a way from paradise? Create a fun, colorful island soirée in your own backyard.

1. Accessorize with food. Use coconuts as drinking glasses and have bright colored fruit, like watermelons and pineapples, scattered all over. They’re yummy and pretty.

2. Require Participation. Have all guests email you their favorite summer songs before the event for the ultimate playlist.

3. Bring on the Beach. Fill up the baby pools and make sure you’ve got plenty of beach balls on hand.  Have a couple bottles of SPF lying around because nothing screams ‘beach party’ like the smell of sun tan lotion. You may want to suggest that guests wear swimsuits under their stars & stripes get ups.

 The perfect lip:  Keep your mood and look bright and sweet with a pop of pink — pick up our LipSurgence™ lip tint amused.