One of our favorite rock & roll divas, Kim Schifino (the female half of the indie dance duo Matt & Kim) is a fearless, stylish and hilarious tartelette! Check out #MKrealtalk to see what we mean. She also lives by a cruelty-free philosophy, so when it came time to plan Matt & Kim’s Fall 2012 Lightning Tour, the duo arranged to host that city’s no-kill animal shelter in the concert venue’s lobby. This gave concert-goers the opportunity to learn how they can help keep their community a no-kill area. We’re very proud to call her a tartelette — but not too proud to snoop through her holiday gift list!

Clockwise from the top left:

aqua-gel eyeliner; “This eyeliner is amazing.  It goes on super easy, which is nice because I’m always rushing, and if your liner doesn’t go on smoothly, you’re going to tear up that eye!  I’ve done it and let me tell you, it isn’t pretty.”

Lightning; “Ok, so I do think everyone should receive our album LIGHTNING for a x-mas gift.  I am really proud of this album and listen to it a bit excessively.  I actually told Matt today that it is now the only thing I work out too. I just really want everyone to hear it.”

ms. sunshine kabuki bronzer brush: “I am always a fan of brushes as gifts because — let’s be honest — no one cleans their brushes.  Over time they get all nasty.  How many times have you dropped that brush on the bathroom floor?  I say new brushes for the new year!”

Gilt gift card;”When you don’t know what to get someone, get them a gift certificate.  I do most of my shopping on Gilt and I’d be stoked to get one — then I wouldn’t feel so guilty with all my purchases.”

AllSaints conical tee; “I love AllSaints.  I wear a lot of their clothes on stage.  This top is going to be my next purchase.  It’s nice because it’s the type of top you can dress up or down and when you’re on tour for 7 weeks at a time, you need something versatile like that.”

NYC subway map mug; “This isn’t on my list because I’ve already bought it for myself.  I picked it up when I went to the Transit museum in New York City.  If you haven’t made it to the transit museum you need to check it out — it’s pretty amazing to find out how complex the subway system is, and to sit in some of the first subway cars is crazy!”

Kate Spade’s Carlisle Street Stacy wallet; “I really want this!  I’ve tried multiple times to drop hints to Matt that I need this black and white polka dotted wallet.  We’ll see if he catches on.  But it’s got it all.  It’s black and white and it has polka dots.  Is it sad that that is my definition of  ‘it’s got it all!’ ?”

So tartelettes, what do you want for the holidays?