An award-winning comedian and writer, Sara Benincasa has a natural talent for eliciting laughter and accolades. We first fell in love with her through her book Agorafabulous! Dispatches From My Bedroom, a personal and touching account of her battle with agoraphobia — it’s also “freaking hilarious” according to

We were curious to see what this witty lady would be giving and getting this holiday. She graciously gave us a peek.

Clockwise from the top left:

 Winter Cardinal art print: “This print will look awesome hanging in your home or office year-round. It’s made by a totally cool artist who designs lots of rock and roll posters for your favorite musicians. I feel a sense of calm and quiet just looking at it.”

the buffer airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush: “Using this brush to apply foundation is like having someone photoshop your face, everyday, in real life.”

 the bright side double-ended brightener: “I think eye brighteners are some kind of magic invented by good witches to make our faces look fabulous. A good eye-brightener can wake your entire face up and make the difference between a look that’s fresh and a look that’s tired.”Kathy Griffin: Suckin’ It For the Holidays CD: “The cover alone is reason enough for me to buy Kathy Griffin’s holiday CD. She’s funny, she’s fabulous, and that body — wowza!”

Velvet Ikat Clarissa dining chair: ” If someone bought this chair for me, I would immediately a.) marry the person b.) make him/her my best friend or c.) choreograph an interpretive dance in the person’s honor. It’s so colorful and weird and borderline ugly in that fantastic wonderful way.”

Aether ring: How cool is this funky ring? It looks like something a princess would wear in Ancient Greece. Or, you know, to your office holiday party.

multiplEYE™ lash enhancing liquid liner: Want to rock Adele’s 1960’s-inspired look? Or perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more classic: those gorgeous Cleopatra eyes. Get this fabulous liquid liner and go wild with creativity.

What’s on your holiday gift list?