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A musician, artist and new mother, with the release of her new Holiday album, “White Christmas“, Brooke’s proved she’s the real deal and a true talent. The songstress took a few minutes to sit down and discuss music, motherhood and the Holidays with us.

tarte talk: My favorite holiday album from my childhood  is “A Very Special Christmas”, what’s yours? And, how did it inspire “White Christmas”? 

Brooke White: The “Carpenter’s Christmas Portrait’! Not only is it my favorite Christmas album, it’s one of my favorite records of all time! I lived in one of those families where we listened to Christmas music all year long. A close second would be “Charlie Brown Christmas” by Vince Guaraldi and, of course, “The Beach Boys Christmas” is also a staple. These all really set the bar for me, I knew I wouldn’t be able to duplicate the elaborate productions and string arrangements like the Carpenters, but I was inspired when it came to creating harmonies and vocal arrangements, which was probably my favorite part of the recording of this record.



What are some family traditions that you grew up with? What are some you’ve started with your own family?

Beyond being obsessed with Christmas music, my family was all about REAL trees! We never owned a fake tree, and for the last several years we would go to the forest up in Northern Arizona and chop down our very own tree. Then we would bring it home and decorate it. Such a happy time! In my own little family we really love to drive around and look at Christmas lights. The last few years my husband and I started to make cookies together and deliver them to neighbors. Now that we have our baby girl, we are really looking forward to the holidays with her and starting more traditions!


You’re a craft lady, are you doing any DIY projects this Holiday?

Yes I am! I recently created these enormous prints of these pinecones that I photographed. Art was my first love, so I am working on a series of holiday inspired art to hang on my walls during the season. I will be posting them all on my blog soon! I also bought loads of amazing fabric in shades of greens and reds to cover pillows. ‘Tis the season to craft! I have more ideas then I have time for.

With the holidays right around the corner, what’s the secret to looking GLAM and where do we start?

The secret is to one, keep the stress of the holidays in check! Don’t forget to breath and try to SMILE. Because a real smile is seriously the prettiest — it radiates the spirit of the season. But then there are the parties and that means that we get to bump it up a little in the makeup department with maybe a shimmery eyeshadow, or a really dramatic red on the lips. Try glamazon™ pure performance 12-hour lipstick in fierce! And for hair, just sweeping it up in an effortless — but  not overly styled — bun, so the focus is on the face.

We consider you a lovely natural beauty but what does natural beauty mean to you?

Thank you!! To me, natural beauty really radiates from a happy person! Someone who is comfortable with who they are, and has an subtle inner confidence that isn’t too cool for school. It isn’t trying to hard to be something they aren’t, but someone who is authentic. Natural beauty is accepting and loving what you have and making the most of it!

Give us one word to describe your relationship to nature.



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