What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a set of DIY bright marbled shot glasses and makeup brushes to match? tarte’s DIY authority, Erica,  show’s you how to incorporate beautiful design, creative ingenuity and the festive spirit in this bright and fun tutorial!

About a month ago a few tarte team members went to Italy for a trade show and they brought back these beautiful handmade sheets of marbled paper. The natural waves and swirls of bright color really inspired me, making me want to try  a DIY marbling project. I’ve done water marbling manicures with nail polish in the past and figured, why not try it on my tarte brush handles and then experiment with some glassware? A quick search online and I found a few blogs that had the same idea with incredible results —  I just had to try it out!



What you need:
• glasses (ones with a flat bottom are best)
• tarte makeup brushes
• nail polish (some work better then others, try out a few different brands)
• a small container/ bowl of room temperature water (use something disposable or one you don’t mind getting nail polish all over, it can’t be used for food after)
• toothpicks
• painters tape
• nail polish remover (use with cotton swabs or pads for mistakes or clean up)
• clear polish


To begin, start by taping off your glasses or brushes for a clean edge. For some I chose not to tape them so there was a raw edge to the marbling.


Open all your nail polish bottles so they are ready to use. Take your container of water and begin to drip a few drops of nail polish into the water, stayingclose to the surface. The nail polish will spread into a thin layer on top of your water. Then just layer your nail polish colors one on top of the other.

You’ll need to work quickly because the nail polish will start to harden .Take a toothpick and swirl it through the polish to create the marbled effect.


Take your taped up (or not!) glass or brush and dip it into the bowl at an angle so the marbling won’t break apart. Then pull it out and turn it upside down to let it dry. Before marbling the next glass or brush, take a clean toothpick and sweep up any excess polish from the water. After your marbled item is dry apply a coat of clear nail polish to the area to seal it and let it dry. Finally remove the tape and use a cotton swab with nail polish remover to clean up the edges. It might take you several tries to get the hang of it but if you don’t like your results just remove them with nail polish remover and try again. Wash your glasses before using them and remember to only hand wash them. You can use your glasses to celebrate, store your makeup brushes or even as a vase!

Have fun and enjoy your May!

xo, Erica