One thing we can say for sure, thank goodness selecting the winner for our Mother’s Day giveaway contest was random – otherwise, there’s no way we could have made a choice. Hundreds of you sent in beautifully written, endearing essays describing the strength and beauty of your mothers — we were honored just to read them. And while Viky P. from Tempe, AZ, was chosen as a winner randomly, her essay was so touching, we asked if we could publish it on our blog:

“My mommy! The woman who is always there for me.” – Viky


I would like to tell you a few things about my mom, Mon Sok.  She is my rock. She is truly inspirational — despite all odds, she has maintained a positive outlook on life. She came to America in 1980 as a refugee after the Vietnam war. She came from Cambodia not speaking a word of English to seek a better life. She is the American Dream. I look up to my mom. She has inspired me, and showed me that anything is possible with lots of hard work and dedication. Despite all her obstacles she has provided my sister and me a loving home and has supported us. I love my mom with my whole heart because she is the one person who provides me with the best advice and is always by my side. 

 8 years ago, she was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. My sister and I wanted to donate our kidneys to her, but unfortunately were not able to because she has O+ blood type and we both have B+ like our dad. She has gone through several surgeries that have been able to extend her life. After all her health problems, she fights everyday to show us there is more to life. She loves to see her grandkids grow up. She wants to see them graduate and get married. 

 I must say that I am grateful to let you get to know her, too. I am thankful to have her in my life and my kids’ lives. She has provided me with a solid upbringing and has been a positive influence in my life. 

 Thanks for letting me share,


 Viky P.