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Pay It Fashion Forward

On Tuesday night tarte had the honor of being a part of Fashion Delivers’ Pay It Fashion Forward event. If you haven’t heard of Fashion Delivers, it is a non-profit charitable foundation that was created to help Hurricane Katrina victims. Fashion Deliver’s mission is to mobilize the fashion community to reach out and affect the world through their donations. These donations provide relief and dignity to women, men, families and survivors of natural disasters. Since Katrina the organization has continued its admirable philanthropy and the fashion community has donated over $65 million dollars to natural disaster victims. Once a year Fashion Delivers host a Pay It Fashion Forward event to raise money for the freight costs for the delivery of goods.

This year Fashion Delivers concentrated its efforts on Haiti relief.  Hosted by HBO stars Brian Greenberg and Emmanuelle Chriqui, Pay It Fashion Forward honored industry leaders who have had positive influences on their communities and environment at the Lucky Strike lanes in NYC. One of the event sponsors,                  

Forever21, was kind enough to bring tarte’s artistry team on board to create the beauty looks for the fashion show, which took place during the event. The tarte team had a blast and loved every second of being part of such a great cause. All of the event proceeds will subsidize the shipping costs of the $25 million dollars worth of product collected for Haiti!

We hope you enjoy our pictures & if you are in the NYC area next year you can purchase tickets for the event at Fashion Deliver’s website ( Please check out our video on tarte TV for clips from the fun-filled evening!



Dress for Sucess

This year I have decided to commit a portion of my extra time to helping those in need. I am currently looking into different organizations and charities that I can work with in the Tri-State area. One cause that I am familiar with from the past is Dress For Success. This organization helps disadvantaged women gain economic independence by preparing them for reentry into the workforce by providing work attire and career development skills.
-heather r

Birthday Gifts

~Last week was my birthday and I got some really great gifts!! Greg gave me this grey Tod’s bag that I’ve been obsessing about for the past 2 months. And the wonderful girls here at tarte got me a gift certificate to my favorite place: Pottery Barn!! I’ve had my eye on this big, red trunk that can also double as a coffee table. I can’t wait to get it!! -candace

january 2007

~Brrrr…I just got back from Sundance! It was so much fun (and a lot of hard work!). We were part of a gifting suite (The Green House) and we met a lot of cool people (and of course, there were some celeb sightings). While Greg & I were walking down Main Street in our new, warm Moncler jackets we spotted: Anthony Hopkins, Christian Slater, Tara Reid, Nick Cannon, Kyra Sedgwick, Scott Speedman, Jamie Kennedy…..We also picked up some really cool shirts from The Secession.We didn’t get a chance to hit the slopes or catch some movies, but I did get a glimpse of Justin Timberlake! That counts for something! -candace

~So, even though I got back from my honeymoon not that long ago, it just kills me to not have a vacation to look forward to. I decided I had to plan something even if it was a while from now…so this morning I just booked a spontaneous trip to Mexico in May! I’ve heard so many good things about The Royal Hideaway Hotel and it’s an all-inclusive so now we don’t have to worry about anything—we can just show up and eat endless burritos & margaritas. This may be the highlight of Phil’s year since he loves Mexican food more than anything else. Four months to go until we’re luxuriating in the Riviera Maya…yay! -alexis
~While I’m craving a perfect dinner date I should follow that up with the perfect dessert! What could be better than going to NYC’s famed Serendipity for The Grand Opulence Sundae? I know. It sounds crazy $1,000 for an ice cream sundae? But, The Golden Opulence Sundae is the “World’s most expensive sundae”, and was created to celebrate Serendipity’s 50th Anniversay last year. Made with 5 scoops of the richest Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla and covered in 23K edible gold leaf, the sundae is drizzled with the world’s most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porceleana, and covered with chunks of rare Chuao chocolate. The masterpiece is suffused with exotic candied fruits from Paris, gold dragets, truffles and Marzipan Cherries. It is topped with a tiny glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar, an exclusive dessert caviar that’s sweetened and infused with fresh passion fruit, orange and Armagnac. The sundae is served in a Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet with an 18K gold spoon!-jasen
~This weekend Greg and I decided to add a little culture to our lives…so, we headed to the MET!! The Cézanne to Picasso: Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde exhibit was amazing! It ended on Sunday, so we were just in time to check out all of the fun paintings! I’d have to say besides being obsessed with everything Egyptian (it dates back to a Mummy I saw in 4th grade at the Museum of Science), I really enjoyed the Nan Kempner: American Chic exhibit!! The clothes are just beautiful…there’s a reason she was the most renowned members of the Best-Dressed List’s Hall of Fame! There were so many Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and Chanel pieces! If you’re a fashionista, I urge you to check it out!! -candace

february 2006


~So Phil went to the
NY Comic Convention at the Javits Center this weekend and he came back with a new friend for me. His name is Mister Toast. I don’t know much about the artist who draws him or about his whole comic “world’ yet, but he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m having fun looking at the other characters on the website…how cute is the guy called Shaky Bacon? Anyway, I love when Phil brings home fun toys for me…just one of the perks of being with a toy/graphic designer. However, between my perfume obsession and his toy obsession, our apartment is overrun. But it’s still pretty funny to see Apocalypse from X-Men and a bottle of Guerlain perfume happily co-existing on a shelf. -alexis

~OK, I’ll admit it—I LOVE
American Idol! I wish it were on a little later because I always miss the first half! I already have some favs…Lisa, Paris, Katharine, Melissa, Ace, Elliott…. I think I have some idea of who will get the boot tonight (but I don’t want to jinx it). I should probably vote, but I leave that to my mom and aunt who do it for everyone! I’m not kidding you can’t call my parent’s house during the show. Not only do I like to watch the show, but I like to sing along! And, unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with a good voice, but I still belt out the songs. Last season, my best friend Lori and I would sing our little hearts out. Hmm, wonder how our neighbors didn’t tell us to shut up! Ha. And could someone please tell Randy to knock off that “dog pound” thing, does it annoy anyone else? Anyhow, I’m excited to see it tonight! -candace

~I had a busy 3 day weekend – dinner out, broadway show, etc. But the highlight of it was Saturday morning… my boyfriend was flipping through the channels and stopped on a random cartoon. And I thought to myself, “They don’t make cartoons like Bugs Bunny anymore.” Then I remembered that while Christmas shopping for my brother this year, I picked up an extra
Looney Tunes DVD for myself! So I spent all of Saturday morning watching Bugs Bunny and loved every minute! The only thing that could have made it better would be breakfast in bed… -heather

~Oh how I love 3 day weekends! This past weekend was especially fun – I did some relaxing, some good eating and had some old school fun. On Saturday I went to see
Eight Below with Rich because we are both huge dog lovers – it was such a sweet movie, but still very sad. Basically I cried for an hour and a half straight and probably frightened all the kids sitting around us. Then yesterday Rich, my brother and I took my nieces and nephew to Sportstime – an arcade/ carnival games/ pool hall…you get the idea! I had such a good time pretending to be a kid again! What made the day even better was getting to play my favorite game in the world – air hockey. I tied Rich and beat my nephew…yea, he’s 8 but so what, I still won! -maria
~So 3 weeks from today at this time, Phil and I will be on a plane to Florida to visit Pam (his sister), Anthony & Mya (our niece). I am SO excited—not just because it’s warm down there, but also because we get to have some nice QT with the family and be on vacation…nothing better than that. We haven’t seen Mya since October so I can’t wait to see how big she’s gotten. Another big plus of the trip—we’re going to

Disneyworld!! I haven’t been in a million years and I’m seriously dying to re-experience Space Mountain. Mya’s too young to really get the whole thing so she’ll mostly be watching from the sidelines with her mom…but luckily, my second favorite ride is Dumbo (not kidding)—so maybe she can go flying with her aunt-to-be and a friendly elephant. -alexis

~I am so excited for my upcoming trip to Playa de Carmen, Mexico! One month to go! I’ll have six days in the sun and sand, and most importantly…warmth!!!!!!! Larry and I will snorkel, swim, kayak, and drink quite a few pina coladas! Ok fine, I’ll be the one drinking the pina coladas. Larry is not the fruity drink kind of guy. After the two feet of snow we got, I’m more excited than ever for my trip! -nicole
2/14/06 ~happy valentine’s day! xo

~For all of you real perfume fanatics out there (especially you Alexis), I found the best site: OMG—it’s amazing. They offer those rare perfumes that you just can’t find anywhere!! The site is sooo easy to use—you can look for that certain scent you’ve been craving or check out the latest from your favorite brand. And, if you can’t decide what to buy, you can order $2-3 sample vials. Next time I’m in LA, I’m so checking out their new store. Oh, I’d be like a kid in a candy store! The Ultimate Vanilla Collection looks divine! But, Eau de Menthe by HEELEY would be ideal for summer. Hmmm….now what to buy…or what my Valentine could buy me. Hint hint! -candace
~Thanks to an invite from Lallie, Phil and I get to go see a screening of the Corpse Bride tonight to celebrate the launch of the new DVD—and Tim Burton is going to speak afterwards! We didn’t get to see the movie when it was initially released even though Phil wanted to, so I’m glad we’re able to do this—plus he LOVES Tim Burton (I do too, how could you not love the man who brought us Pee Wee’s Big Adventure?) so this is quite a treat. It’s nice that with all the useless (to him) makeup I bring home, I still have some job perks that speak to his interests! -alexis


~I’m so excited that JetBlue has flights to Boston—they answered my wishes!! I just booked a flight for President’s Day weekend—it’s amazingly cheap! I can’t wait to see my family and friends. I haven’t been home since the holidays and I like to visit every month. It’s also my friend’s birthday (we’ll be partying at Saint) and I can’t wait to see everyone! -candace

~Soooo exhausted today because last night was the CEW Product Demonstration—one of the hugest industry events all year. Basically every brand comes out to show their latest & greatest products in the hopes that they’ll be nominated for a CEW Beauty Award, which is a really prestigious honor in the industry (we won last year for our slide tin lip balm!). We nominated 4 products this year—our bronzer, clean slate primer, lights, camera, lashes! mascara, and sin city liquid eyelining stains—will keep you posted on the status, but keep your fingers crossed!! Anyway, it’s so fun to get dressed up and walk around looking at all the cool stuff from other brands (not to mention the insane goody bag you get at the end)…but my feet were KILLING me after a while. I finally made the ultimate sacrifice of vanity and switched from Chanel stilettos to Pumas. Not nearly as glamourous, but so worth it.-alexis


~Once again, I went into hyper-baking mode this past weekend (it was so rainy out, and I will take any excuse to use my Kitchenaid mixer). I made blueberry corn bread for breakfast on Saturday, which is the yummiest treat with boysenberry jam spread on it…so good. Then I had to make a SuperBowl dessert so I scoured my Joy of Cooking until I found this amazing recipe for

“dream bars.” Dreamy indeed…the middle-layer combo of brown sugar, pecans & toasted coconut was rich enough to satisfy any sweet tooth, but it basically put me on full tilt and I think I need to detox for the rest of the day….or week.-alexis








~What a weekend – I decided last minute to have Erica, Nicole and her husband over for the Superbowl yesterday. But the problem with that is my apartment (a studio I share with my boyfriend) is a disaster area. I mean, it usually looks like a bomb went off in there – literally! So I got to work and by 1am I felt like I had done alot but in reality the place didn’t look that much better… But I set the alarm and went to sleep because Sunday was going to be an even bigger day! Sunday morning I bolted out of bed, went to the grocery store, rushed home, threw the food in the refridgerator and ran out to the other grocery store to get the stuff I couldn’t find at the first one. By 4:30 I was finally ready to start the food – my favorite part!! I was ready about 5 seconds before my guests arrived and I have to say I was pleased with the result. The apartment looks great and the food was delicious – I think we have a food coma today. I’m so happy with my clean apartment, I need to have guests over more often so that I keep the place clean! I -heather