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Shady Lady

With the sun blazing from LA to NY, this girl needs some runway inspiration before I melt away in my boring white tank. Season after season Giambattista Valli never ceases to amaze me. I couldn’t help but ogle over his 2010 collection and share with you two “shady lady” images that scream glamorous summer!  Whether it’s a day-time mini, chic-evening frock, a look inspired by the Roaring Twenties or a throwback to the ‘50s, I want every piece in my wardrobe now (hey, this fashion, savvy-twenty something can dream, right?)

Black and green being two of my favorite colors mixed with fringed mini skirts… forget it, I’ve died and gone to fashion heaven! Unfortunately, these goodies will not be hanging in my closest anytime soon. However, I can replicate some of these leggy catwalkers’ style .

For starters, these jumbo mirrored lenses instantly remind me of Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka & I love it! They are timeless (I swear my Grandma once wore these), chic and unquestionably sexy . I found the perfect pair of Chloe Myrte’s to achieve all of the above.

Now, I wouldn’t be a tartelette if I didn’t notice that  stunning neon pout. The bold hue is both red and coral. I hit the beauty lottery by swiping on 1 base coat of LipSurgence™ lip stain  in joy (a perfect peach) and 1 top coat in lust (brilliant red)! I love both colors alone, but why not give it a twist by layering? It’s the perfect lip product for pop colors because they require no liner and are juicy, but not too glossy that the color might bleed. This creative boost of color completes the entire look. I hope this inspires you to step out of your style box and have fun with your fashion before the summer is over.



Pinky on the Brain

Pink went through some pretty tough stuff in the early 2000s. It was forced onto everything from flippy skirts (circa 2003: I owned about twelve), monogrammed tees and plenty of unsuspecting lapdogs (Paris Hilton, much?)

Well thanks to M.Kors Fall 2009 and some fashion-forward beauty brands, the hue has chicly joined us in 2010…but with a seriously styling makeover. Buh-bye, baby and blush! Hello, hautehot fuschia!

The rose of today is less girly-girl, more womanly wow! While the old hue purrrrred, the new neon roars! Rather than dominating an entire ensemble, it adds a stylish splash to an otherwise basic look. And this summer pink goes pop on every extra from lipstick to pumps, purses to nailpolish!

  •  Totally dying over this fuschia crossbody bag by Antik Batik. The snakeskin is luxe and the small size won’t weigh you down when the weather gets warm. I would pair this with a crisp white shirt dress for a day of lunch and shopping with the gals!
  • I live in a fantasy fashionland where haute pink is a neutral shoe hue…a little crazy, huh? Well I say crazy chic because a pink BCBG pump I purchased last spring has become my go-to going out gear! This Dolce Vita Pela wedge is the perfect pink pop for summer. I’m envisioning endless shorts ensembles!
  • I adore Alexis Bittar designs because they are distinct and gorgeous, without the hefty pricetag of other costume jewels. The pyramid stud earrings certainly live up to the Bittar Buzz! Ideal for the gal who wants just a flash of fun!
  • Now the beauty banter— swipe tarte’s True Love cheek stain on sunkissed skin for a fab flush. Or pucker up to LipSurgence lip stain in Amused for a pink pout. My go to nail color is Zoya’s Jolene—an adorable hot pink that is “Hot Child in the City,” rather than “Hot Child on the Playground!”
  • I know everybody and their mom/dog/cousin/granny is rockin Ray-bans, but nearly no one is wearing them in rose! I am huge fan of aviators, and this femme hue balances the tough Top Gun shape.

So tartelettes, whether you go full out or just add a dash—this summer think pink!




My little sister’s getting married.

And I’m getting kissed.

Or maybe not.

Either way, I plan to be prepared.

It’s hard to choose a date to your sister’s wedding when you’re not in a relationship. After all, I don’t want to bring a random guy who may or may not be around in the future. But at the same time, I don’t want to bring a completely platonic buddy. What fun is that?

Then, I came up with the perfect solution: I’ve invited a longtime friend of mine who I’ve always adored – in a 90 percent platonic way. But now I find myself wondering why it’s always been platonic. Is it because the timing has been wrong? Because we live a few hours from each other? Or simply because we’re just not destined to be that kind of friends?

I’ve always thought he’s wonderful. He’s sweet, smart, funny, handsome . . . Why is this not the kind of guy I’m going for normally?

So who knows what will happen. At the very least, we’ll have a great time together, the way that good friends always do. On the other hand, just in case I’ve been crazy all these years placing him in the “just friends” category, let’s just say I’ll be sporting Tarte’s new lip stain, which is totally kiss-proof. (What? I had to test it out!)

Will it come in handy April 17? Maybe. Maybe not.

Either way, my lips will look great, kissed or not. And just in case you were wondering, my new favorite cheek stain? Amusingly, it’s Blushing Bride. Not that I’m getting any ideas. I’m still as commitment-phobic as ever.

Or maybe I’m just choosing the wrong guys.

At least I have the right lip stain. That’s a start. I can commit to that.