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green with envy

Good Ol’ St. Paddy’s day is just two days away. And while we admit to indulging in a shamrock shake or a green beer at least once, we’d like to shift the focus of the holiday from green colored beverges to kelly-colored fashions. When you add in the fact that emerald is the pantone color of the year, we decided to up the ante by hunting down some of the chicest–and priciest — to-die-for duds and accesories.

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spring break must-haves!

Spring break is an American institution. Once reserved only for college students, it’s now a seasonal adventure for all ages, and styles. While plotting our own mad dashes for warmer climes — New York City can be brutal in March — we looked to some of our favorite vloggers and bloggers for inspiration.

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on hand: march madness

We don’t like to play favorites, but there may be one or two tartelettes around the office who will be rooting for Syracuse tonight — and they have the nails to prove it!

Who says sports and beauty don’t mix? Go Orange!

A Runner’s World…

WINNER: Congrats Florence!

“From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running!”

 OK, maybe I’m no Forrest Gump, but at least I’m trying. Last November I cheered on a dear friend as he ran the Philadelphia Marathon and was truly inspired (thanks Jay!). That following week I became a New York Road Runner and signed up for the Fred Lebow Classic 5 mile race in January and the Gridiron Classic 4 mile race in February. During the early winter months I did all of my running on the treadmill to get in shape for these two races. Sure, it was only 5 miles, but I had never really raced and had to get the body ready. Plus, having a goal helped me beat the winter blues—I was making sure I was eating healthy and exercising.


On Jan 9th I laced up my sneakers and headed over to Central Park with my iPod, tarte’s 24/7 lip sheer in champagne brunch and tissues in pocket. Despite the frigid temperatures (luckily, I was wearing Under Armour HeatGear to stay warm), I finished the race in 42:41 minutes—I was pleasantly surprised and felt great. Soon after that I ran 4 mile races in Feb (17 degrees, nonetheless) and March. Having some experience under my belt (or sneaker more like it), I knew I was ready for slightly bigger challenges…enter Brooklyn Half-Marathon on May 22nd.

 I’m now at the final weeks of my half marathon training program. I purchased myself a new pair of Asics and have found myself captivated by runners’ stories in Fitness, Shape, Self, Women’s Health and everything else I can get my hands on. I finished my first 10 mile run last Saturday—it’s the farthest I’ve run! With less than a month to go, I’m nervous about finishing, but also excited about the prospect of setting a goal and actually accomplishing it! Next up: a marathon….

 Whether it’s a marathon or your first time at the gym, we’d love to hear your inspirational fitness stories! Post your experiences below in the comment section. One of you will have the chance to win my favorite fitness beauty must-have: tarte’s 24/7 lip sheer with SPF 15.




 p.s. If you’re a runner, I’d also love any advice—I’m always up to hear about new tips & tricks!

One-of-a-kind Beauty!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! On this “green” holiday, we wanted to celebrate some rare beauties: Redheads! Did you know that only 4% of the population consists of true redheads? Whether strawberry or deep auburn, you’re quite a unique bunch. Red hair genes are often associated with creamy skin and freckles. We realize just because your locks are red that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Irish, but for those that are—today, let’s embrace it!  Hair color, like eye color, has an impact on what makeup shades work best for you. This morning I consulted with tarte’s CEO Maureen Kelly (a true, fiery-redheaded beauty) & our tarte beauty gurus for some tips.

  • Complexion- If you have freckles, don’t try to cover them! Use a foundation to even out your skin tone, not cover up. Trying to mask freckles can often make your skin look dingy. Use a tinted moisturizer like smooth operator for an optimal base and follow up by lightly dusting with park ave princess mineral bronzer to warm up your look.
  • Cheeks- Avoid pink bases. Redheads look the best in peaches and corals. Some natural cheek stain suggestions: blissful, eco cheek, green siren or Maureen’s favorite, tipsy.
  • Eyes- Keep your ‘Irish eyes smiling’ with warm colors in coppers, browns, honeys and bronzes. Grays and blues are not for you. If you want a pop of color khaki’s and plums are the perfect shade for lining.
  • Lips- Reach for lippies in coral or blush shades with gold undertones.  Our faves for your pout are LipSurgence ™ natural lip stains in joy and enchanted and/or vitamin infused glosses in liquid sunshine & 40 winks—totally kissable!


We hope these tips and selections are perfect for you. As you can see in our montage above they work wonders on both Maureen & Hollywood’s Redheads!



march 2007


~I’m very excited that it’s almost Easter because that means this weekend is time for one of my favorite activities…egg dying! Usually we just go the more traditional route (this pic is of the eggs Phil and I did last year) but my sister just sent me this link that explains how to do these super fancy eggs…they almost look wooden, don’t they? I’m a little spastic, but that’s a perk of marrying a graphic designer…I know he would be totally into trying this! If we do and it comes out good, I’ll post the outcome. Stay tuned… -alexis


~So I went to the movies on Saturday and saw (let me be more specific- drooled over) 300. This is by far the absolute best movie I have seen in a long time. I don’t know what it is, but I loved it! Maybe it was the action packed fighting scenes, the great one-liners adding just the right amount of comedic relief, or maybe (and lets be honest- most likely) it was Gerard Butler’s (King Leonidis) amazing body- yes I think that’s it! If you don’t like action, adventure, gore, or mythology, go see it for the ridiculously cut Spartan bodies. Plus, Spartan men apparently always walked around in Speedos- I promise you will not be disappointed. -julia

~I just came back from the most amazing bachelorette weekend in Miami. If you can imagine it – there were 10 of us soaking up the sun and having a few drinks together. Ok, maybe we had more than a few drinks but who’s counting?! ;) It was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had and I can’t thank the girls enough for making it such a great experience!! -heather


~Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! I was planning to head to home to South Boston for the parade, but the crazy, stormy weather left me here in NYC. My roommate and I decided to throw a little St. Patty’s celebration in our apartment. She made her mom’s homemade Irish soda bread, which was delish! Not to mention we had every other green food you could want: spinach dip, green frosted cupcakes and lime jello! We also made some delicious green bloody mary (food coloring makes all the difference!). To top it all off we had a fun dance party! There was even an Irish jig dance-off. You can’t beat that on a Saturday afternoon! -candace


~I had such a nice (albeit action-packed) weekend…we went to Phil’s brother’s engagement party on Friday night, which was awesome—two Italian families merging always makes for a good party (and the penne alla vodka was pretty good too). Sunday was our nephew’s christening, and we were the godparents! Antonio was the best baby in the church, he didn’t cry once (not even when the water was poured over his head). Of course, seeing us with the baby got everyone asking us when we’re planning on having kids……..but the answer is “not anytime soon,” since our new apartment is about the only “baby” we can handle at the moment! -alexis

~This weekend I went to the Syracuse v. Villanova basketball game in Philly. Despite all of my cheering and name-calling (yes, I tend to be pretty competitive when people get mean), we lost the game 78-75. After the game a bunch of us headed to Atlantic City to try our luck there! To start the night we did a little dancing at Mur Mur and then some gambling at the Borgata. I played the slots (specifically Wheel of Fortune) but ended up empty-handed. Greg, on the other hand, played Roulette and we ended up leaving with some winnings! All in all, it was great weekend, but I’m soooo tired!!! -candace

march 2006


~For those of you who haven’t seen the posts on our board yet, this weekend we have two hour shows this Sunday on QVC. It is so exciting to be there, no matter how many times we’re on. Hopefully all of you guys can watch and support us…it’s always so great to know that our loyal tartelettes are pulling for us! Plus we are introducing some new items, and running a lot of great specials so tune in if you can! April 2, 2006 at 5am & 6pm ET! -maria


~Spring is here—Yay! However, I have nothing fun to wear. I think April and May are by far the most difficult months for clothes. Maybe, I think that because I desperately need a spring jacket—perhaps it’s time I buy that

Burberry, sexy trench I’ve been eyeing. I’d also like to buy some cute lightweight tops. C&C and Juicy never let me down! While I’m at it, I really want these Dita Aviator Sunglasses! -candace

~I just have to show off the cupcakes Maria & I made for Alexis’ birthday last week! They are cookie monster cupcakes since he’s Alexis’ favorite muppet! I think they came out awesome and Alexis loved them! Maybe Maria & I should go into the cupcake business? -erica


~HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! xx the tarte team


~I just have a random funny story; My roommates bf was on a plane back from Florida and the group Three 6 Mafia (The 2006 Academy Award winners for Best Song, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”) ended up sitting across from him. The funny thing was they were carrying around their Oscar with them! And when the plane was getting ready for take off they wrapped the Oscar up and put it in an LV bag… that’s some great carry on luggage! haha -erica
~MARCH MADNESS: This weekend was all about Syracuse basketball!! SU became the first team in BIG EAST history to win 4 games on the way to the tournament championship. It started with senior guard Gerry McNamara’s last-second 3-pointer to beat Cincinnati, then a 2 point overtime upset win over UCONN, a 1 point nail-biting victory over Georgetown and the championship win against Pitt. All very, very close games!! Gerry (also known as GMAC) was just unstoppable! And to think the local media said, “McNamara was overrated. The fifth-seeded team will play Texas A&M on Thursday—GO ORANGE!!!! -canDANCE
~It’s still bordering on freezing in NY, but at least Spring is right around the corner! And with that comes spring cleaning – something I’ve never been very good at. I always start out on an adrenaline rush thinking that I’m going to scrub every inch and make everything spotless…then 45 minutes into it I realize I haven’t made a dent, get dejected and go eat some ice cream. It happens every time! Luckily I found this article in

Good Housekeeping that will streamline my spring cleaning…but I’ll probably still top it off with some ice cream! -maria

~Ok, I need to talk about the Oscars. First off, I’m a huge Jon Stewart fan and I think he did a great job! At first he seemed a tad bit timid, but he definitely pulled through (it’s a tough crowd to begin with). And how funny are Steve Carell and Will Ferrell?! I loved their make-up skit. Next, the actual awards…this is the first year that all my guesses for best actor/actress and best supporting actor/actress came true! I was really excited and I saw almost every movie. What I do think is odd is that none of these actors/actresses were in the best movie or in the movie by the best director. Um, and Three 6 Mafia…I’m still speechless. Lastly, let’s talk about fashion!!! Ladies that I thought looked great—Reese’s glam look and Felicity’s daring Zac Posen debut! I really liked Hilary Swank’s and Jennifer Anniston’s dresses (simple, yet classic). And let’s face it—George Clooney really stole the show this year. -candace

march 2005


~This weekend my fiance’s parents and brother are flying in to meet my WHOLE family. All of our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will meet each other for the first time. I’m very nervous and of course have nothing to wear…I hope everyone likes each other!!!-nicole

~I can’t lie…I’m completely obsessed with the game
Dungeons & Dragons. So much so, that my friends and I have a tournament this weekend! This time we’ve bet money! I’ve been working out my tactics so let’s hope I win…need the money for another pair of shoes!-telly


~ Oh I am so happy! Terrance (my fiancé) got me a new toy – a sewing machine!! I’ve been wanting it for so long and now I can alter all the pants that I haven’t been able to wear. I can also channel my creative side to make custom designed cushions & curtains for our home sweet home. I hope he’ll like my designs!-leonie

~I can’t believe that tonight is actually my art show! I am so nervous and excited. All the tarte girls are coming so I must impress! This means I only have one month of school left-forever! Ahhh! Real life is approaching! Wish me luck tonight!-erica


~I’m going to New Orleans for a wedding this weekend and think I just might go insane before that doing all the last minute “get ready” preparations. You know, mani/pedi/wax/laundry/diet??? Not to mention, this is my very FIRST trip away with my boyfriend and he’s meeting my college friends!! They better behave!-heather

~I had the best weekend in the Poconos. My friend Corinne invited my boyfriend and I to her boyfriend’s house there and it was BEAUTIFUL. The house was totally beautiful-giant tv’s, a fireplace, a stocked bar, and even a hot tub. It was the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in a very long time. Now I have a new goal in life… Must get a house in the Poconos!-maria


~For anyone who gets as sad as I do about missing episodes of their favorite shows (yes, I’m still a TiVo holdout): you have to check out Television Without Pity. They write hilarious recaps of a ton of popular shows and are so adept at picking out the tiny nuances that only a real fan would know you can actually picture the episode in your head. I’ve been a fan since I used to read Dawson’s Creek recaps in 2000. Just had to share.-alexis

So glad I got to go home this weekend! A little Southern air is always nice and I love seeing my family (and the FOOD). For those of you who haven’t heard of
Moravian sugar bread you must try it! I think I gain a few each time I’m home just from this stuff!-lallie


~My BF casually mentioned to me this am that we’re going to a US Senators wedding in a few weeks. No worries right? Ack! Must lose 5 pounds & find a dress immediately that says sophisticated yet sexy…pretty yet conservative…do I need to wear a ridiculous over the top hat? Heaven help me!-raquel


~Happy birthday to me! I’m having the best day so far-my boyfriend has once again proved his superior gifting skills with my amazing hot pink Stella wallet And I came in to find a yummy Magnolia cupcake sitting on my desk, courtesy of Lallie and what could be a better breakfast than that? It should be my birthday every day.-alexis


~Now I know that in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t that big of a deal but WHY is Desperate Housewives a repeat every single week? I love my Sunday night “line-up” and it’s been out of whack for weeks now. This is some serious suspense they have going on…I hope they have something good coming up!-lallie


~I’m going home this weekend-yay!! I haven’t been out to my parents house since New Years and I’m so excited to just have a long drive with my boyfriend tonight and then hang out there and relax. I definitely want to cook too, since the gas in my apartment has been broken for a month….I love making fruit tarts (this one is SO good) but I haven’t found a homemade crust recipe yet that’s just right…they always get a little too hard. (This could also be due to my dubious crust-making skills) Anyone have tips on this?? If so, please put it on the forum, because my boyfriend is tired of hearing me whine about my sad crusts.-alexis

3/17/05 Happy St. Patty’s Day!

~Is it poosible for someone to drink so many margaritas the night before that their head implodes the next day when they’re sitting at their desk? If you don’t see a blog from me tomorrow the answer is yes!-maureen

~Taking a half day today! My boyfriend is marching in the parade and I’m going to cheer him on. This will be the first year I’m actully making it to the parade. So excited!-heather


~Do you ever wake up in the morning and just really want to stay in bed all day, snuggling? Of course you do…everyone does! That was totally me this morning. So my boyfriend and I made a date to do just that this weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to doing absolutely nothing before!-maria

~I got accepted to my yoga training class!! It starts in April and runs through December. This is so great! I absolutely cannot wait to start learning more about the practice of yoga and more breathing techniques.-lallie


~Saw Constantine over the weekend. All of that devil stuff gave me nightmares…I’d wait for it to come out on DVD if I were you. Was LOVING the Spring weather though. Mother Nature is back in force today with her big winter bitchslap…will we ever get to wear flipflops again?-maureen

~Had a really nice weekend…relaxing but fun too. Had to get a spray tan for this Lucky mag story I’m doing. One word-gross! I look amazingly tan now but couldn’t take a shower for 12 hours after!! SO disgusting! My boyfriend wouldn’t even get near me because of the smell!!! At least I look good..I guess??-lallie


~I am on a serious health/fitness kick (I think it has to do with all this winter comfort food!). Monday I had my first tap class and LOVED it! Last night I had an intense yoga class and I am totally feeling it today…I’m on a mission though!-lallie

~Well, due to the lovely (can you sense the sarcasm?!) NY weather, looks like my weekend trip is on ice…literally. It’s ok though, it just means I get to spend time with my niece on her 5th birthday – and eat lots and lots of cake!-maria

~I am so sad to be missing America’s Next Top Model tonight. My boyfriend and I drafted teams and we update the stats weekly. In the end, the loser (aka: him) will take the winner (aka: me) out for dinner. I have to catch the rerun on Friday–my success depends on it! -alexis


~Well, I got my wish…I finally got a day to go shopping. But, as always, I hated everything! Does anyone else have the problem of jeans being about 2 feet too long on them or is it just me? I’m by no means a short girl (I’m 5’4″) so why oh why does this happen to me??? If any of you tarte girls out there have any suggestions as to where I can find good jeans – HELP!!!-maria

~Watched The Royal Tannenbaums last night (yes I know I’m a little late on this one). It was so good in a weird sorta way- loved the 2 little boys in those crazy tracksuits. Would it be cheeseballish of me to get tickets to see Kelly Clarkson? Her new songs are sooo uplifting.-maureen


~Was just thinking that I desperately need a manicure this weekend, mostly because as a reformed nail-biter, I am consistently amazed by my nails these days. My mom discovered this Columbian nail hardener that is tough to find but is SO amazing–seriously–I have never had nails like this in my life. I just had to share, it’s that good.-alexis

The Hookup Handbook launch was last night. Sooo much fun…a little too much fun! Tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day in Hoboken (yippee) and brunch is at my house so I need to spend today thinking up a menu…pancakes anyone??-lallie


~Everyone in the office can’t believe I bought this shirt but I had to! I’ll probably wear it like everyday I love it so much. My dad’s gonna love it!!!-lallie

~I’m so looking forward to this weekend…dinner with my boyfriend, birthday celebrations, getting my hair and nails done, and above all else SHOPPING! I better get my rest tonight…what better way to relax then to cuddle up with my pupski and watch Napolean Dynamite. Again.-maria


~Everyone in the office can’t believe I bought this shirt but I had to! I’ll probably wear it like everyday I love it so much. My dad’s gonna love it!!!-lallie

~I’m so looking forward to this weekend…dinner with my boyfriend, birthday celebrations, getting my hair and nails done, and above all else SHOPPING! I better get my rest tonight…what better way to relax then to cuddle up with my pupski and watch Napolean Dynamite. Again.-maria


~So my grandfather and I just got into this long conversation about these old Nabisco cookies, Chocolate Snaps (anyone remember those?). Since I am an internet-hunting freak, I just found this whole list of discontinued products that people still covet. So sad!! I am going to spend the rest of the day mourning the death of General Mills Ice Cream Cones cereal, Jell-o Pudding Pops, and Bubblicious Bananaberry Split gum… among other good stuff. (Oh, and now I’m hungry to boot.)-alexis

~Finally the pain in my side (which has been killing me for almost a month) is gone after taking three rounds of antibiotics this month. I must live healthier, and that’s why I joined the gym yesterday to force myself to exercise more to stay strong. It would be good to go there at least twice a week. Must get motivation!-leonie