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your search for the best foundation for combination skin is over

Learning to care for your skin is a process that requires time & practice — regardless of which skin type you have. Identifying the best tools, products & techniques for your skin doesn’t just happen overnight. This is especially true for beauties with combination skin since pinpointing their complexion type can take a while. It’s not uncommon for people with combination skin to mistakenly believe they have oily or dry skin because certain concerns (like acne or flaking) can appear at different times.

As a rule of thumb, you are considered to have combination skin if:

  • your pores are larger on your nose, forehead & chin

  • your cheeks tend to feel dry after washing your face, but your T-zone feels refreshed & less greasy

  • your skin changes significantly depending on the weather (oily & slick in the summer, dry & tight in the winter)

  • you are more prone to pimples on your chin, nose & forehead (rarely getting them on your cheeks or along your jawline)

  • you’ve ever noticed dry patches & oil on your face at the same time

Once you know your skin type (or if you already know), your next step is to find a foundation for combination skin that feels good, looks great & addresses all your major skin concerns.

A stunningly natural & ultra-smooth foundation is the base layer of any show-stopping beauty look. This is why we’re sharing our best foundations for combination skin picks here.

What should you look for in a foundation for combo skin?

  1. oil-free formula

    Oil-based foundation formulas will wreak havoc on your T-zone. Choosing a water-based formula instead will prevent excess sebum & allow you to enjoy a shine-free finish for longer periods of time.

    If you do choose an oil-based formula, make sure it’s one fortified with ingredients that won’t clog your pores, like salicylic acid, aloe vera & glycerin. These ingredients are less likely to cause acne or inflammation, leading to a clearer complexion.

  2. mattifying ingredients

    A matte finish is often desirable when looking for combination skin foundations. Matte formulas will combat excess oil & provide a more balanced complexion. There are a wide range of ingredients that are beneficial in terms of achieving a matte finish, but we encourage seeking out foundations containing naturally-derived clays, like our sustainably harvested Amazonian clay.

  3. hydrating power

    This is another important factor to consider when seeking out products for combination skin types. While you definitely want to prevent oiliness, you also want to care for the drier areas of your skin which are often more delicate & prone to irritation, itchiness & inflation. Thankfully, there is a way to meet both of these requirements. There are plenty of formulas that provide a matte finish while still containing ingredients that protect & enhance your skin’s moisture levels. Look for all-natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut & cucumber — they’ll leave you with refreshed, radiant & ultra-soft skin that looks as good as it feels!

the 7 best foundations for combination skin

  1. babassu foundcealer™ skincare foundation

    Skincare, sun protection & stunning, buildable coverage all in one foundation — no, it’s not a dream! We developed this formula to be as multifaceted as the skin it serves, which is why it’s a shoo-in as the best foundation for combo skin. It truly does address multiple concerns at once, all without compromising on a flawless, photo-ready complexion.

    what makes it unique:

    This isn’t your average combination skin foundation. In addition to the incredible benefits we listed above, this formula is also 100% vegan, relying on powerful plant-based ingredients like babassu & sunflower seed to deliver results beyond comparison. Now that’s beauty you can stand behind!

    how it compliments your combo skin:

    Sunflower seed oil is a natural emollient, meaning it soothes the skin & locks in your moisture levels for a long-lasting, supple skin texture you’ll love. It’s great for treating dry patches, irritation, fine lines & cracks.

  2. hydroflex™ serum foundation

    You may not be willing to end your search when you find the best foundation for combination skin. You may also want to find one that moves with your skin, won’t cake or crease & feels wonderfully weightless morning, noon & night. This formula will check all your boxes!

    what makes it unique:

    It’s a water-based formula that won’t contribute to oily skin, so you can apply it confidently & continue slaying the day! Oh & did we mention it’s proven to provide 16-hour coverage? No more scurrying off to the powder room to reapply. Simply get ready & stay ready!

    how it compliments your combo skin:

    This formula contains sea daffodil, a beautiful white flower that grows along the coast of the Mediterranean sea. In addition to being a stunning sight to behold, sea daffodil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal cosmetic ingredient. This formula will soothe & relieve your skin, helping you achieve a more even complexion that’s just right.

  3. If you need a foundation capable of concealing even the most persistent of blemishes, you can’t go wrong with our face tape™ foundation. Our proprietary tape technology™ formula makes this product a miracle worker in terms of hiding imperfections. Fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, you name it! There’s no job this formula can’t handle, so we can confidently say it’s the best full coverage foundation for combination skin.

    what makes it unique:

    This formula is transferproof, waterproof & sweatproof, so it’s great for beauties who want to maintain their glam on the go. Whether it’s hot & humid summer weather, a morning spin class, or falling asleep on your new sofa — you’ll love how your look stays put!

    how it compliments your combo skin:

    The apple in this formula promotes skin cell growth while also increasing elasticity & reducing the appearance of fine lines. But the best part is that this naturally derived ingredient is incredibly mild on the skin, making it ideal for combination skin types who are often prone to reactions or varying skincare needs.

  4. Amazonian clay blurring powder foundation

    Don’t let an oily T-zone bring you down! Our Amazonian clay blurring powder foundation mattifies the skin, providing an outstanding soft-focus finish that’s texture-free & silky smooth.

    what makes it unique:

    Finding foundations for combination skin that not only cover oily skin but also actively prevent it can be a major challenge — but not anymore! This formula absorbs excess oil on the skin, leaving behind a flawless, shine-free finish.

    how it compliments your combo skin:

    Vitamin E protects your skin cells from sun damage & provides a deep, superior level of moisture, keeping your complexion youthful & radiant, regardless of what the day brings.

  5. maracuja tinted moisturizer

    Prefer to keep it light when choosing your next must-have foundation? This tinted moisturizer is the perfect foundation alternative. It enhances the look of your skin & evens texture without that heavy, caked-on feeling. Give it a try for a fresh-faced, dewy complexion that’s both subtle & gorgeous.

    what makes it unique:

    The radiant finish of this formula is ideal for combo skin beauties seeking luminous, glistening skin that says, “I’m ready to soak up the sun!” (Don’t forget SPF!).

    how it compliments your combo skin:

    All the best makeup for combination skin nourishes your complexion & enhances it. This formula contains aloe to calm & replenish the skin. After each application, you’ll quickly notice how plumper-looking & supple your skin feels. Plus, aloe reduces redness & helps reverse the signs of aging. We love a powerhouse ingredient that does it all!

  6. Amazonian clay gem powder foundation

    Loose powder foundations are a smart choice for combo-skinned shoppers. Our Amazonian clay gem powder foundation blurs the appearance of pores, giving you a smooth & seamless complexion you’ll want to celebrate!

    what makes it unique:

    It provides 24-hour coverage! If you’re looking for a formula that will remain flawless all day & night, this is your saving grace. It’ll last through morning meetings, afternoon patio cocktails, a late-night showdown on the dance floor — whatever the day brings your way!

    how it compliments your combo skin:

    Ruby powder moisturizes & nourishes the skin, so you look revitalized & ready to rise to any occasion!

  7. BB tinted treatment primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

    Is it a moisturizer, primer, foundation, or SPF? Trick question! It’s all of the above. This multi-purpose formula is not just a good foundation for combination skin. It’s a versatile product that addresses multiple skin concerns at once!

    what makes it unique:

    It provides medium-buildable coverage while also protecting the skin from damage, improving your skin's natural texture while you wear it!

    how it compliments your combo skin:

    Lipoamino acids prevent free-radical skin damage, so you can enjoy a supple glow for years to come.

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