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long lashes in a wink: best mascaras for short lashes

Long, luxurious lashes are a coveted facial feature. They’re flirty & famously glamorous — what’s not to love?

The problem, of course, is that unless you’ve won the genetic lottery & were born with ultra-thick, sultry lashes, you probably struggle to achieve this much-desired look. Maybe you’ve even tried solutions like eyelash extensions (which can damage your natural lashes) or lifts (where potentially harmful chemicals are used to curl the lashes permanently), only to be disappointed with the results or wish you’d saved your money. Maybe you’ve purchased makeup products with no luck, or you’re searching for a solution for the very first time.

Either way, you want a solution that works. And we’re here to help!

Thin, short or straight eyelashes don’t have to be a barrier to feeling beautiful. Many mascaras can address all these concerns & more.

Today we’ll be sharing our picks for the best mascaras for short, straight lashes & we’re confident one of them will make your lash dreams come true.

What mascara is best for short lashes?

The key to finding the best mascara for short lashes is to know exactly what you need. All lashes are unique & each makeup product provides its distinct benefits. When you narrow down exactly what features you need from a mascara, you give yourself the best chance of finding the perfect fit.

Here are 5 factors we encourage you to consider:

  1. clump-tree formulation

    Some mascara formulas are more prone to clumping than others. It’s essential for anyone with short or thin lashes to keep this in mind since clumps are more likely to make their way into the eye when lashes are sparse. Look for formulas containing natural waxes, oils & butters, as these ingredients prevent clumping & glide on easily.

  2. volume enhancement

    Looking for that va-va-voom factor? A volumizing formula is key. When searching for the best mascara for short, thin lashes, it’s always a good idea to keep volume in mind & seek out products with natural fibers, glycerin, xanthan gum & other fortifying ingredients for a mega-fluffy final result.

  3. fiber infusion

    As mentioned above, natural fibers make lashes fuller without weighing them down or providing a flakey finish. These fibers attach themselves to the lashes & make the mascara more buildable, resulting in a bolder, more noticeable look.

  4. brush style

    Formula is definitely the first thing you should consider when hunting for a good mascara for short lashes, but it’s not the only thing. The type of brush the mascara comes with will also determine how thick & silky your lashes appear. We recommend short-lashed beauties go for a curved or tapered brush with short, closely spaced bristles.

  5. smudgeless finish

    There’s no point in achieving the ultra-full lash look you’ve been fantasizing about if it will be smeared under your eyes a couple of hours later. This is why it’s always worth seeking a smudge-proof or transferproof formula. They’ll provide more extended wear & reduce the number of times you have to touch up your look.

the 5 best mascara for short, straight lashes

A high-quality volumizing & curling mascara is an investment that won’t come with buyer’s remorse (especially if your lashes are short, thin or straight). Sure, you could pinch your pennies & opt for the best drugstore mascara for straight lashes, but here’s the thing — for just a little more, you can feel great about buying high-performance products that are formulated with a blend of naturally-derived ingredients.

Our mascaras are long-lasting, highly pigmented & thoughtfully formulated to provide you with unbelievable results.

If you’re ready to invest in the best mascara for short, straight lashes that won’t clump, smudge or harm your skin, keep reading.

These are our recommendations just for you!

  1. tartelette™ tubing mascara

    Prepare to be mindblown! Our micro-tubing technology wraps each individual lash, adding vivacious volume, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. But that’s not all — this weightless formula feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Join us in saying farewell to heavy, cakey lashes!

    our favorite skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Carnauba wax comes from Brazil & is often referred to as the “Queen of Waxes.” We love it because it maximizes the staying power of mascara, helping it adhere to the lashes & providing a thick, luxurious coat.

    what our tartelettes are saying:

    “This is the best mascara tarte™ has released! It leaves no flakes under the eyes. I don’t have to worry about smudged eyes at the end of the day!” - Kat

    “This is the mascara to end all mascaras. Imagine your top three favorites coming together to make the perfect one… tarte™ did that! Length, volume, staying power, wow factor. This mascara does it all!” - Brookelynn

  2. lights, camera, splashes™ waterproof mascara

    Want to find the best curling mascara for straight lashes? We’re here to stop your search. Our lights, camera, splashes™ waterproof mascara provides instant curl, lifting lashes upward for that flawless fanned-out look.

    our favorite skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Mineral pigments soothe the skin around the eye, alleviating redness & puffiness & increasing your overall comfort. They also provide an ultra-opaque color effect, ensuring you get the blackest of black coverage for a scorchingly dramatic final result.

    what our tartelettes are saying:

    “This is the first time I've used one where my lashes stand out & up! Great mascara!” - Trish

    “The only mascara that I will ever use. Doesn’t clump, high pigment & makes your lashes look soft & thick!” - Alvina

  3. lash smoothie™ volumizing hemp mascara

    Why should your lashes be overlooked in your health & hygiene routine? We believe your eyelashes deserve to be nourished & protected, just like any other part of your body, which is why we created the lash smoothie™ volumizing hemp mascara. It’s like a green smoothie — for your lashes!

    If you care about protecting your lashes, we’re confident you’ll get why it’s a contender as the best mascara for thin, straight lashes.

    our favorite skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    There are so many in this incredible formula! But if we have to pick just one, we’ll go with hemp oil. Not only does it protect lash hair from damage, but it also actually stimulates growth, leading to longer, healthier lashes over time!

    what our tartelettes are saying:

    “I have super sensitive eyes & can’t use most mascaras on the market but I was so impressed with this one! It definitely lengthened & separated my lashes & they looked fuller too!” - Rachel

    “Just came across this mascara. Best I’ve ever used! Makes me look like I have lash extensions or fake lashes on without even using primer!” - Macy

  4. full bloom lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara

    This mascara covers ALL the bases! It volumizes, lengthens, curls & conditions. It’s a total lash makeover in a single product! It also provides 24-hour wear, so you only need to apply one coat in the morning for gorgeous all-day glam.

    our favorite skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Olive esters condition, treat & protect the lashes, keeping them shiny & smooth. They also help your lashes retain natural moisture, promoting growth & fullness.

    what our tartelettes are saying:

    “It goes on smoothly & lasts all day. My lashes look beautiful!” - Kelsye

    “This is my favorite tarte™ mascara formula! I love the curl effect!” - Kristin

  5. maneater™ waterproof mascara

    We can’t discuss the best mascara for thin, short lashes without mentioning this tartelette fan favorite! It’s swim-proof, cry-proof & safe for contact lens-wearers, making it our most powerful long-lasting formula. It also lengthens, volumizes & curls! Now that’s a true triple threat.

    our favorite skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Avocado oil is a super-ingredient in promoting hair growth, preventing breakage & enhancing shine — which makes it an ideal addition to our maneater™ waterproof mascara. You’ll love how lustrous it makes your lashes look!

    what our tartelettes are saying:

    “Finally a waterproof mascara that doesn’t clump! I’m very happy with this purchase.” - Lindsey

    “Best mascara I have been used! I have short eyelashes & this mascara makes them pop!” - Nichole

Ready to find your best mascara for short lashes?

We want to make sure you find a product that meets your unique preferences & needs.

Here’s how we can help:

  • virtual try-on

    You can now try before you buy, all from the comfort of your couch! Our virtual try-on is a convenient way to confirm a product works for you before you purchase. Experiment with looks until you find one (or two) you love!

  • online mascara quiz

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