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lash out loud with the 7 best volumizing mascaras

Need to look fabulous for a special event? Enter the number one tool in your toolkit: volumizing mascara. A mega-volumizing mascara is a must-have staple in any makeup bag, whether it’s for your cousin’s wedding, hitting a new club downtown or nailing that job interview. With just a couple swipes of the wand, your eyelashes are transformed into a fierce & show-stopping look.

But first, a little history lesson. The tradition of emphasizing the eyes by darkening the eyelashes spans all the way back to Ancient Egypt, when both men & women used a substance called “kohl.” Fast forward to the early 1900s, Hollywood stars were wearing mascara in films to make their eyes appear more dramatic on-screen.

This trend sparked a sudden demand for the product, which has remained strong & continues to this day. The only difference? There are way more options to choose from! With so many options, finding the best volumizing mascara for your unique needs can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s no wonder consumers find themselves confused about where to begin.

But don’t worry — we’re here to simplify your shopping experience & help you find your perfect match. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right mascaras for length & volume.

What makes mascara volumizing?

Volumizing mascara requires specific ingredients & elements in order to do its job. Each volumizing mascara formula typically contains the following components to achieve the desired outcome of thicker, ultra-magnified lashes.

  1. pigment

    Pigment is the color used that determines how dark or intense your eyelashes will appear. Black & brown are the most common pigment choices for mascara, but there are other more bold options like ultramarine blue, burgundy & even yellow.

  2. texturizers

    Any ingredient that coats the eyelashes & makes them appear bigger is a texturizer. Waxes, oils & butters are common organic ingredients that are used as texturizers in mascara formulas. They thicken the appearance of eyelashes for a denser, more vivacious look.

  3. adhesives

    These are the ingredients that hold your mascara in place & prevent it from smudging or disappearing over time. The best volumizing mascaras use safe & natural ingredients that give you confidence & peace of mind.

the 7 best volumizing mascaras for stunning eyes

If you’re in search of your perfect mascara match, check out these fan favorites!

  1. lash paint™ mascara

    This extremely pigmented formula delivers a jet-black coat with every application! Plus our patented molded brush includes both long & short bristles to lift, separate & evenly distribute mascara for a flawless, high-impact look you’ll love.

    who's it for:

    This is the best volume & length mascara for beauties who are looking for rich, ultra-black pigment as well as volume that lasts all day. It’s also safe for contact lens-wearers, dermatologist-tested & ophthalmologist-tested, making it a great choice for anyone in need of a formula that’s as sensitive as it is effective!

    our fave ingredient:

    Rice bran wax is a naturally-derived texturizer that provides buildable coverage & jam-packed volume!

    what real tartelettes have to say:

    “My all-time favorite mascara! Works great, stays all day & looks amazing!” - Amber

    “WOW! This is it! I’ve finally found MY mascara! It does everything I want a mascara to do & it comes off easily with soap & water. LOVE!” - Elysa

  2. surfer curl™ volumizing mascara

    This is our best thickening mascara for those looking for a naturally derived & nourishing vegan formula. It’s fortified with skinvigorating™ ingredients you can feel good about!

    who's it for:

    We created this formula for our most conscious customers, using only the most wholesome & beneficial vegan ingredients. It’s also perfect for anyone who needs long-lasting, all-day wear — it’s smudge-proof & flake-proof for 12 hours!

    our fave ingredient:

    We’ve added anti-aging antioxidants & marine plants to this formula to condition your lashes, keeping them soft, healthy & luscious.

    what real tartelettes have to say:

    “I can not say enough wonderful things about this product! I have small, thin lashes & after putting this on I can’t believe these are my eyelashes!” - Dani

    “Fantastic mascara! Makes my lashes look so long & full & doesn’t smudge!” - Jen L

  3. lash smoothie™ volumizing hemp mascara

    Do you want the best mascara for thick lashes that also promotes healthier, longer-looking natural lashes? This is the product for you! Our signature green queen complex™ strengthens your lashes & stimulates growth, all while giving you the vivacious volume you’ve been dreaming about!

    who's it for:

    Beauties who care about nourishing their lashes just as much as they care about achieving head-turning, next-level volume! It’s also great for anyone who is looking for real, well-researched results, since it’s clinically-proven to volumize & curl lashes.

    our fave ingredient:

    Baobab is an unbelievable, all-natural ingredient that repairs eyelashes & locks moisture into each hair, making your lashes the most luxurious they’ve ever been!

    what real tartelettes have to say:

    “This is the best mascara around! My lashes have gotten a lot thicker since using this product. I no longer have to curl my lashes with a curler!” - Sandra A

    “First time trying this mascara & I love it! Love that it volumizes my lashes without making them feel heavy.” - Kaylee P

  4. sugar rush™ lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara

    Who says you have to choose between mascara benefits? We love a mascara that does it all & if you do too, this is the mascara for you! It’s our best mascara for length, volume, curl & conditioning. Give this multifaceted formula a try & see what all the buzz is about!

    who's it for:

    This formula is great for beauties who want it all! With this mascara, you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice knowing it can deliver on all the major points. It also provides 24 hours of smudge-proof & flake-proof wear, so it’s the obvious choice for beauties who want a superior formula with all-day stamina!

    our fave ingredient:

    Rice bran, olive esters & pro-vitamin B5 soften & nourish your lashes for all-day glam & self-care. This combination of ingredients, when applied with our magniLASH wand, maximizes wear time while smoothing eyelashes & adding shine. Try this product for a wink-worthy look you won’t ever want to take off!

    what real tartelettes have to say:

    “I’m in love! Makes my lashes look full & huge. Will be buying more!” - Viktoriya V

    “This has been my favorite mascara for a few years now & I don’t think I will ever buy another kind. I get so many compliments from wearing this mascara!” - Zoe H

  5. big ego™ vegan mascara

    Are you on the market for a clump-free, vegan mascara that lengthens, curls & volumizes? If so, you’ll want to put our big ego™ vegan mascara at the top of your list. A whopping 96% of tartelettes say it made their lashes appear bigger & more dramatic, so there’s no denying this is a content on any list of best volumizing mascaras.

    who's it for:

    For eco-conscious beauties who care what’s in the products they buy, this vegan mascara is a must. Not to mention the formula is proven to last for 16 hours, so if you need a mascara that will keep up with you on your busiest days, you won’t want to skip this one!

    our fave ingredient:

    Vitamin B5 moisturizes & strengthens eyelashes, preventing thinning & giving you a flawless, fluttery finish. Additionally, vitamin b5 actually wards off water loss, helping the skin retain moisture — a wonderful benefit for the sensitive skin near your eyes!

    what real tartelettes have to say:

    “I love this mascara! The formula is amazing & the applicator is the best!” - Karleen Z

    “Love love love! I tried several different mascaras throughout the years & I keep coming back to this one. My all time favorite!” - Joetta G

  6. tartelette™ tubing mascara

    Glamorous, ultra-sultry lashes are a guarantee with our tarte™lette™ tubing mascara. Our micro-tubing technology wraps each individual eyelash, lengthening their appearance & maximizing volume. But the magic doesn’t stop there! This formula also provides 24 hours of flake-free, smudge-free & sweatproof wear. That’s volume you can count on!

    who's it for:

    This formula will convert even the most committed falsie-wearers back to mascara! It’s ideal for anyone wanting an alternative to eyelash extensions or glue-ons. It’s also the best choice for those who need around-the-clock volume that doesn’t smudge or flake.

    our fave ingredient:

    We believe shea butter is one of mother nature’s most amazing gifts. It adds moisture & shine to eyelashes, while also making this mascara glide on seamlessly. Shea butter also soothes the skin, preventing irritation & keeping your eyes safe. Plus, did you know shea butter contains high levels of Vitamin E & A, both of which heal & protect the skin? That’s beauty you can get behind!

    what real tartelettes have to say:

    “My eyelashes have never looked better. Buy this mascara ASAP!” - Allie D

    “Love!!!! This is the first mascara I have found that I can wear all day & does not leave smudge lines on my eyelids! Gives beautiful length, curl & volume to your lashes effortlessly. 10 out of 10!” - Amy E

  7. opening act™ lash primer

    We know, we know — this isn’t technically a mascara. But this lash primer will boost the volume of any mascara you pair it with, so if volume is your ultimate goal, we have to recommend it. Pair this primer with a volumizing, thick mascara for serious impact. We’re confident you’ll notice how much thicker & fuller your lashes look with just one try!

    who's it for:

    To put it plainly: everyone! This lash primer is perfect for anyone who wants to take their current mascara from okay to out of this world. This primer doesn’t just add length & volume to your lashes, it also acts as a lash treatment.

    our fave ingredient:

    Cellulose is a plant-based bulking ingredient that instantly adds thickness & texture to lashes, leaving you with feathery, flirty lashes capable of stopping any show! We can’t forget about the olive esters, which help to condition those lashes & protect them all day long.

    what real tartelettes have to say:

    “This was my first time ever purchasing an eyelash primer. It does such a great job of lengthening & keeping mascara in place. Will definitely be purchasing again!” - Jill S

    “This eyelash primer did a great job to thicken my eyelashes. My mascara doesn't smudge or flake all day after using it. This is definitely a keeper!” - Susan S

Need help finding the best mascara for volume?

When you’re looking for the best volume, mascara collections can seem endless. At tarte™, our mission is to provide products that not only feel & look good, but also products that are good for you. We know our customers care about finding the right cosmetics for their unique needs & preferences, so we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  1. virtual try-on

    Buy with confidence by testing out our products online! Simply upload a picture of that gorgeous face & then begin selecting the products you’d like to try. Our robust technology will provide a preview of what you can expect.

  2. mascara quiz

    We’ve created a detailed mascara quiz that will provide you with a personalized recommendation based on your answers. Say hello to the best volumizing mascara for you. Bye bye buyer’s remorse!

  3. live chat

    Our friendly & knowledgeable customer service representatives are available via live chat from 9AM-9PM EST & are always happy to answer any questions you might have about our products. Whether it’s finding the thickest mascara we offer, confirming shipping details, or asking about ingredients — don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you.

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