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Need inspo? try these soft glam makeup looks

Few things are more alluring than the dramatic, smokey finish of glamorous makeup looks — but sometimes we don’t want to go too glam with it. So do you have to choose between an everyday makeup look or full-on glam?

We’re here to tell you there’s a full spectrum of beauty looks to choose from. Yes, barefaced natural beauty is at one end of that spectrum & full-blown supermodel glam is at the other, but there are countless options in-between. Enter: soft glam makeup.

This latest trend combines a natural, no-makeup look with traditional glam makeup. Whether you plan to dance the night away at your favorite evening hotspot, have photos taken for your social media feed, or impress your date at dinner — soft glam makeup does the trick.

It’s versatile, it’s ultra-pretty & it’s ideal for beauties who like a little drama— but not too much. Today we’ll be covering everything you need to know about soft glam makeup looks & sharing our top tips for mastering this cosmetic aesthetic.

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What is soft glam makeup?

Soft glam is all about achieving a gorgeous & captivating come-hither look, while still maintaining subtlety. Your makeup shouldn’t appear heavy or overly obvious, so it’s best to avoid intense makeup techniques like cut crease eyeshadow, baking, or mega-volume falsies. Ultimately, you want a final look that’s both delicate & dazzling.

3 soft glam makeup looks for day & night

Worried a soft, natural makeup look will take you from bold to boring? Think again! You don’t have to sacrifice your sparkle when wearing natural glam.

There are plenty of soft glam makeup looks that maintain a perfect balance between strikingly eye-catching & gently gorgeous. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. the brows & bones look

    The secret to incredible natural glam makeup is choosing which facial features you want to highlight, instead of attempting to bring them all to the forefront. With the brows & bones look, the focus is on your eyebrows & those gorgeous cheekbones.

    Here’s how it’s done:

  2. the slightly smokey look

    A full smokey eye is ideal for a formal black tie event or a smoldering photoshoot, but it doesn’t suit every occasion — some events require more mellow, light makeup looks. Think summer wedding makeup or graduation season. If that’s the case for your next event, a slightly smokey eye look will work best.

    Here’s how it’s done:

    • Complete your concealer, foundation, contouring & blush routine as you normally would.

    • Choose an eyeshadow palette with deep colors (like our sex kitten palette), but avoid black. Going too dark will make your eyes appear smaller & give a super dramatic finish. Think gray, plum, or chocolate brown.

    • Use a flat eyeshadow brush to generously apply your base eye color over your entire lid. A mid-tone nude shade works best for this (like Secret from the sex kitten palette mentioned above).

    • Lightly buffer a slightly darker eyeshadow color along your crease using a fluffy blending brush. Our tartelette™ full bloom shadow brush duo is a great deal if you need both a flat & a blending eyeshadow brush.

    • Use your flat brush again to dab your darkest tone into the outer corner of your eye (this would be wildcat if you were using the sex kitten palette). Then gently blend using your blending brush.

    • Finish with a set of lightweight, wispy false eyelashes for a dreamy look that’s flirty without being too in-your-face.

  3. the glowing goddess look

    Who doesn’t want to look like they belong on a white sand beach, basking in the warm light of golden hour? If you love a natural, soft glam makeup look that’s equal parts smoldering & shimmering, this is the look for you.

    Here’s how it’s done:

    • Complete your concealer & foundation routine as usual.

    • Use bronzer to contour the areas of your face you normally would (sides of the nose, beneath the chin & under your cheekbones).

    • Use a dome-shaped brush to apply a glowing blush to the balls of your cheeks.

    • Apply a dab of liquid brightener to the highest point of your cheeks for that super-sunkissed shine.

    • Give your eyes a luxurious finish by applying your favorite golden metallic shade to the entire lid with a blending eyeshadow brush.

    • Finish by generously coating your lashes with a lengthening & volumizing mascara.

build your soft glam makeup look with tarte™

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