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meet the 5 best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes

Brown eyes are a stunning feature. They’ve been written about in love songs, viewed as trustworthy & beloved for their splendid, sultry gaze. But the key to making those brown eyes truly shine is knowing which eyeshadow tones & hues best compliment them. Trust us, the right makeup look makes all the difference!

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to creating a stunning eyeshadow look that accentuates your brown eyes? Do you tend to stick to a single color combination because you aren’t confident other options would work for you? If you’re interested in exploring the best eyeshadow for brown eyes, today’s blog post is for you!

What are the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?

There are a spectrum of shades that work well with brown eyes, but our personal favorites for brown-eyed beauties include:

  1. dream chaser

    This deep plum shade is found in our tartelette™ juicy Amazonian clay palette & pairs perfectly with puppy-dog-brown eyes. It has flecks of pink shimmer that instantly take any look from dull to dazzling, making it ideal for smokey eyes or an evening look that captures the moonlight.

  2. like you a latte

    Brown-eyed beauties can never go wrong with a shimmering champagne shadow. This shade, found in our sweet tarte™ double shot eyeshadow palette, will illuminate your look & give you a glow sure to dazzle your friends (& even complete strangers)!

  3. vibrant

    This burnt apricot shades in our Rainforest temptations eye & cheek palette is an absolute no-brainer as a contender for the best eyeshadow color for brown eyes. Not only is it vivid enough to stand out on any skin tone, but its bold hue adds a striking splash to any eyeshadow look — from a clean cut crease to a simple two-tone composition.

  4. okurr

    This is a daring choice from our sugar rush™ goals goals goals eyeshadow palette, ideal for makeup enthusiasts who don’t mind taking a walk on the wild side. We recommend this richly pigmented pine-green tone for a look that’s both sophisticated & showstopping.

  5. last call

    Found in our tartelette™ party Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette, this toasted cinnamon hue adds warmth & intensity to a wide array of makeup looks. Brown-eyed beauties will see the difference in this scorching shade as it emphasizes the rich, coffee tones of their irises.

the 5 best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes

Okay, so you’ve got the specific colors down. But who wants to be limited to just one? You’re full of color & sparkle, & your eyeshadow should be too. Creating a glamorous eyeshadow look is an art form, combining various different hues & tones for that perfect look. Here are the best eyeshadow palettes to bring out those peepers.

  1. tartelette™ toasted eyeshadow palette

    We call this a backyard bonfire in a palette! Striking a perfect balance between rich & warm, the selection of brown eyeshadows in this palette is ideal for creating smoldering looks you’ll want to wear time & time again.

    what makes this palette perfect for brown eyes:

    This is a first-rate eyeshadow palette for brown eyes because it provides countless color combinations that exaggerate their deep, chocolatey appearance. Shimmering tones like sunset& flameprovide an iridescent finish, while darker options like crackle& firesideare ideal for adding a little drama to the outer corner of the eye or the bottom waterline.

    tips for creating your next signature look:

    We recommend trying an enchanting metallic cat-eye. Here’s how to achieve this look:

  2. sweet tarte™ double shot eyeshadow palette

    Rich, robust & earthy tones are what make this palette unforgettable. Energize your look with pigments stronger than your morning espresso! From glistening bronze hues like caffeine queento deep, matte caramel shades like wake me up, this is sure to become your go-to palette for creating down-to-earth, everyday looks.

    what makes this palette perfect for brown eyes:

    This brown eyeshadow palette delivers on every must-have — glitzy metallic shades that add sparkle (Check!), creamy pale neutrals perfect for building on (Check!) & a versatile selection of dreamy midtones (Check!). You’ll be discovering new & exciting color combos for weeks!

    tips for creating your next signature look:

    You’ll never have to worry about finding the right eyeshadow for brown eyes again! Just follow the steps below to create a knockout matte makeup look you’ll want to wear every day.

    • Generously apply whipped creamto your entire lid (inner to outer corners) using a multi-purpose eyeshadow brush like the one found in our crystal crush brush set.

    • Use a tapered eyeshadow brush to apply dolce de lecheto your crease, blending until the two tones seamlessly flow into one another.

    • Dip the tip of your tapered brush into mocha me crazy& delicately apply to the outer corner of your eye, lightly buffering in a circular motion.

    • Liberally coat your lashes in waterproof mascara for a luscious look that lasts all day!

    pair your palette with these products for best results:

    • This palette isn’t just for your daytime look. For a mega-volume & an ultra-luxe look, skip the mascara & apply a set of our big ego™ cruelty-free lashes. They’ll take any look you create with your double shot palette to the next level!

  3. maneater™ eyeshadow palette vol. 2

    Instantly transform your look from plain Jane to purrr-fectly pleasing with this versatile palette. It’s ideal for creating both nighttime & daytime makeup looks that are sure to stun.

    what makes this palette perfect for brown eyes:

    We chose this as one of the best eyeshadow palettes for brown-eyed beauties because it offers a full range of colors — from the lightest ivory to the blackest of black — making it ideal for creating intense, dramatic looks that exaggerate the natural depth of chocolate brown eyes.

    tips for creating your next signature look:

    We love a halo cut crease & this palette provides everything you need to replicate this angelic look. Follow the steps below for a heavenly variation we’re certain you’ll love!

    • Apply a neutral mid-tone color, like purr, to the inner & outer thirds of your eye, leaving a space in the middle of the lid.

    • Use our flat shader eyeshadow brush to add a light shimmer, like lace, to the center of your lid.

    • Create intensity by adding a slightly darker shade to your crease & blending it out with a tapered brush. (We recommend hypnotic!)

    pair your palette with these products for best results:

    • Make your halo eyeshadow look shine extra bright by applying our fake awake eye highlight along your bottom waterline. It instantly illuminates!

  4. sugar rush™ dream on eye & cheek palette

    If you’re looking for the best eyeshadow to create looks that glimmer & glow, this is the eyeshadow palette for you. With six different shimmering shades, as well as five multi-purpose mattes, you’ll love mixing & matching these shadows & bringing those cocoa brown eyes to life!

    what makes this palette perfect for brown eyes:

    We think this is the perfect eyeshadow for brown eyes because there are multiple copper & gold-toned shades which counterbalance chocolate eyes & make them pop. We also love fairy, a deep maroon shade that’s ideal for powerful smokey looks or razor-sharp cut creases.

    tips for creating your next signature look:

    If you’ve shied away from rocking a cut crease, we’re here to tell you to be bold! This palette has all the options you need to create a perfectly piercing cut crease makeup look — & there’s no better time than the present to give it a try.

    • Apply a neutral mid-tone shadow to your entire lid using a flat shader brush. The closer this shade is to your natural skin tone, the better. Think of options like crystalor magic.

    • Use a blending eyeshadow brush to add a darker shade slightly above the crease & blend softly. Wingsis a great choice for this step!

    • Use a flat concealer brush to apply our shape tape™ concealer directly along the crease line, then coat your lid in a light layer of concealer as well.

    • Return to your flat shader brush & dab a white shadow along your freshly concealed lid to achieve a precise & well-defined look. Be sure your white powder does not cover the darker shade you applied above the crease line.

    pair your palette with these products for best results:

    • Use our sex kitten liquid liner to add a fierce cat eye flare to your cut crease look. Talk about bringing the drama!

  5. positive energy eyeshadow palette

    If you’re looking for a diverse shadow range with luxurious jewel tones, magnificent mattes & smoldering nudes, you’ll want to get your hands on this palette. Plus, these shadows are infused with diamond powder for maximum light-reflecting vibrancy & multi-dimensional shine so you can dazzle all day long.

    what makes this palette perfect for brown eyes:

    This is one of the best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes based on its shade range alone. From creamy cool tones, to toasty caramels & plush purples, there are so many colors that compliment brown eyes. Let your creativity flow & discover an endless world of possibilities!

    tips for creating your next signature look:

    We love a rose gold moment, & it’s easy to create a simple, shimmering rose-gold eye with this palette. Here’s how to do it!

    • Use a flat concealer brush to apply a light shimmering nude to your entire lid. Try to pat the shadow into the eye as opposed to using a brushing motion.

    • Select a slightly darker, metallic shade of mauve for the crease of your eye. Apply with a tapered eyeshadow brush & blend using a sweeping motion.

    • Use a liner brush to dab a high-shine gold or champagne shadow to the inner corner of your eyes & below your bottom lash line.

    • Finish by thickly coating your lashes in our lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara.

    pair your palette with these products for best results:

    • Keep your rose gold makeup look glistening from sun up to sun down with our shape tape™ stay spray vegan setting spray. It’s infused with cucumber extract to soothe & refresh your skin while also sealing in your makeup for up to 16 hours.

your eyes deserve safe, high-performance naturals™

tarte™ has been infusing cruelty-free formulas with good-for-you ingredients & kindness for over 20 years. When you buy a tarte™ eyeshadow palette for brown eyes (or any color eyes), you’re not just buying a carefully curated collection of shadow colors. You’re also investing in naturally-derived ingredients that are good for your skin, your body & the environment.

Remember, all of our makeup products are formulated without the use of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, & gluten — a commitment we’re proud to stand by.

We believe health is an essential component of beauty, so we intentionally select health-promoting ingredients that contribute to the overall wellness of our customers. Whether it’s the nourishing power of prickly pear, the soothing effect of avocado or hydrating benefits of maracuja — we know mother earth provides the best solutions!

Are you ready to care for your brown eyes while creating stunning, showstopping makeup looks? Browse our entire selection of eyeshadow palettes to find your best fit!

Not confident enough to commit just yet? Try it on virtually first or book a consultation with one of our amazing beauty experts. They can help you find an eyeshadow palette to enhance your natural eye color, accentuate your facial features, & achieve your desired aesthetic.

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