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the best full coverage foundations money can buy

There’s nothing a great full coverage foundation can’t do. Acne scars? Gone. Birthmarks? Nowhere to be found. Skin discoloration? Out of sight, out of mind.

Full coverage formulas have come a long way, & they’re now so powerful that even permanent tattoos are no longer a match for many of them. So whether you’re trying to hide dark undereye circles on a Monday morning or an unwelcome pimple before grabbing coffee with a cute new love interest — when you have the best makeup coverage, there’s no need to worry.

What would you do if you could go all day without needing to double-check your makeup? Would you skip the selfie filter & post your face with pride? Would you go in for the kiss? Or slay that job interview you’ve been nervous about?

At tarte™, we believe anything is possible when you have the best full coverage foundation. Because when you look your best, you feel your best, & when you feel your best, you’re unstoppable!

Ahead, we want to help you find your best foundation for coverage, so you can seize every day knowing your makeup products are perfectly personalized to your skincare needs & beauty preferences. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

what to look for in a full coverage foundation

If you’re wondering what to search for in a full coverage foundation, you’re not alone. Full coverage foundation is by far one of the toughest makeup products to get right. You may apply the foundation & end up with the opposite look you were going for, like a product that conceals your whole face but appears cakey & dried out. That is the last thing we want for you!

We encourage all our tartelettes to consider these three factors before spending their hard-earned coins on a top-rated full coverage foundation:

  1. skin type

    The best full coverage foundation for your needs is heavily dependent on your skin type. Most products are specifically formulated to benefit one of five skin types & aren’t an ideal solution for every situation. These five skin types include:

    • neutral skin

      A smooth, clear complexion that is radiant without appearing oily. Pores aren’t enlarged, & there are no obvious concerns like redness, acne outbreaks or blackheads.

    • oily skin

      Skin is excessively shiny, especially in the T-zone (along the forehead & around the nose). Pimples, acne outbreaks & enlarged pores are typically present. You also likely apply powder multiple times per day.

    • dry skin

      Folks with dry skin frequently feel as though their skin is “tight” or itchy. The skin may also have a rough or textured appearance, & fine lines or cracks may be more apparent.

    • combination skin

      If you have both an oily T-zone & patches of cracked, dry or itchy skin, you may be a combination skin type. Enlarged pores & acne breakouts may also be present, especially along the forehead, nose & hairline.

    • sensitive skin

      Those who are prone to rashes, bumps, blushing or irritation are considered to have sensitive skin. Specialized formulas are typically best for these individuals, as many ingredients found in other formulas can trigger an inflammatory response.

  2. shade selection

    Did you know that 110 different skin tones have been identified? Or that these tones can vary significantly based on sun exposure levels, undertone & even the diet a person consumes?

    To find the best cover up foundation for your unique complexion, it’s always best to seek out a brand with a comprehensive shade range. At tarte™, we offer 50 different shades of our face tape™ foundation, & we’re whole-heartedly committed to expanding the inclusivity of future collections.

  3. price

    No matter how miraculous the top full coverage foundation may be, it’s not a realistic solution if it’s way above your price range. Plus, pricier doesn’t necessarily mean better. There are plenty of high-quality products on the market that won’t leave you low on funds.

    We offer customers a varied selection of foundations at multiple price points, making it easy to find a product that not only perfectly suits your needs, but also benefits your bank account!

the 6 best full coverage foundations

Now that you know what separates okay, full coverage foundations from the top full coverage foundations, it’s time to get to the good stuff. After all, we can’t (& would never!) leave you wondering, “What is the best full coverage foundation?”.

Scroll on for the best tarte™ foundations for flawless full coverage results:

  1. Amazonian clay 16-hour full coverage foundation

    This is one of our top-selling formulas — & for good reason! It packs an incredible 16 hours of featherlight full coverage, making your skin feel soft, supple & airy while still keeping blemishes completely under wraps.

    If you’ve been searching for the best lightweight full coverage foundation on the market, you can stop your search here. You’ll never need another foundation after you’ve tried this one. And that’s a statement we’re willing to bet on!

    what gives it skinvigorating™ power

    The secret is in the name: Amazonian clay. There’s a reason people have been applying this ultra-detoxifying & all-natural ingredient to their skin for centuries! It draws impurities out of the skin, removes excess sebum & brightens the appearance of any complexion, which, of course, makes it a hot commodity in the beauty industry.

    But, most importantly, Amazonian clay dries on the skin without appearing cakey or thick. It also naturally reduces the skin's oil production, which prevents you from “sweating off” your impeccably airbrushed look.

    who's it for

    This formula is ideal for those with oily or combination skin types, as Amazonian clay provides around-the-clock protection from unwanted shine or grease. It's also supported by the natural preservative vitamin E that acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient & antioxidant, plus soothing & softening mineral pigments.

    why it's worth it

    It’s vegan & dermatologist tested. Plus, 100% of our tartelettes say they’d recommend this formula to a friend. If that’s not convincing, we don’t know what is!

  2. Amazonian clay gem powder foundation

    Want a powder foundation that powerfully absorbs oil & reduces shine? Our Amazonian clay gem powder foundation is the rare jewel you’ve been looking for. This talc-free, loose powder formula provides complete coverage that never cakes, flakes or fades.

    what gives it skinvigorating™ power

    Along with the Amazonian clay, this formula contains our proprietary tiple-gem complex, a blend of ruby powder, smithsonite extract & tourmaline that nourishes, protects & brightens skin for a satiny finish you’ll want to celebrate.

    who's it for

    This one's for beauties with combination or oily skin who need a little more reinforcement than just liquid foundation alone. You can wear this product on top of your liquid foundation for an even dryer, more matte finish, but it’s also a solo superstar. Apply on the go to keep skin looking naturally soft & spot-free.

    why it's worth it

    100% of tartelettes said this formula evened out their skin tone while still feeling weightless. It also provides 24 hours of wear, making it one of our longest lasting foundations!

  3. face tape™ foundation

    A truly dual-purpose full coverage foundation, this product tightens the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, all while delivering a mind-blowingly matte finish that stays on all day.

    Who says you can’t have cake-free coverage that takes years off of your complexion? Not us!

    what gives it skinvigorating™ power

    Our proprietary tape technology™ helps smooth the texture of skin & blur the appearance of pores, fine lines & wrinkles. In addition, antioxidant-rich apple helps fight free radicals.

    who's it for

    This foundation is a great option for those with dry or sensitive skin. It contains snow mushroom, a high-profile antioxidant, which has been proven to significantly reduce inflammation, deeply moisturize & brighten skin for plumper, more sumptuous skin.

    why it's worth it

    A single application lasts 12 hours! Plus, it’s transfer-proof, waterproof & sweatproof.

  4. shape tape™ pressed powder

    What makes this powder so amazing is how completely customizable it is! While it’s technically a medium-coverage product, it’s super-buildable formula allows for full coverage with a slightly stronger application. We love a foundation that can do both!

    what gives it skinvigorating™ power

    Clay balances the skin, resulting in coverage that’s comfortable, color-true & gorgeously matte.

    who's it for

    Neutral, oily or combination skin — this foundation really is versatile! The clay in this formula makes it perfect for oilier skin types, while its mineral pigments provide a breathable finish that’s both breathable & beautiful.

    why it's worth it

    100% of tartelettes say their skin looks fresh, natural & healthier after using this product, & 97% say it covers imperfections & makes skin look flawless!

  5. babassu foundcealer™ skincare foundation

    Have you ever wished there was a foundation that nourished & protected your skin just as well as your favorite skincare product? We’re here to grant your wish! Our foundcealer™ foundation is not only capable of providing complete coverage, it also nourishes, moisturizes & soothes the skin.

    what gives it skinvigorating™ power

    Ingredients like babassu, sunflower seed & vitamin E enhance the skin’s texture & condition, while preventing a cakey or splotchy appearance.

    who's it for

    Those with neutral, sensitive or dry skin will benefit from this foundation the most, as it is specifically designed to be mega-hydrating.

    why it's worth it

    It’s dermatologist tested, vegan & clinically proven to hydrate the skin. Truly a foundation you can put your faith in!

  6. face tape™ all stars bundle

    If you want to be ready for the most up-close-and-personal camera moments with a fully covered complexion, you’ll need a sidekick! Our shape tape™ concealer was intentionally designed to be the perfect partner for our face tape™ foundation. Together, these products leave skin looking smooth, crease-free & ready for your glamor shot!

    what gives it skinvigorating™ power

    Double the full-coverage formula equals double the natural matte finish! Plus, both products are formulated with our signature tape technology™ to fend off fine lines & wrinkles all day long.

    who's it for

    Since these formulas are oil-absorbing & hydrating, they work wonders for just about any skin type! Shiny skin is blurred & mattified by tape tecnology™, while dry skin is calmed & reinvigorated by ingredients like shea & mango butter, hyaluronic acid & snow mushroom.

    why it's worth it

    Our shape tape™ concealer was voted the #1 concealer by Allure Magazine! Plus, you get both products at a discounted price! What’s not to love!?

And there you have it — our best full coverage foundation for 2022 list!

find a foundation you can feel good about

By now, you’re probably aware that our high-performance naturals™ are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate & gluten. But what’s even more important than our ingredient list is our commitment to you, the customer.

We’re all about breaking down beauty boundaries & providing solutions that make you feel gorgeous while also being good for you.

Yes, we’ve got the best full coverage foundation for your needs. But we’ve also got your back in terms of helping you find plant-powered beauty products you can be proud of. If that sounds like a win-win to you, we can’t wait to welcome you to the tartelette squad! Start shopping now.