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recreate natural eyeshadow looks like a pro

A natural eye look is one of the most important cosmetic applications a makeup lover can learn. There’s something ever so captivating about a subtle shimmering lid or a soft smokey finish. These looks allow our facial features to take center stage, gracefully highlighting our attributes instead of dramatizing them.

Even if you don’t shy away from a fierce, heavy cat eye or a striking cut crease, knowing how to create natural eyeshadow looks remains a skill worth having. There’s an occasion for everything, after all, & natural eye makeup is ideal for a day spent browsing your local farmer’s market, grabbing coffee with a friend or exploring the city.

Plus, you don’t have to be a makeup expert to create natural eyeshadow looks that compliment your skin tone, face shape or eye color. You just need to learn a few basics & practice a couple of variations until you’re comfortable & confident.

Keep scrolling to learn more about natural eye makeup looks & the products you can use to create them.

3 natural eye makeup looks that look good on anyone

  1. the light wing look

    Beloved Hollywood stars frequently wear a light wing, using liquid eyeliner & subtle, neutral-toned shadow to emphasize the eyes.

    This look can be achieved by choosing natural eyeshadow colors like tan, caramel or mocha for the lid of your eye & slightly darker variations for the crease. Then use a black or dark brown liquid eyeliner to trace along your upper lash line, creating a slight upward flick at the outermost corner.

  2. the slept-in smudge look

    Other celebrities opt for the edgy, yet still simple & natural eye makeup. This slept-in smudge look is created by applying a mid-tone neutral color under the bottom lash line using a short, dense brush (like our flat shader eyeshadow brush)to distribute as much pigment as possible. Then you can use a fluffy brush (like our tapered blending eyeshadow brush) to buff it out for that effortless, “just rolled out of bed” look.

  3. the barely-there two-tone look

    You don’t need an entire makeup palette to create a stunning look. Sometimes, all it takes is two makeup eyeshadow natural colors & a blending brush!

    You can achieve all of these natural eyeshadow looks with just a few products & cosmetic brushes, making them ideal for any skill level or morning routine.

    The key to achieving this simple eye natural makeup look is to use a lighter color on your lid, like a frosty ivory, & then a darker one along your crease, like a rich hazelnut.

how to apply natural eyeshadow

There are some core techniques makeup artists rely on when creating natural makeup looks for eyes. If you can master these basic concepts, you’ll be able to pull out perfectly blended & coordinated makeup looks like a pro!

Here are our top tips for applying makeup eyeshadow naturally:

  1. use a primer

    Primer will prevent your eyeshadow from smudging or creasing so you can confidently go about your day knowing your makeup looks just as fresh as it did when you applied it.

  2. choose a light shade for your lid

    Choosing a white, cream or baby pink hue for your lid will add brightness to your look & accentuate your eyes. Both matte & shimmer shadows can work — the choice is entirely yours!

  3. tap off any excess powder before applying

    If there’s too much product on your brush, your eyeshadow will appear cakey and will smudge more easily. Tap your brush over a garbage bin or makeup tray to eliminate excess powder & achieve a seamless application.

  4. pick a medium tone for your crease

    Your crease color should be darker than your lid, but not too dark. Think tan, taupe or coffee tones. Typically, it’s best to choose a matte formula for your crease as you want to mimic the natural shadow of your upper eyelid.

  5. blend using circular motions

    To achieve flawless natural makeup looks, eyeshadows must be blended correctly. Without proper blending, your final result will be disjointed & the colors won’t flow into one another the way they should. Use the fluffy end of our deluxe shader & blending eyeshadow brush to soften the edge where your two colors meet & create a smooth finish.

  6. add a dark tone to your outer corner (optional)

    For a little extra pop, you can use your blending brush to add an even darker tone, like a rich chocolate brown, to the outer corner of your eye, just above where your upper eyelashes end. Lightly blend & voila — you’ve added a sultry touch to your natural look.

the best eyeshadeow palettes to get the perfect natural look

Palettes make searching for natural eye shadow a quick & painless process. We encourage giving these tarte™ palettes a try for all your neutral-tone needs!

  1. tartelette™ in bloom Amazonian clay palette

    This full-range palette offers a balanced mix of rosy matte & metallic shades. It’s ideal for creating subtle, everyday looks, as well as for those who prefer peachy, copper, or champagne tones.

    We recommend trying flowerchild on your lid, rebel on your crease & leader on your outer corner for a sizzling, feed-worthy final result.

  2. tartelette™ juicy Amazonian clay palette

    The juicy palette offers deeper red & pinkish tones than its in bloom counterpart. There are also more pearlescent & metallic options to choose from for those who prefer a dazzling, yet still demure look.

    For an alluring color combination, try happiness on the lid, rose on the crease & dusk on the outer corner.

  3. tartelette™ toasted eyeshadow palette

    This palette features rich, smoldering hues with reddish undertones, making it an ideal choice for anyone with a warmer skin complexion. From gold-flecked metallics, to roasted bronze & honeyed rust shades, this collection can be used to create countless looks that bring out your inner sun goddess.

    Try sunrise on the lid, latte on the crease & crackle on the outer corner.

discover your next natural eye look

If you’re not sure which product is best for you, give yourself a makeup makeover with our virtual try-on feature. You can easily see which of our eyeshadow palettes complement your skin tone, vibe & overall style. Shop today!