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these are by far the best concealers for dry skin

It’s one thing to feel tired in the morning or throughout the day. It’s quite another to look tired. There are tons of ways to perk yourself up & increase your energy, from an extra espresso shot to a morning Vinyasa flow. But when it comes to undereye circles, the options aren’t as plentiful — especially if you want to avoid invasive cosmetic procedures or pricey non-surgical treatments like fillers.

So, does this mean you’re doomed to stress dark circles for the rest of your life?

Of course not! You can achieve a refreshed & youthful complexion. But the secret to under eye skin that’s bright, tight & ready for the day isn’t expensive treatments — it’s finding the best concealer for dark circles that doesn’t just hide circles, but helps prevent them in the first place.

A couple dabs of a high-coverage & nourishing concealer is all it takes to do away with dark circles & enjoy an all-day glow that screams “let’s do this!”.

Today, we’ll be sharing our favorite dark circles concealers, as well as tips & tricks that actually work. Get ready to look & feel revitalized!

What should you look for in a concealer for dark circles?

When you’re faced with so many options, how can you possibly know which one is the best concealer for dark circles? Standing in the makeup aisle, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, finding the best dark circle concealer isn’t as hard as you might think. Just keep these five guidelines in mind as you browse.

  1. coverage level

    A full-coverage formula is always the number one choice for dark undereye circles. These products are the most powerful in terms of evening skin tone & providing a seamless, airbrushed finish in a single coat. For the best results, we recommend looking for formulas that contain naturally mattifying ingredients like clay.

  2. shade range

    Every skin tone is unique. In order to find the best concealer for dark circles, you’ll need to consider the pigmentation of your skin. Do you have warm undertones or cool ones? Are you fair, medium or dark? Knowing your skin tone will allow you to select a concealer that is light enough to brighten the undereye area, but not so light that it appears unnatural to the eye.

  3. anti-inflammatory ingredients

    If you want the best makeup for dark circles, look for products that do more than just cover them up. Many formulas contain ingredients that treat bags under the eyes, either by reducing inflammation & redness or by firming & tightening the skin. Keep an eye out for ingredients like Vitamin E, cucumber, caffeine & hyaluronic acid — all of which treat puffiness & improve skin’s elasticity.

  4. staying power

    If you are prone to dark under eye circles, you likely have them all day long — regardless of how tired you are, how much water you’ve drank, or what your age is. In many cases, dark circles are genetic, making them unwelcomed permanent features. Thankfully, there are plenty of concealers out there that offer a wear time of 12 hours or more, eliminating the need to constantly re-apply. We highly encourage investing in a long-lasting formula for all-day coverage.

  5. no-crease formula

    The undereye area is extremely vulnerable to creasing, not just because of how often you flash that dazzling smile, but due to the inevitable collagen loss that occurs with age. This collagen loss ultimately increases the presence of fine lines & wrinkles. Finding a no-crease concealer formula is the best way to combat this cosmetic concern. Ingredients like vitamin C & squalene are amazing for achieving a silky soft & ultra-smooth texture that won’t crack or crease throughout the day.

the 7 best concealers for dark circles

They say nothing’s perfect, but these concealers are pretty close. Check out these seven options for top-performing concealers that our customers swear by.

  1. shape tape™ concealer

    A full-coverage formula with a natural finish! This high-performance concealer is waterproof, vegan & dermatologist tested, but most importantly — it’s capable of covering every imperfection, from dark circles to acne scars & even birthmarks!

    why we love it:

    It was voted the #1 concealer in the Allure Reader's Choice Awards, twice!

    Who's it best for?

    Beauties who are seeking a concealer that will last all day without caking, creasing or wearing off. It’s proven to last for 16 hours!

    our fave skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    This formula includes shea butter, a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces puffiness while also softening skin texture & sealing in moisture.

  2. shape tape™ ultra creamy concealer

    A heavy-duty concealer & a nourishing moisturizer all in one — you read that right, it actually exists! We designed & created this formula to deliver full coverage that doesn’t quit, while simultaneously boosting your skin’s hydration levels for a youthful, healthy glow.

    why we love it:

    12-hour wear & 24-hour hydration make this concealer a force to be reckoned with!

    Who's it best for?

    It’s not only an obvious choice as the best under eye concealer for dark circles, it’s also a fantastic formula for anyone with dry or combination skin types. It’s super soothing & moisture-packed, so it’s ideal for combatting itchy, cracked or flaking skin.

    our fave skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Our shape tape™ ultra creamy concealer is infused with prickly pear, an incredible ingredient that’s celebrated for its ability to help brighten skin tone & minimize the appearance of pores.

  3. creaseless concealer™

    A long-wearing & moisture-boosting formula with a radiant finish, this concealer leaves even the most exhausted eyes looking refreshed & ready for the day!

    why we love it:

    This concealer for dark circles under eyes delivers a dewy, glistening complexion that’s photo-capture-worthy. Try it if you prefer a more luminous look!

    Who's it best for?

    It’s also a no-cake, no-crease formula, so if you’re tired of makeup products that settle into fine lines, this is the solution you’ve been looking for!

    our fave skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Maracuja oil makes this concealer perfect for fighting dry, flakey skin. Its healing properties absorb deep into your skin’s pores, dramatically enhancing moisture levels & alleviating any redness or irritation. Maracuja oil also helps repair damaged skin & reverse signs of aging!

  4. power flex™ concealer

    We call this formula the yoga pants of concealer™ because it’s flexible, weightless & ultra-comfortable to wear. It’s easily the best eye concealer for dark circles if you care about how your foundation feels as much as how it looks!

    why we love it:

    It provides 24 hours of hydration, 16 hours of coverage & 16 hours of crease-proof wear. Plus it’s waterproof, sweatproof & dermatologist tested!

    Who's it best for?

    Everyone! This formula comes in one of our most comprehensive color ranges, with tones ranging from pale porcelain all the way to deep espresso. We believe that makeup should be inclusive & that every beauty should be able to find their ideal fit. No more blending concealers to find your perfect shade!

    our fave skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    The white tea leaf in this concealer is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent fine lines & helps the skin repair itself naturally. Treat yourself to a skin detox!

  5. Amazonian clay waterproof 12-hour concealer

    Looking for a revitalizing formula that provides the perfect, velvet-matte finish? This is the product for you. It’s non-greasy, full-coverage & designed for touch-ups on the go!

    why we love it:

    The twist-up-stick design makes this concealer a convenient purse essential. Simply uncap, dab & blend with your finger for flawless undereye coverage at any time!

    Who's it best for?

    This non-greasy, mattifying formula is a dream for combination & oily skin who want shine-free, weightless coverage.

    our fave skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Vitamin A makes this product the best under eye concealer for very dark circles, as it’s proven to help reduce hyperpigmentation & lessen the appearance of dark spots.

  6. skin treat concealer

    Sometimes less really is more — & that’s the case with our skin treat concealer. It’s vegan & formulated with simple ingredients that nourish the skin, while still providing medium-coverage that’s buildable for a customized complexion.

    why we love it:

    It’s infused with diamond powder to blur the appearance of imperfections & provide a blurred, airbrushed finish.

    Who's it best for?

    Combination & dry skin types that will benefit from super-hydrating ingredients like shea butter & macadamia oil. It’s a double whammy, providing coverage & a dewy glow!

    our fave skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    The best cover up for dark circles should replenish the skin as well as minimizing the appearance of under eye bags. The avocado oil in this formula works wonders for itchy, dry or chapped skin.

  7. hydrocealer™ concealer

    Lightweight, buildable coverage that’s oil-free, fragrance-free, sweatproof & waterproof. Great for beauties who favor a blendable formula!

    why we love it:

    Our hydrocealer™ concealer is formulated with hydroflex technology™ so it can move with your skin, ensuring your coverage feels lightweight, natural & supple.

    Who's it best for?

    This is the best dark circle makeup for cosmetic wearers who like their formulas to feel featherlight, but still want full coverage

    our fave skinvigorating™ ingredient:

    Caffeine! It’s not only great in your favorite morning mug, it’s also great for your skin! It’s notoriously effective at helping tighten & brighten the skin, plus it stimulates your body’s natural collagen production process, resulting in plumper, smoother & younger-looking skin.

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