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coverage 101: the best undereye concealer for mature skin

One of the secrets to aging gracefully is switching up your makeup & skincare regime to better suit your style as you mature. That includes investing in a good concealer.

We know what you’re thinking. Concealer is just concealer, right? Actually, wrong! Concealer for mature skin needs to mask subtle symptoms of aging like age spots, wrinkles & undereye circles, but without exaggerating fine lines & dryness. That’s no easy feat.

Looking for the best under eye concealer for mature skin? Then you’re in the right place. Read on to discover what to look for in a concealer formula & get our recommendations for the six best coverage concealers for aging skin.

What should you look for in a concealer for mature skin?

As you mature, your skin changes. It thins, loses elasticity & becomes a little drier & rougher. Doctors put this down to fewer natural oils, sun damage & decreased cell renewal. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tired or dull complexion. By paying careful attention to ingredients & product descriptions, you can choose a quality undereye concealer for mature skin that will hydrate & rejuvenate while also reducing the visible signs of aging.


The best concealers for mature skin are packed with skincare ingredients that actively work to hydrate, while also covering dark spots, dry patches & reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Formulas that include hyaluronic acid are usually the most hydrating. When combined with other antioxidants & rehydrating plant & fruit extracts, hyaluronic acid can significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines & even hyperpigmentation. Some of the best moisturizing ingredients include mango butter, prickly pear & turnip root.

healing properties

In addition to hydrating elements, the best concealer for aging skin will also include ingredients that promote improved skin health & deflect the light to brighten your face. To name just a few:

  • shea butter: helps skin to retain its elasticity

  • ginseng: helps reduce the appearance of redness

  • licorice root, lemon fruit & avocado butter: help brighten the appearance of dark skin

  • white tea leaf, sea daffodil, & meadowsweet: anti-inflammatory properties

  • marine plants: help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, while also smoothing & softening

a side note about skin prep

Even the best undereye concealer for mature skin can look flaky & crease when you lay it on too thickly because you’ve neglected your skin prep. For the most natural look, your skin should already be hydrated, moisturized, & primed before you apply your concealer of choice. You will look more vibrant, your skin will feel less tight, & your makeup will stay on for longer in between applications.

7 best concealers for mature skin

Ready to discover the secret to a younger, healthier & more natural-looking complexion? Here are our top pics for the title of best concealer for aging skin.

  1. shape tape™ concealer

    Winner of Allure Readers’ Choice Best Concealer Award, this concealer has a full-coverage formula & provides a natural matte finish. It’s one of the best undereye concealers for wrinkles because the patented tape technology™ helps smooth & blur the appearance of lines & facial creases. It’s easy to apply, resulting in smoother & brighter skin that makes your eyes appear lifted.

    Packed full of rejuvenating shea butter, mango butter & licorice root goodness, shape tape™ is good for 16 hours of flawless wear. Like all of our best coverage concealers, it's also available in travel size for on-the-go reapplications.

    real results from real tartelettes

    In a consumer panel study, 100% of our tartelettes said they would recommend this concealer to a friend. It left their skin feeling & looking softer, didn’t crease & covered dark circles while making undereye areas look smoother.

  2. shape tape™ ultra creamy concealer

    This is the same incredible shape tape™ concealer that took the internet by a storm, but with a built-in eye cream for 24-hour hydration. This creamy formula is a godsend for older women with slightly drier skin. It nourishes, plumps & soothes, making light work of lines, wrinkles & pores for a more youthful look.

    With no less than nine different good-for-you ingredients helping to hydrate, firm & balance your skin, it’s little wonder that many women regard it as the best eye concealer for mature skin.

    real results from real tartelettes

    In a consumer panel study, 97% of women said it doesn’t settle into lines & 94% agreed it made their skin look more youthful.

  3. SEA power flex™ concealer

    With coverage that works harder than your favorite yoga pants, this is one of the best undereye concealer options for blurring imperfections from rough skin & dark circles to pronounced pores & the appearance of wrinkles.

    This skin-loving concealer is infused with ten superfruits & antioxidants that actively work to replenish & rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Plus, our patented hydroflex technology™ ensures a coverage that moves with your skin, so it won’t cake or crease.

    real results from real tartelettes

    In a consumer panel study, 100% of testers said it felt weightless, moisturizing & improved the appearance of undereye circles. In addition, 97% said it helped their skin look smoother, brighter & improved the appearance of fine lines.

  4. creaseless concealer™

    As the name suggests, this is the best undereye concealer for ridding your face of those pesky creases where fine lines & wrinkles appear. It feels like eye cream, but delivers full coverage with a natural radiant finish & includes several skincare ingredients.

    Particularly suitable for aging & drier skin, it has a waterproof formula that doesn’t crease or sit in wrinkle lines, & it completely covers dark circles, redness & age spots, too. Offering 16-hour hydration, this concealer gives your skin an extra bit of love while also providing a smooth & lifted appearance.

    real reviews from real tartelettes

    You need look no further than the many glowing reviews of this product to know that it is truly one of the top contenders in the category of best undereye concealer for mature skin:

    “The best concealer I’ve ever tried!! Stays put without powder & leaves a natural skin-like, crease-less finish!”

    “I’ve been using it for almost two years, & it’s honestly the best one I’ve used! Will keep on buying it, that’s for sure!”

  5. hydrocealer™ concealer

    Complete with SEA surge™ complex for hydrated, healthy-looking skin, this concealer feels more like a tinted moisturizer but with the added bonus of great coverage. With a lightweight, no-makeup look, this concealer is not only oil-free & fragrance-free, but sweatproof & waterproof.

    A lifesaver for those days when the skin around your eyes looks red & your dark circles are a little more pronounced, the hard-working antioxidant ingredients help to soothe, soften & brighten any areas of uneven skin tone.

    real results from real tartelettes

    In a consumer panel study, 100% of testers said it completely covered redness, while 97% agreed it covered dark circles effectively & made the area under their eyes appear brighter.

  6. colored clay CC undereye concealer

    If dark circles under the eye are the enemy, then this is your knight in shining armor. Simply use a concealer brush to apply to the undereye area from the inner corner to the outer corner. Gently smooth & blend with a brush or your finger & you’re good to glow for a flawless, crease-free finish.

    The color-correcting, light-diffusing properties of rose clay, yellow clay & purple clay combine with licorice extract, caffeine & other moisturizing antioxidants to provide the ultimate in balanced texture & skin tone.

    real reviews from real tartelettes

    Here are just a couple of rave comments about this revolutionary undereye corrector:

    “Very good coverage, & the pinky color correction is perfect for banishing purple & red discoloration.”

    “It’s the best concealer I’ve bought, & I’ve been wearing concealer under my eyes for 40 years.”

find your perfect eye concealer match

Have you narrowed down these options to a shortlist to try yet? If you truly want the best undereye concealer for mature skin, we’re sure the perfect match is right here waiting to be discovered!

Don’t forget to check out more product reviews from real-life tartelettes just like you & be sure to pair your concealer pick with the right moisturizer, primer & foundation for optimum effect.

Explore our full cosmetics range today & make your skin happy inside & out with our collection of high-performance naturals™.